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Marketing SolutionsQwestCase Study    Award-winning campaign    attracts 1,400 IT professionals“                          ...
A Custom Group is an online, facilitated community on              By year-end 2010, SMB IT Connection boasted more thanLi...
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Qwest Business Case Study

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Case Study about Qwest Business on LinkedIn: Attracting 1,400 IT professionals in award-winning campaign

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Qwest Business Case Study

  1. 1. Marketing SolutionsQwestCase Study Award-winning campaign attracts 1,400 IT professionals“ Challenge • Create an active online community for IT professionals in the SMB space • Engage target audience in select geographies • Quickly build a critical mass of members Solution • Establish LinkedIn Group, ‘SMB IT Connection‘ • Drive membership through targeted display advertising and LinkedIn Partner Messages Qwest Business delivers a comprehensive portfolio of national data and voice networking communications • Engage members with thought-leadership discussions solutions to Fortune 500 companies and other enterprises, and surround the group with educational, interactive government agencies, and educational institutions. content Reaching their target audience with LinkedIn Why LinkedIn? In order to establish themselves as a resource to IT decision • Large, active IT and SMB audiences makers in the small and medium-sized business (SMB) space, • Targeted reach, both in geography and company size Qwest wanted to create an online forum where those IT • Ability to create a tailored campaign combining online decision makers could share and discuss their technology community, display advertising, targeted content, problems and solutions. With thousands of IT decision email, and polling makers already active on LinkedIn, Qwest decided to establish their community within the larger LinkedIn network by creating a ‘Custom Group.’ Results • Achieved 18% open rate on membership invitations • Built 1,400-member community from the ground up • Gained audience insights from discussions and polls • Won IAB MIXX award honoring best B2B campaigns LinkedIn ads earned up to a 3% CTR
  2. 2. A Custom Group is an online, facilitated community on By year-end 2010, SMB IT Connection boasted more thanLinkedIn where like-minded professionals gather to 1,400 members and continues to grow. The group has a highcollaborate and connect around a shared interest. Custom engagement rate, with 10% more members actively commentingGroups provide marketers the opportunity to foster long- in discussions than participants in comparable groups.term interaction with customers and prospects, and engagethem with targeted content such as video, whitepapers, Cindy Humphrey, vice president of marketing for QwestTwitter and RSS feeds. Business explains, “This campaign was a success because we were able to engage IT decision makers with targetedQwest Business and its agency, McKinney, partnered with information that is useful to them. By tapping the LinkedInLinkedIn to create ‘SMB IT Connection,’ a Custom Group resources, we exceeded our goal of attracting 1,000 membersspecifically for IT leaders in the SMB space, and launched an by year-end.”integrated campaign around it, called ‘Listening Not Talking.’ Group activity growsEngaging with educational content 1000As the sponsor of SMB IT Connection, Qwest leveraged 821customizable media space on the group page to provide 791 800interaction opportunities for members – including educational 626videos, topical white papers, and a live RSS feed from the 600Qwest Business blog. 400Qwest exercised the listening element of its campaign with amix of open-ended discussion posts, pointed questions, andseveral LinkedIn polls. Qwest invited group members to weigh 200in on hot topics such as preferred IT solutions, telecomm 27partnerships, and social media tools – which increased member 0participation and yielded valuable audience insights. Start Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Monthly Unique Visitors to Qwest’s LinkedIn Group, ‘SMB IT Connection’ increased rapidly Industry accolades At the sixth annual MIXX Awards, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) awarded Qwest Business’ Listening Not Talking campaign a bronze MIXX Award in the business-to-business (B2B) category. The MIXX Awards are the only juried advertising competition that evaluates all critical components of the interactive marketing mix, including strategy, creative, execution and results. Through SMB IT Connection and the Listening Not TalkingQwest ran LinkedIn polls to learn about members’ opinions campaign, Qwest Business has started to establish a valuable, andand priorities hopefully long-lasting relationship with a group that is otherwise hard to reach: the SMB IT decision-maker.Integrated campaign yields rapid resultsTo increase membership in the group, Qwest Business workedwith McKinney to fully integrate the campaign into Qwest’soverall marketing efforts. Qwest combined display advertising Reach the world’s largest audience of business professionalswith regional print media, and used LinkedIn Partner with LinkedIn.Messaging to communicate directly with LinkedIn members in LinkedIn Marketing Solutionsspecific audience segments using targeted emails in their http://marketing.linkedin.com/contactLinkedIn inbox.In the first month of SMB IT Connection, Qwest Business’custom content ads earned a nearly 3% click-through rate andproduced useful information about what topics interested ITprofessionals the most. LinkedIn Partner Messages, whichinvited select IT professionals to join the group, earned an 18%open rate. Copyright © 2011 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. 10-LCS-026-G 0211