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Brochure NAS LG

Perfecto para usuarios departamentales, agencias de publicidad, empresas, colegios, universidades, etc. Las unidades de almacenamiento masivo NAS ofrece una solución de almacenamiento segura y escalable con grabador de Blu-Ray® incorporado, el cual sirve como medio de almacenamiento secundario. Al guardar los datos en un disco Blu-Ray ®, el NAS crea un catálogo del contenido de los discos para un fácil acceso y almacenamiento de la información
El LG Super Multi NAS es una solución simple y completa para su almacenamiento digital. Más información en http://www.lg.com/cl/microsite/b2b/index.jsp

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Brochure NAS LG

  1. 1. LG NETWORK STORAGEWITH BUILT-IN BE THE N4B2 PEOPLE SETTING A NEW STANDARD IN SPEED AND CAPACITY 190mm 280mmBLU-RAY REWRITERN4B2www.lg.com/nas 289mm Model Model Name N4B2ND4 N4B2N Info No. of HDD Bays 4 Size (W x H x D) 190 x 289 x 280mm HDD Installation Mecha Hot Swap 1TB x 4 Enclosure Type HDD Capacity (3.5”, 7,200rpm) (No HDD) ODD BD-Rewriter (10x) RAID RAID 0, 1, 5, 1+0, JBOD, Individual H/W RAID Level Migration Support Standby (Ready) 0.9 W Power Sleep Mode (Hibernation) 14 W Consumption Idle Mode (No ODD Access) 54 W Operating Noise Level 26dB DSP Intel® Atom™ processor D510 Solution Memory 1024MB HDD Interface SATA Ⅱ Speed (Read/Write) Read 100MB/s / Write 80MB/s Memory Card Reader 4-in-1 (SD, MMC, MS, xD) Ethernet 10 / 100 / 1000 Ports USB2.0 3 (1 Front, 2 Rear) e-SATA 1 (1 Rear) LG NETWORK STORAGE WITH BUILT-IN Kensington Lock O UI LCD O BLU-RAY REWRITER N4B2 Navigation Buttons O PC Back-up S/W Bundle Comnso Backup Back-up Windows ® 2000 or later Capability Client PC O/S Mac OS 10.x or later Linux: Fedora, Ubuntu, Suse CIFS/SMB O/O HTTP/HTTPs O/O FTP/FTPs O/O Network Common Print server O file rSync, Secure rSync O Protocol NFS O iSCSI (ODD only) O AFP O Mac Bonjour (Mac) O DDNS xxx.lgnas.com NTP, Time Sync O DHCP O System Active Directory O Support Download Server (BitTorrent) O PC-NAS Sync O i-Tunes Server O Warranty 2yearsLG may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at anytime without notice.Copyright©2010 LG Electronics Inc. All rights reserved. “LG Life’s Good” is a registered trademark of LG Corp.The names of products and brands mentioned here in may be the trademarks of their respective owners.
  2. 2. FAST AND SMART! FASHION & PHOTO BUSINESSSTORAGE TO MAKE YOU SMILEThe new LG N4B2 is your lifeline to all your valuable data.With the LG N4B2 working for you, up to 8TB of data can be stored, centralizeand shared across the network with blazing speed and unmatched reliability.You will be able to enjoy speedy, secure performance all that translate into amore productive work place. “ I need to edit lots of files … not enough time … too much data … ADVANCED TECH I’m stressed out! ”• Faster Read/Write Speed(100/80 MB/s) Intel® Atom™ Processor• Storing up to 8TB, BD archiving up to 50GB - Ben. 46 - EASE USE EASE OF USE• DDNS Support (Easy & Free)• Easy Management by User Friendly Web UI (Firmware Update) Working with high resolution digital • Multi Users Access (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix) image files• Public Link• Hot Swap• Thumbnail View FAST READ/WRITE SPEED DIRECT SYNC• Timemachine Support With Intel Atom™ pro- ® You can synchronize cessor - safe, low on incremental data auto- power use and high on matically by directly SMART MANAGEMENT quality - you can download large connecting a memory card(SD,• Direct Sync volumes of data quickly and easily. MMC, MS,xD) as well as USB to the• Monitoring & Self diag for SVC. What’s more, up to 20 people can device.• Disk Quota work in a multi-user environment for HD contents streaming. 1000 Mbps Read/Write Speed Comparison (MB/s)* ECO FRIENDLY write N4B2 80.55 read 101.4• Near Silent Brand C Brand B Brand A write 57.03 read 78.01• Energy Star V write 51.16 read 60.81 write 45.08 read 64.49 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 MEDIA SERVER * Based on the experiment of ‘Hitach-LG Data Storage’ HD contents streaming (20people)• Download Server (BitTorrent)• i-Tunes Server
  3. 3. HEALTHCARE CENTER DESIGN AGENCY “ I need to manage “ I need to exchange enormous volumes high-definition data of patients’ data with my client, every day... It takes time… I am always afraid I may have to send of making errors or several emails… allowing sensitive I’m stressed out…” information to leak out…” - Dana. 29 - - Michael. 33 - Archiving and managing augmented Storing large volume data in HDD and patients’ data efficiently send them by email easilySTORING UP TO 8TB, EASY MAINTENANCE DISK QUOTA PUBLIC LINKBD ARCHIVING UP TO 50GB If any malfunction occurs You can assign usage Enable users to easily Storing is possible up to in HDD, the system sends volume per user and send a large file up to 2GB 8TB, while infrequently out an audible warning manage it more efficiently. by using e-mailable link. used data can be stored and informs through email, The system enhances total The e-mail recipient can simplyon a blu-ray disc, enhancing the enabling you to react rapidly to storage space efficiency and click on the link to download it.N4B2 storage space efficiency. The unexpected electronic accidents or reduces stress caused by storage You can set the expiry data andsaved data on a blu-ray disc can be errors. problems. password for your convenience.stored for up to 50 years. 2nd Backup Solution 1500MB 1000MB 500MB Up to 50GB 1st Backup Solution HDD Max.8TB Store
  4. 4. in School ArchitecturAl FirM“ I’m worried about “ I need to use different the electricity bill programs for my I need to reduce work… and need noise and cut waste to work outside of of power while the the office… system is not in Often I need to use… ” upload or download data in real time...” - Wes. 54 - - John. 39 - Saving the maintenance costs and Sharing CAD files with regional offices at sharing educational materials the field of construction work frequently ENERGY STAR V NEAR SILENT REMOTE ACCESS COMPATIBILITY The system is designed to Noise-proof design (Dynamic Domain Name System) (MAC, WINDOWS, LINUX) consume electricity only and optimal fan control For remote access, you Regardless of Operating when it is in use, saving according to operating can connect to the NAS System, you can save and energy even if it is always switched state minimize the noise level. through your own domain share data freely, and on, and through the programmed without complicated IP input. even use it as MAC’s Timemachine off/sleep mode, optimum working data storage drive time is set for enhanced efficiency savings. 26dBh Saving Energy Off / Sleep mode