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Garlic and garlic supplements (such as garlic powder and garlic tablets) are known for their health promoting
effect, especially in the field of cardiovascular protection. Research in the past decade has shown that this
effect is achieved through the generation of Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S), an important gasotransmitter from the
garlic polysulfide. However, there are two major shortcomings with conventional garlic polysulfides – namely,
polysulfides release H2S instantly within the human body, while slow-releasing H2S donor is preferred for
longer lasting effects; and conventional polysulfides have a very strong garlic smell. We have developed a
method to make a compound, which is safe, water soluble, free of garlic smell, and more importantly, is able
to generate H2S slowly.

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  1. 1. Next Generation of Garlic Supplement Jun Matsumoto Patent Examiner, Japan Patent Office See Xin Yi PhD Candidate Katja Krizman PhD Candidate Zwe Ye Htut PhD Candidate Liang Dong PhD Candidate Ms. Candida Braithwaite Mentor CEO, Biopharmax
  2. 2. TOTAL NUMBER OF GLOBAL ANNUAL DEATHS DUE TO CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE (CVD) Source: World Health Organization (WHO), 2016 By 2030 this number is expect to grow to more than 23.6 m What We Thought Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) are No. cause of death worldwide TAM - Dietary supplements market size: US $110 billion globally SAM - Herbal supplements market size: US $ 54.6 billion Source: http://www.grandviewresearch.com (2016); www.persistencemarketresearch.com (2015) MARKET SIZE Garlic has been used as a herbal medicine for thousands of years OUR SOURCE Target market - Garlic is 4th best selling herbal supplement
  3. 3. Problems and Value Preposition Allicin 20 years ago Polysulfide 10 years ago Nitric oxide Existing garlic supplements are: o Not stable o Not bioavailable o Cause garlic breath  Less effective  Safety concerns o Small amount released Enteric Coating Aged Garlic Extract Safety Concern? Less Effective Job To Be Done? Garlic market is crowded Garlic supplement promoting consumer health benefits Gains: *Confidence that “more healthy” Gain:  Reduce risk of CVDs through Hydrogen Sulfide production Pain relievers:  Odorless  No enteric coating  Long lasting effect Pains: *Garlic Breath *Safety Concern *Low Efficacy Customer jobs: Promoting health *CVD benefit
  4. 4. Competitive Positioning GARLIC SUPPLEMENTS FOUND in SINGAPORE Safety Odorless *size of circle: Efficacy Green Life GNC Natural Brand Holistic Way GNC Herbal Plus Garlifide Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract
  5. 5. Our Interviews 15 INTERVIEWS: Supplement Users, Drugstore Staff 12 INTERVIEWS: Food Supplement Industry CUSTOMER SEGMENT Health conscious individuals (adults) Existing supplement consumers People with existing chronic illnesses Existing consumers of garlic supplements People with cardiovascular diseases Food additives companies Pets food manufacturers Pets owners Pets owners
  6. 6. 12 INTERVIEWS: Food Supplement Industry Marketing is as important as science. . AHA moment Key Interview Findings Company with just one supplement is not viable in this industry, therefore better to find a collaborator. (F.L. – Ilo advisor) AHA moment Before approaching a partner need to have:  scale up (g)  pure compound  stable  know the dose needed  (price for dose) (M.P. – Mondelez International) Patent or IP needed. (Everyone) Marketing new product is $$$ (M. K.– Hermes Consilium) Our garlic compound have a good potential, but the idea is still rather immature. (W.K.J.C. – Feosol) Pre-clinical and simple clinical trials needed in order to test efficiency. (R.P., Anidan Group Ltd.)
  7. 7. Initial Business Model Canvas Key Partners Key Activities Value Proposition Customer Relationship Customer Segment Key Resources Channels Revenue StreamsCost Structure End users (B2C):  Partner with distributors  Effective yet odorless garlic  Long lasting effect (slow releasing)  suppliers of raw materials  packaging companies  AVA (to approve label)  Existing garlic and supplement consumers  health conscious individuals > 40 y/o  middle class and up *People with CVD *People with existing chronic illnesses *Existing supplement *Food additives companies *Pets food manufacturers *Pets owners  direct selling to customers (online)  wholesale selling (collaboration with retail shops and distributors)       online *Drugstores (Watsons, Guardian *Supermarkets  marketing  Educational outrea ch  self-service B2C
  8. 8. Final Business Model Canvas Key Partners Key Activities Value Proposition Customer Relationship Customer Segment Key Resources Channels Revenue StreamsCost Structure Food supplement industry - Sales force  White label  Co-creation  Expanded product line  Access to proprietary technology  R&D grants / funding  Patent  Suppliers of raw materials  Clinical trial  Food supplement industry  Licensing (Royalties) NEW     Clinical trials  Scale-up B2B  Patent
  9. 9. What we learned 1 2 Too early for our product to be out, licensed => back to lab! Marketing as important as science => in the future we will position our product only as –H2S donor Is an intensive journey that need unique idea as well as strong-willing team 2 3