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Say Hello to Objective-Based Advertising

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In an ongoing effort to make creating campaigns on LinkedIn easier for everyday marketers, we've redesigned campaign manager to lead with objectives. Learn what's changing and hands-on tips for creating campaigns in the new experience.

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Say Hello to Objective-Based Advertising

  1. 1. Say hello to the new Campaign Manager
  2. 2. Tom Kim Chelsea Rawlins Senior Product Marketing Manager Senior Client Solutions Manager Today’s Presenters Sal Castro Client Solutions Manager
  3. 3. Goal & Agenda Goal: Empower you, our advertisers, to feel confident creating objective-based campaigns in the new experience Agenda ● Overview ● Choosing objectives & ad formats ● Setting up your audience ● Bidding, conversion tracking & insights tag ● Demo ● Q&A
  4. 4. Campaign set-up confusion Lack of clear reporting Perception of Low ROI We’re addressing some of your top challenges... “We have many questions on how to custom tailor LinkedIn solutions to fit our marketing goals” – Melini “I placed my first ad recently and am at a complete loss with your advertising tools. I couldn’t see or find the stats.” – Marie “Return on investment appears to be higher on some other platforms... I’m not convinced of it as a lead generator for us.” – John
  5. 5. Easier setup Streamlined campaign creation, leading with objectives Improved measurement Ability to track key results based on objectives Pay for performance. Reach the right people at the right time Better results Choosing an objective will streamline setup, optimize ad delivery and charge you based on objectives for better results. COMING AUG 2019
  6. 6. Getting Around Objective-Based Advertising Name your campaignBack button takes you to campaign list Knowing your objective helps us streamline your campaign (+price and optimize in the future) Conversion tracking is integrated into the flow All your campaigns are in draft status until you click “Save and next”
  7. 7. Getting Around Objective-Based Advertising If you don’t name the campaign, Campaign Manager names it for you. Click the settings icon to choose between "Optimized" or "Even" ad rotation. Your campaign is saved once you get to Step 2 NEW forecasted results gives you estimates based on your inputs Launch campaign button
  8. 8. We support full-funnel objectives Awareness Consideration Conversion • Brand awareness “I want people to learn about my business.” • Website visits “I want people to visit a website destination.” • Engagement “I want more people to engage with my content posts.” • Video views “I want more people to watch my videos.” • Website conversions “I want to drive valuable actions to my website.” • Lead generation “I want more quality leads on LinkedIn.”
  9. 9. Objectives and ad formats Ad products (formats) Notes Brand awareness Website visits Video views Engagement Sponsored Content (single image, carousel, video), Text Ads, Dynamic Ads (spotlight, follow company) For impression-based campaigns. Available June-Aug 2018. Use “Website visits” and auto-bid for impressions until then. Sponsored Content (single Image, carousel, video), Text Ads, Dynamic Ads (follow company, job ads), Sponsored InMail (message ads) Video Ads Allows you to bid by CPV Sponsored Content (single Image, carousel, video) Social actions on LinkedIn (likes, comments, shares, follows) as well as general clicks on ads. All ads must have follow-company button.
  10. 10. Objectives and ad formats (cont’d) Ad products (formats) Notes Website conversions Lead generation Sponsored Content (single Image, carousel, video), Dynamic Ads (spotlight), Text Ads, Sponsored InMail (message ads) Available Jun - Aug 2019. Use “Website visits” for now and auto-bid for conversions. Sponsored Content (single image, carousel, video), Dynamic Ads (download), Sponsored InMail All formats must use LinkedIn lead gen forms.
  11. 11. More organized & intuitive targeting set-up OBJECTIVE-BASED ADVERTISING OVERVIEW Targeting facets are organized in groups with drill-down feature Now use global search to browse across all categories targeting criteria Easier, more intuitive set-up with advanced targeting features in secondary position
  12. 12. Company Demographics Education Job Experience Interests Targeting attributes, now divided into 5 targeting criteria o Company Name o Company Connections o Company Followers o Company Industry o Company Size o Member Gender o Member Age o Member Schools o Fields of Study o Degrees o Job Title o Job Function o Job Seniority o Years off Experience o Member Skills o Member Groups o Member Interests
  13. 13. New forecast panel gives predictive results Forecasted results are based on your campaign inputs and results for similar audience among a range of advertisers
  14. 14. Maximum (manual) bidAutomated bid Bid types in Objective-Based Advertising Maximizes results while spending the daily budget in full When you want more cost control and have stricter price sensitivity • Better budget delivery / campaign scaling • No bid management • More results • Better control over costs • Won’t pay more than maximum bid • Less control • Potential over-delivery • Manual adjusting of bid • Potentially losing out on auctions (if bid too low) Pros Cons Use case
  15. 15. Conversion Tracking CLASSIC NEW Conversion Tracking was a part of “Bid and budget.” What’s changing: Conversion Tracking is now its own section, versus as a module on the “bid and budget” page. You can both create a new conversion or assign an existing conversion directly in the new experience
  16. 16. Creating an Insight Tag Domain → Insight Tag An Insight Tag is needed before creating a domain. What’s changing: Insight Tag can now be generated or permissioned after creating a website conversion. No need to create or permission an Insight Tag before adding a website conversion. TIP: If your client already has an Insight Tag, remember to permission it from the main account (instead of creating one again from the new campaign). CLASSIC NEW
  17. 17. Guided ad set-up Live ad preview shows you what your ad looks like, as it’s being built. Available for text ads, single image sponsored content.Destination URL is now in its own section / own field (no need to add in intro text)
  18. 18. Timeline/Roadmap of features Objective-Based Pricing Optimization (Jun - Aug 2019) Objective-Based Campaign Creation (Feb 2019) Objective-Based Reporting (Aug 2018) o Objective-first campaign creation o Streamlined campaign set up o OBA is permanent experience starting late Feb o Simpler navigation o Search functionality o Stronger analytics o Brand awareness and Website conversions objectives available o Destination clicks pricing for Website visits and Website conversions objectives
  19. 19. Questions?
  20. 20. APPENDIX
  21. 21. Until objective-based optimization is available in August 2019, “Brand awareness” and “Website conversions” objectives are not available. TIP: You can still accomplish brand awareness and website conversion campaigns through “Website visits.” For brand awareness campaigns: Choose automated bidding and maximize for impressions. For website conversion campaigns: Choose automated bidding and maximize for conversions. “Brand awareness,” “Website conversions” not available until August 2019
  22. 22. Objectives and ads formats OBJECTIVES Awareness Consideration Conversions Brand Awareness Website Visits Video Views Engagement Website Conversions Lead generation Single Image Ad Carousel Ad Video Ad Text Ad Dynamic Ad Message Ads ADSFORMATS All formats must use LinkedIn lead gen forms Objective not available until August 2019. Use “Website Visits” for now and auto-bid Focused on social actions on LinkedIn (likes, comments, shares, follows) and all ads must have follow- company bottoms Allows you to bid by CPV For impression-based campaigns. Objective not available until August 2019. Use “Website Visits” and auto- bid for impressions until then. Dynamic Ads option is coming in August 2019