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Live Webinar: Harnessing the Power of Full Funnel Marketing

  1. Harnessing the Power of Full Funnel Marketing 3 ​  Sean Callahan, Senior Content Marketing Manager, LinkedIn ​  Justin Gray, CEO, LeadMD
  2. The Rise of Full Funnel Marketing 4 •  Delivering relevant messages to your audience and prospects throughout the entire buyer’s journey. •  Reaching your target audience in the upper funnel. •  Nurturing your prospects in the lower funnel until they become customer
  3. “The funnel metaphor, at its basic level, is that there are more people that are always starting the process than there are at the buying stage. There are more people who aren’t ready to buy than are ready to buy.” – Michael Brenner, NewsCred 5
  4. Three Critical Numbers to Know in Full Funnel Marketing: 6
  5. 7 Up to 90% of the buyer’s journey is complete before a prospect reaches out to a salesperson
  6. 8 The Percentage of Visitors to Your Websites Who Don’t Convert
  7. 9 The Percentage of Your Database Who Doesn’t Open Your Emails
  8. The Two-Stage Funnel 10
  9. 11 Full Funnel Marketing is the New 3-Martini Lunch
  10. 12 Upper Funnel Goals Reach Audiences, Build Brand Lower Funnel Goals Nurture Both Unknown and Known Prospects
  11. Upper Funnel Tactics Content Marketing, Display, Broadcast & Print Advertising 13
  12. 14 Lower Funnel Tactics Search, Email, Display, Content Marketing
  13. Upper Funnel Metrics Brand Recall, Branded Search, Lift in Target Audience Traffic 15
  14. 16 Lower Funnel Metrics Leads, Cost Per Lead, Web Form Conversions, Revenue Contribution
  15. 17 Attribution Last-Click vs. Algorithmic Attribution
  16. 18 The Hybrid Marketer Goes Full Funnel: Branding, SEO, Content, Email, Technology, Creative, Coding, Analytics
  17. 19 LinkedIn’s Approach to Full Funnel Marketing
  18. Cetera Financial Group Success Story 20
  19. Lower Funnel •  Target Market: FinServ Pros at Micro Companies •  Tactics: Display, InMail, Lead Accelerator •  Metrics: 900 Net New Website Visitors 21
  20. Upper Funnel •  Tactics: Varied •  Metrics: Revenue 22
  21. Cetera Financial Group •  13% more page visits per visitor •  27% more page views per visit •  $1 million in new business 23
  22. 24 “If you invest in that top of pipeline content, if you invest in these early-stage relationships, you significantly subsidize the acquisition costs of deals not only in the medium future but also well beyond that. There’s an annuity to that: You’re lowering your acquisition costs.” – Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing
  24. What is ‘Full Funnel Marketing?’ + The Buyer Journey -  Introduction -  Rapport Building -  Trust Building -  Pain Reveal -  Solution Selling
  25. The customer journey through activities In Marketing Terms
  26. Treat nurture like a cocktail party
  27. First Touch Best Practices + Provide Hyper Value + Don’t ask for much + Reduce friction + Give, and get
  28. Your reputation matters, establish it
  29. Lead Nurturing + Prepare to give even more + Don’t be overbearing + Consider your channels + Everyone is unique
  30. Keep your dating profile up to date
  31. Measure the Impact + Engagement is King
  32. Look for love
  33. Personalization is Critical
  35. Q&A
  36. Download The Sophisticated Marketer’s Crash Course in Full Funnel Marketing