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Marketing SolutionsTEKsystemsCase Study Building brand awareness and driving demand with a targeted campaign on LinkedIn“ ...
“ On other platforms, you end up getting a lot of interest from lower-level managers who aren’t  really going to translate...
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TEKsystems Case Study

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Case Study about TEKsystems on LinkedIn: Building brand awareness and driving demand with a targeted campaign

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TEKsystems Case Study

  1. 1. Marketing SolutionsTEKsystemsCase Study Building brand awareness and driving demand with a targeted campaign on LinkedIn“ The results of our LinkedIn campaign for TEKsystems were excellent. About half of our Challenge impressions were from senior-level IT decision • Generate demand among IT decision makers makers, including one percent from company • Increase brand awareness among IT professionals owners and four percent at C-level. It’s the perfect breakdown, and exactly what Solution TEKsystems was hoping to achieve.” • Combine branding and direct response in a LinkedIn campaign targeting IT decision makers and featuring Jason Kane both display and text ads Account Director, Anvil Media Inc. • Build brand awareness and generate conversions by driving traffic to the TEKsystems website, which offered free downloads of white papers and case studies highlighting the value of using staffing services to fill critical IT positions TEKsystems provides IT staffing solutions, IT talent Why LinkedIn? management expertise and IT services to help their clients • Abilityto target decision-level users in a high- plan, build and run their critical business initiatives. Ranked attention environment #1 in the IT staffing industry by staffing industry analysts, • Proven effectiveness of LinkedIn Ads for direct TEKsystems provides over 80,000 technical professionals to response support critical IT engagements at more than 6,000 client • Robust demographic reporting to see the exact sites each year, including 82 percent of the Fortune 500. audience responding to the campaign With buying cycles that can run from a single day to much longer, both targeting and repetition are essential elements Results of TEKsystems’ advertising strategy. The company has to • An ideal audience mix: 1% company owners, 4% reinforce awareness of both its brand and the benefits of its C-level executives, 50% senior IT decision makers staffing services among IT decision makers throughout the year. • Over 1.1 million impressions delivered to 170,000+ unique audience members To develop a lead generation campaign targeting Fortune • Click-through rate of .07% for branding-focused, 500 companies, TEKsystems worked with Anvil Media, a well above industry average social media marketing agency based in Portland, Oregon. • A high level of trust in messages delivered through “LinkedIn is a key channel for helping our clients connect the LinkedIn environment and engage with business-to-business decision makers,” says Jason Kane, Account Director at Anvil Media Inc.
  2. 2. “ On other platforms, you end up getting a lot of interest from lower-level managers who aren’t really going to translate into sales, but LinkedIn helps you target the CIOs and senior IT executives you need to drive new business. Robust tracking and reporting helps us verify that we’re reaching the right people.” Jason Kane, Account Director, Anvil Media Inc. Combining direct response and branding Building awareness and trust among decision makers For the TEKsystems campaign, Anvil “The results of our LinkedIn campaign for TEKsystems were Media used a two-pronged strategy excellent,” says Kane. “About half of our impressions were from that combined direct response with senior-level IT decision makers, including one percent from branding. “Self-service LinkedIn Ads company owners and four percent at C-level. It’s the perfect are really strong for targeted lead breakdown, and exactly what TEKsystems was hoping to generation, getting higher quality achieve.” In all, the campaign delivered more than 1.1 million leads than other platforms, and impressions to its targeted audience, including more than we’ve found it especially useful for 170,000 unique audience members. The campaign’s brand- direct response,” says Kane. For focused banner ads achieved a click-through rate of .07 percent, TEKsystems, Anvil ran ads promoting nearly double the industry norm. “We also got great data to TEKsystems.com, where prospects show that we were hitting our demographic target—and we could download free white papers, only paid for those impressions,” says Kane. case studies, and other content highlighting the impact of using IT The campaign also revealed another interesting piece of insight. staffing services to fill mission-critical “Usually, adding a testimonial to a landing page will increase positions. These ads were downloads because it increases trust,” says Kane. “When we did complemented with concurrent that in this case, it didn’t have nearly as much of an impact. That banner ads focused on the tells us that people were already at a high level of trust simply TEKsystems brand; these also drove because they’d seen the ad on LinkedIn, and that trust carried traffic to the company’s website and over to the message they saw at the landing page. It’s another the free downloads available there. example of the quality of the LinkedIn environment for people “Our campaign worked as a one-two seeking to do business.” punch, putting the TEKsystems brand front-and-center in front of the same audience who was seeing Visit marketing.linkedin.com to learn how other marketers have our text ads.” successfully met their marketing objectives. Copyright © 2012 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. 10-LCS-073-G 0512