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Lg inform plus records retention and the ropa

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This short presentation describes the online Record Of Processing Activity (or ROPA) tool added to the LGA’s LG Inform Plus suite. The tools helps local authorities meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.

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Lg inform plus records retention and the ropa

  1. 1. Record of Processing Activity tool in LG Inform Plus RoPA
  2. 2. Local Authorities Kent CC LG Inform Plus Community of records management practitioners Legal powers & duties Guidance on records retention Standard definitions Online tools Secure cloud storage Councils working together
  3. 3. Retention guidance and the RoPA RoPA (your council) Council type Business function Retention schedule Template RoPA Retention (generic) My RoPA Update
  4. 4. Type of information Who maintains Approx. no. of fields Council name, data controller and DP officer Completed once for your council 9 RoPA identifier Assigned automatically 1 Retention guidance Services and their legislation Provided centrally 18 Business function Retention requirements Assigned centrally, but you can change 2 Data processing officer Categories Processing and security measures Maintained by your council with some standard categories offered 15 What’s in the RoPA
  5. 5. Let’s take a look Contact support@esd.org.uk to try the RoPA