10 commandments of teamwork

Director of Missions um Like A Team
9. Dec 2010

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10 commandments of teamwork

  1. The 10 Commandments of Teamwork
  2. Teamwork is a word that is being used by many organizations in many different ways.  What one group defines as “teamwork” does not mean the same for another group.  So, what exactly does the word “teamwork” mean? 
  3. Laws of Teamwork To help you understand and have a basic working knowledge of “teamwork” here are the Ten Commandments for healthy team development.
  4. Everyone on the team is equal.  No one is superior to another person on the team.
  5. Each person on the team is called upon to use his or her unique skills.  Individual team member skills are essential for a strong team to develop.
  6. Real communication on a team cannot be dominated by one or two individuals if the team is to be successful.
  7. Organization of teamwork is not a “top-down” organization.  There is not a “president”, “boss”, “chairman”, etc.  However, every team does need a coach.
  8. Opinions are unique; therefore if a team is to be successful each person must share their unique opinions.
  9. Each person of a team must be willing to develop their unique skills.  Teamwork training is necessary for the success of any team.
  10. Teamwork calls upon the individual to merge their concepts and ideas with others.  This intensifies the overall talent of the team.  A willingness to share is absolutely needed.
  11. True teamwork can never be accomplished by one individual telling others what to do.  Everyone’s voice must be appreciated.
  12. Teamwork can get a task done quicker when many people are involved.  Rule number nine is to be sure everyone is involved, always!
  13. There may be times when a task may take more time due to the diversity of opinions, however, when the team makes a decision the results will be powerful!
  15.   Conclusion
  17.   • Teamwork is a concerted effort of many diverse talents and skills to accomplish a task that cannot be accomplished alone.
  19.   • The ability to create teamwork skills calls for the individual to be dedicated to the unified task.
  21.   • Greater things can be accomplished when the many become one.
  22. The 10 Commandments of Teamwork
  23. For more information on teamwork and teamwork development visit LIKE A TEAM

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