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Your Employee Advocacy Program Pocket Guide

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6 reasons your execs need to pay attention to employee advocacy. Content engagement, brand awareness, thought leadership, superior recruiting, sales enablement, and earned media value.

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Your Employee Advocacy Program Pocket Guide

  1. 1. YOUR POCKET GUIDE  EMPLOYEE ADVOCACY PROGRAM CONTENTENGAGEMENT Engagement is the #1 way brands measure content ROI, but it's getting harder & harder to earn clicks. The fix? LinkedIn data shows that content shared by employees receives 2x the engagement of the same content shared by a company! THOUGHTLEADERSHIP Empowering your employees to share quality content helps the bottom line. In fact, Edelman found that 39% of BDMs said they sent a vendor an RFP partly due to their thought leadership content & "47% said such content had a direct impact on awarding business.” RECRUITING  Nobody can promote your company’s culture more authentically than the folks who experience them firsthand every day. For that reason, socially engaged companies are 58% more likely to attract top talent. SALESEMPOWERMENT LinkedIn research shows that leads developed through employee advocacy convert 7x more often than other types. Also, salespeople who regularly share content are 45% more likely to hit quota.  Why? These reps are delivering tangible value via their social networks.  EARNEDMEDIAVALUE An employee advocacy program can help you earn organic media value at scale, essential to getting past your audience's filters & reaching a wider base. As evidence, AccorHotels earned $2.2M in annual media value while using LinkedIn Elevate.  BRANDAWARENESS The most authentic way to gain mass, base familiarity with your brand is to get your own employees speaking positively & publicly about their company. This is powerful because employees have 10x more 1st-degree connections than their company has followers. 6 reasons your execs need to pay attention to employee advocacy Download this cheatsheet for whenever you need to make the case for employee advocacy.