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Cisco WebEx Case Study

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Case Study about Cisco WebEx on LinkedIn: Becoming leaders in global online collaboration

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Cisco WebEx Case Study

  1. 1. Marketing SolutionsLinkedIn EuropeanBusiness AwardsNew Awards programme placesLinkedIn and Cisco WebEx asleaders of global online collaborationBackgroundCisco WebEx is the market leader in online collaboration tools aimed at bringing people together to share ideas, documentsand discussion without the cost and hassle of travel.Objectives ResultsCisco WebEx was looking to: The awards site (linkedinbusinessawards.com) attracted 134,000 unique visitors; 500+ entries andReinforce the business benefits of sharing ideas and 11,500+ votescollaborating online with SMB’s, start-ups andentrepreneurs The interactive LinkedIn polls generated over 500 conversations from targeted professionalsDrive awareness of Cisco WebEx amongst hard-to-reachprofessionals 50% of traffic to the awards site was achieved via viral growth, the Twitter account achieved 900Differentiate Cisco WebEx online conferencing solutions followersfrom rival non-paid for online conferencing products Over 900 members joined the LinkedIn group, sharing insight and building engagement The results were announced at a live event which attracted 1,090 registered attendees 125 articles were generated in press and online news across Europe ©2010 LinkedIn Corporation. All other brands are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. StrategyLinkedIn, in association with Cisco WebEx, launched The Display advertising ran across the LinkedIn platform withLinkedIn European Business Awards, a pan-European tailored messaging for each stage of the initiative, drivingprogram to celebrate the achievements of business 40% of entries to the LinkedIn European Business Awardspeople in 2009. website sponsored exclusively by Cisco WebEx.The four categories: The site utilised LinkedIn APIs to verify users’ account(open to LinkedIn members exclusively) information and increased virality by automatically updating entrants’ LinkedIn Status and linked Twitter accounts. promoting their nomination to everyone within Leader of the Year their network. Business Innovation The campaign also utilised LinkedIn Polls and LinkedIn InMails to target users with topical debate and encourage nominations. Start Up A LinkedIn Group provided an interactive community for Rising Star nominees and supporters and maintained momentum around the awards. The group also received exclusive entry advice from an elite judging panel that included LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman. marketing.linkedin.com Please contact your sales manager for more information. ©2010 LinkedIn Corporation. All other brands are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.