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Metrics Matter: A B2B Guide to Finding Real Marketing ROI

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BusinessOnline CEO, Thad Kahlow, Lithium Technologies VP of Marketing, Dayle Hall, and LinkedIn Global Marketing Director, Kelly Kyer discuss the challenges B2B marketers face when it comes to data in today's ever-more-competitive world. Enjoy expert opinions about how to deliver meaningful results and why meaningful metrics must include both people and data — in addition to:

-- Why data is the great clarifier
-- Three secrets to demystifying data
-- How data should inform content alignment across the buying journey

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Metrics Matter: A B2B Guide to Finding Real Marketing ROI

  1. 1. METRICS MATTER: A B2B Guide to Finding Real Marketing ROI
  2. 2. Kelly Kyer Global Director, Technology Vertical Marketing LinkedIn Thad Kahlow CEO BusinessOnline Dayle Hall SVP, Head of Marketing Lithium Technologies THE CONVERSATIONALISTS
  3. 3. • Vanity metrics are surface-level metrics. They’re often large measures, like number of downloads. Use them to initiate partnerships and gain a following. • Clarity metrics are operational metrics, like the number of minutes a day your product actually gets used or how long it took for a user to get service. These are the hidden gears that drive growth. Use them to solidify your competitive advantage. VANITY & CLARITY Both matter, but are used for very different things.
  4. 4. Only 10% of the marketers we spoke with feel they are getting data-driven marketing right.
  6. 6. What processes can help you get data-driven marketing right?
  7. 7. The process for better results: • Adopt a performance driven mentality • Integrate as much of your marketing technology as possible • Gain insights on the performance of your programs • Use that data to drive change • Repeat PROCESSES TOOLS & TALENT
  8. 8. The tactics to get you there: • Set goals for every stage and level of the funnel • Work back from your bookings goal each quarter • Use conversion rates from previous quarters to set targets • Track prospect to qualified opportunity • Use findings to make decisions on funding for the coming quarter • Conduct weekly pipeline reviews with sales and marketing leadership • Employ multiple tools to help visualize and report out on the data
  9. 9. What tools plug-in where, and how, to achieve success?
  10. 10. DATA MINING: The business process 2: TRANSFORM Transform by cleansing & reshaping: remove nulls, set data types, new columns aggregate, join to like data sources 1: EXTRACT Messy data from disparate sources 3: LOAD Enriched, intelligent data sets ready for analysis back to warehouse (ETL) where does it live?
  11. 11. Web Analytics & Channel Management Marketing Tech Channel/Media Data Connected, Correlated & Cleansed Data The Connected Customer Data Martech Stack
  12. 12. PROCESSES TOOLS & TALENT The tools for success: • Leverage analytics resources to measure traffic • Enrich account specific information with 3rd party data • Feed you’re the data into your marketing automation system to optimize your campaigns • Tie your campaign data to your CRM and active pipeline opportunities to run conversion analysis • Use visualization tools for more complete reporting and sharing the results
  13. 13. What skills define the top 10%?
  14. 14. PROCESSES TOOLS & TALENT The skills to deliver: • Digital Marketing • Web content • Merchandising • Email nurture • Business analytics • Marketing operations • Attribution modeling Marketing Leadership needs to work with business analytics experts to help craft the story.
  15. 15. What role does your gut play when evaluating processes, tools and talent?
  16. 16. PROCESSES TOOLS & TALENT Key take aways: • Adopt a performance driven mentality • Set goals for every stage and level of the funnel • Hire the right skills and expertise to meet your objectives • Marry the right people, with the right processes to make the most of the Tech you have (you don’t necessarily need more tech) • Your gut is not obsolete, it still plays a role in content and campaign creation • Think and plan big, but act small and iterate
  17. 17. https://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/webinars/17/01/live- webcast-understanding-the-metrics-that-drive-real-business-impact WANT MORE DETAILS ABOUT HOW?
  18. 18. To get the full report with insights and findings from our research with senior B2B marketers download: Metrics Matter: A B2B Guide to Finding Real Marketing ROI http://bit.ly/metrics_matter Thad Kahlow CEO, Business Online @tkahlow @BOLOptimized Kelly Kyer Global Director, Technology Vertical Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions @kellykyer Dayle Hall Vice President, Brand & Digital Marketing @marinadazza @LithiumTech