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How to Expertly Optimize Your Paid Media Strategy Like a LinkedIn Insider

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Download our worksheet to discover how you can give your business tools to create a better informed and more impactful paid media strategy to reach the audiences you need.

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How to Expertly Optimize Your Paid Media Strategy Like a LinkedIn Insider

  1. 1. By targeting and analyzing details about your audience, you can uncover insights that will help you build your most successful campaign on LinkedIn. Optimizing engagement can be done in a few easy steps: How to optimize your paid media strategy on linkedin: a worksheet First, have you installed the Insight Tag on your website? Now, let’s determine which, companies, industries, and job titles are frequenting your domain using Website Demographics. Log in to Campaign Manager, click into the Website Demographics tab, and answer the following questions: Once you have installed the LinkedIn Insights Tag, you can start leveraging Website Demographics to gain a deeper understanding of what your ongoing web traffic looks like on LinkedIn. What are the five companies visiting your website most frequently? Which types of industries do these companies fall under? Company sizes? What are the job titles of your most frequent website visitors? Roles and responsibilities? Locations? Countries? YES NO STEP 01 STEP 02 Target either your existing audience, new segments, or a combination of both with a new campaign. Use filters on Campaign Manager to define your audience demographic parameters. STEP 04 if not, do so today Which additional audiences not already visiting your site are interested in the kind of content you’re publishing? STEP 03 Next, use Engagement Insights to find potential prospects and untapped opportunities. How many leads are you getting from this campaign? Return on ad spend? Conversion rate? STEP 05 Finally, set up Conversion Tracking to determine the effectiveness of your campaign and calculate ROI. Once you have built this roadmap, you can begin to uncover insights on the types of content and topics that work for your target audience. Then, you can use these insights to optimize future campaigns. Learn more about how to get the most out of your paid media with LinkedIn’s Organic + Paid Playbook.