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LF_OVS_17_OVN at Nutanix

Open vSwitch Fall Conference 2017

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LF_OVS_17_OVN at Nutanix

  1. 1. Ravi Samprathi, Networking Team @ Nutanix OVN @ Nutanix
  2. 2. Outline Brief introduction to Nutanix Disaster recovery as a service Need for SDN solution OVN benefits and challenges How can we contribute to OVN community? 2
  3. 3. Nutanix Why? Simplify hybrid cloud environment using hyperconverged infrastructure How? Manage any hypervisor (AHV, ESXi, Hyper-V) through one management plane
 Software-defined compute, storage, and networks
 What? Hybrid cloud deployment and management
 Orchestrate your apps across private and public clouds seamlessly 3
  4. 4. Disaster recovery Maintaining a second data center for disaster recovery is cumbersome We would like to solve that problem for our customers Xi cloud A public cloud service for our on-premises customers
 A hybrid cloud solution Advantages Recover your workloads on Xi cloud upon a disaster
 Use same tools for on-premises and public cloud orchestration of applications 4
  5. 5. Hybrid cloud deployments are complex 5 VMDK/OVF, 
 Any Sized VM vDisks, Volumes VLANs, VXLANs, Firewalls, ACLs AMIs,
 T-shirt Sizes EBS, S3 VPCs, Subnets, Security Groups PRIVATE CLOUD Siloed tools Complex management Disjointed constructs
  6. 6. Nutanix hybrid cloud infrastructure 6 Nutanix Images VM Storage, ABS, AFS Nutanix Virtual Networks Nutanix Images VM Storage, ABS, AFS Nutanix Virtual Networks Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS Private Xi Cloud Services
  7. 7. Disaster recovery with hybrid cloud 7 Offline VMs Live VMs Xi DR Xi CloudPrimary Site Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS Eliminates the need for a dedicated DR site Centralized management through Prism Flexible subscription plans
  8. 8. Xi networking requirements More than 4K L2 segments as it is a cloud offering, hence need an overlay solution Distributed routing Floating IP Microsegmentation Service insertion Monitoring 8
  9. 9. Xi cloud services network model 9
  10. 10. Xi cloud services object model 10
  11. 11. OVN benefits Simpler abstraction of virtual network components Separation of logical abstraction from physical elements Easily understandable pipeline processing stages Rich feature support (Overlay, DVR, Floating IP, SNAT, Microsegmentation, Monitoring) Light-weight OVS integration 11
  12. 12. OVN challenges Limited documentation More insights into testing/testing methodologies Scaling limits HA robustness Feature parity across different encapsulation methods in future (VXLAN vs. Geneve) No API/RPC — leads to scalability concerns 12
  13. 13. How can we contribute? Improve documentation for easy understanding Reference architectures and templates Participate in code review and feature development Share our experience by participating in community efforts 13
  14. 14. Ravi Samprathi, Networking Team @ Nutanix Thanks!