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Publish. Share Your Expertise. Drive Engagement.

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Maya Pope-Chappell talks about how university leaders, faculty and administrators are using LinkedIn's publishing platform to share their insights, perspectives and expertise.

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Publish. Share Your Expertise. Drive Engagement.

  1. 1. Maya Pope-Chappell Education Editor LinkedIn @mayaj Publish. Share Your Expertise. Drive Engagement. #inEDU16
  2. 2. Gain exposure for your thoughts and ideas Build Influence Share your expertise Get feedback and engagement #inEDU16
  3. 3. “When writing about pedagogy, I have found the LinkedIn platform to be the very best. My messages have squarely reached my target audience.” Bala Iyer Babson College Professor “I probably get more engagement with readers than I have for any other outlets, even the NYTs.” Marybeth Gasman U Penn Professor “We know current and prospective students, alumnae, parents, faculty and staff make use of LinkedIn, which is one reason I established a LinkedIn presence and share my views on education and careers.” Nancy Gray Hollins University President “I enjoy the challenge of thinking and writing on big topics in succinct ways without jargon” Geoffrey Garrett Wharton Dean What Academics Are Saying… #inEDU16
  4. 4. Get An Editor’s Attention • Timely topics • ‘Breaking views’ • Unique Insights and perspectives • Trends #inEDU16
  5. 5. #inEDU16
  6. 6. #inEDU16
  7. 7. #inEDU16
  8. 8. #inEDU16
  9. 9. #inEDU16
  10. 10. #inEDU16
  11. 11. #inEDU16
  12. 12. Ask Yourself.... • Why am I writing this now? • What knowledge, insight or expertise can I bring that no one else can? • Do I have an opinion? What evidence can I use to support this viewpoint? • Is there something everyone is talking about that I can incorporate? #inEDU16
  13. 13. Best Practices • Clear and clickable headline • Attribution • Compelling image • Rich media • Share • Write often #inEDU16
  14. 14. How To Get Started #inEDU16
  15. 15. How To Get Started #inEDU16
  16. 16. Help curate your follower’s world by sharing photos, articles, ideas and more. Share an Update #inEDU16
  17. 17. Connect your Twitter account to LinkedIn Share via Social Media Tweet @LinkedInPulse for possible promotion #inEDU16
  18. 18. For promotion consideration, use #EdInsights in the body of the post. *Members who post own the rights to any original content they publish Follow the Education Channel: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/feed/channel/education Contact me: mpopechappell@linkedin.com #inEDU16
  19. 19. #inEDU16