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Contoh soal listening TOEFL PBT PART 3

Memberikan contoh-contoh soal listening TOEFL PBT untuk membantu anda mendapat skor TOEFL yang tinggi

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Contoh soal listening TOEFL PBT PART 3

  1. 1. Listening TOEFL PBT sendiri terdiri dari 3 part. 1. Part A : percakapan pendek (short conversation) 2. Part B : percakapan panjang (long conversation) 3. Part C : monologue
  3. 3. Part a. kamu akan percakapan pendek antara 2 orang setelah percakapannya anda akan mendengar pertanyaan tentang percakapan tersebut percakapan dan pertanyaannya tidak akan diulangi. Setelah anda mendengar pertanyaannya silahkan baca 4 pilihan yang mungkin benar dan pilih jawaban yang paling benar.
  4. 4. 1. • Man: How was the concert last night? • Woman: It was wonderful • Narrator: What does the woman mean? (A) Her concerns were expressed. (B) She wonders if the concert was good. (C) The music was fantastic. (D) She wandered about during the night.
  5. 5. 2 • Woman: How much will it cost to mail this package to New York? • Man: 2 dollars. • Narrator: Where does this conversation probably take place? (A) In a bus station. (B) In a post office. (C) In an airport. (D) In a travel agency.
  6. 6. 3 • Woman: How old is your daughter now? • Man: she is just a year and a half. • Narrator: what is the man mean? (A) He spends half his time with his daughter. (B) His daughter’s under a year old. (C) His daughter will start school in a year and a half. (D) His daughter’s eighteen months old.
  7. 7. 4 • Man: Is Paul on the basketball team? • Woman: But, He is not tall enough. • Narrator: What does the woman imply about Paul? (A)He’s on the basketball team. (B) He doesn’t even like to play basketball. (C) He’s too short to make the team. (D) He thinks he’s tall enough.
  8. 8. 5 • Man: I think this seminar is going to be really great. • Woman: me too. • Narrator: What does the woman mean? (A) She’s thinking about her grade in the seminar. (B) The seminar is quite realistic. (C) The seminar will take a great deal of time. (D) She agrees with the man about the seminar.
  9. 9. 6 • Woman: Are you going to the meeting this afternoon? • Man: Where is it? • Narrator: what does the man want to know? (A)The location of the meeting. (B) The purpose of the meeting. (C) Who will attend the meeting. (D) The time the meeting starts.
  10. 10. 7 • Man: I don’t feel like cooking. • Woman: Let’s go out to dinner then. • Narrator: what does the woman suggest? (A)Preparing dinner later. (B) Going to a restaurant. (C) Cooking a full dinner. (D) Eating dinner outside in the garden.
  11. 11. 8 • Man: Are you going to call Joe? • Woman: I’ve found him already. • Narrator: what does the woman mean? (A) She is fond of Joe. (B) Joe is not lost anymore. (C) She visits Joe regularly. (D) The call was already made.
  12. 12. 9 • Woman: How did you win that game? • Man: actually I was very lucky. • Narrator: what does the man mean? (A) He was quite fortunate. (B) He lacked the opportunity to play the game. (C) He didn’t actually win the game. (D) He came sometime after Luke.
  13. 13. 10 • Woman: why don’t you take your car instead of mine? • Man: But, mine is not very clean. • Narrator: What does the man say about the car? (A) It’s quite clean. (B) It doesn’t move. (C) It’s clearl y better. (D) It’s rather dirty.
  14. 14. 11 • Man: when will the plane be landing? • Woman: the plane will be landing in just a few minutes. So you need your passenger self-belt. • Narrator: who is the woman most likely to be? (A) bus driver. (B) An art teacher. (C) A flight attendant. (D) A travel agent.
  15. 15. 12 • Woman: where is your desk located? • Man: right in the middle of office. • Narrator: what does the man mean? (A) His desk is made of metal. (B) He never meddles with his office workers. (C) His desk is on the right side of the office. (D) He works in the center of the office.
  16. 16. 13 • Man: I don’t know how to play golf, but I really like to learn. • Woman: why not take a few lessons? • Narrator: what does the woman suggest to the man? (A) Learning something about golf. (B) Taking fewer lessons than he has in the past. (C) Letting her play golf instead of him. (D) Going to play golf together.
  17. 17. 14 • Woman: is the time to leave yet? • Man: not for a while. • Narrator: what does the man mean? (A)He does not live nearby. (B) They will go later. (C) It is not time to deliver the paper. (D) He does not have time to read.
  18. 18. 15 • Man: can I turn in the homework next week? • Woman: no, its doe tomorrow. • Narrator: what does the woman mean? (A) She will assign the homework tomorrow. (B) The man can do the homework next week. (C) She will return the homework next week. (D) The assignment must be turned in tomorrow.
  19. 19. 16 • Woman: the tree is really beautiful at this time of year. • Man: I’ll say • Narrator: what does the man mean? (A) The woman is really beautiful. (B) The woman should repeat what she said. (C) He shares the woman’s opinion. (D) He has time this year to travel.
  20. 20. 17 • Man: can you show me where can I try this clothe on? • Man: the fitting rooms are at the back of this store. • Narrator: where does the woman most likely work? (A) In a shoe store. (B) (B) In a motel. (C) In a clothing store. (D) In a storage facility.
  21. 21. 18 • Man: do you want your way out now? • Woman: I need to buy some groceries • Narrator: what does the woman imply? (A)She’s going to the supermarket. (B) She works in a grocery store. (C) She’s not going out. (D) She doesn’t have enough money for groceries.
  22. 22. 19 • Man: Stan got the highest grade on the exam. • Woman: of course he did. He is not exactly dump • Narrator: what does the woman say about Stan. (A) He didn’t really get the highest grade. (B) He’s rather intelligent. (C) He’s not done with the exam. (D) He’s not even in the class.
  23. 23. 20 • Woman: I have been studying for 5 hours straight. • Man: why not take a break for a bit? • Narrator: what does the man suggest? (A)Resting for a few minutes. (B) Studying a bit longer. (C) Taking a five-hour break. (D) Studying for shorter periods of time.
  24. 24. 21 • Woman: is Shereen ready to go? • Man: she is busy packing her suitcase. • Narrator: what does the man say about Shereen? (A)She needs a new suitcase. (B) She’s putting on a suit. (C) She’s preparing for a trip. (D) She just received a package.
  25. 25. 22 • Man: It’s too bad, our team lose the game again. • Woman: You can’t say that again. • Narrator: what does the woman mean? (A) It was the last game. (B) The dream was really bad. (C) The man never lets her talk. (D) She feels the same way as the man.
  26. 26. 23 • Man: how is Bob feeling after the accident? • Woman: he is bit fatter but he is still not very strong. • Narrator: what does the woman say about Bob? (A) He’s a bit too strong. (B) He’s bitter about the accident. (C) He’s still weak. (D) He feels the accident was not his fault.
  27. 27. 24 • Woman: is there something wrong about the car? • Man: the engine doesn’t sound good. • Narrator: what does the man mean? (A) There seems to be a problem with the motor. (B) He doesn’t want to be an engineer. (C) The music on the car stereo is good. (D) He likes the sound of the engine.
  28. 28. 25 • Man: how much time will we have in this art museum? • Woman: we will stop here for 2 hours, and then you should be back on the bust at 3 0’clock. • Narrator: who is the woman most likely to be? (A) An artist. (B) A tour guide. (C) A teacher. (D) A pilot.
  29. 29. 26 • Woman: this apartment is a mess. • Man: let’s clean it up quickly. • Narrator: what does the man suggest? (A)Buying some cream for coffee. (B) Cleaning out the garage. (C) Painting the apartment walls green. (D) Putting the apartment in order.
  30. 30. 27 • Man: why is Alex so happy? • Woman: she’s just got a huge bonus check. • Narrator: what does the woman say about Alex? (A)He was happy to write the check. (B) He received a large sum of money. (C) He was working in a huge factory. (D) He found some hidden bones.
  31. 31. 28 • Man: let’s go shopping today. • Woman: ok, but I’don’t want to go to store that is far away. • Narrator: what does the woman mean? (A)She doesn’t need to store anything. (B) She prefers shopping nearby. (C) The stores are all too far away. (D) She doesn’t want to go shopping.
  32. 32. 29 • Woman: how could you tell me that Alice was angry? • Man: when she left, she slammed the door. • Narrator: what does the man mean? (A) The door was closed really hard. (B) Alice left because she was hungry. (C) The door was smoothly sanded. (D) Alice went out through the door on the left side.
  33. 33. 30 • Man: do you have any plan for Saturday? • Woman: we are going for hike in the wood. Do you want to go? • Narrator: what is the woman planning to do? (A)Take a bike ride. (B) Take the high road. (C) Go for a walk in the forest. (D) Look for firewood.
  34. 34. PART B
  35. 35. • Part B: pada test ini kalian akan mendengar percakapan yang lebih panjang. Masing- masing pertanyaan bisa memiliki lebih dari 2 pertanyaan. Jadi kalian harus mendengar dengan lebih seksama.
  36. 36. 31-34 Woman: Do you know where can I get a bicycle? It doesn’t need to be a new bicycle but it has to be rather cheap. Man: Why do you need a new bicycle? Woman: I have just found a great apartment. But it’s little bit far from school. I really want to take this apartment but I have to find some transportation, a bicycle would be great. Man: How far away from Scholl is the apartment? Woman: Just a little over 2 miles. So I definitely I could walk if I had to. But I would save so much time if I had bicycle. My problem is that I can’t afford to a really new expensive bicycle. Man: Well, you would be in luck today. I have a friend who would like to sell his bicycle because he’s just bought a new one and I think you can get it cheap. Do you want to see the bicycle? Woman: Yes that sounds great. Let’s go there now.
  37. 37. 31 What does the woman want to get? (A) A new bicycle. (B) An inexpensive bicycle. (C) A fast bicycle. (D) A stationary bicycle.
  38. 38. 32 Approximately how far from school is the woman’s apartment? (A)A half mile. (B) A mile. (C) Two miles. (D) Four miles.
  39. 39. 33 Why is the man’s friend selling his old bicycle? (A) He doesn’t like it. (B) It doesn’t work very well. (C) It’s broken. (D) He got a new one.
  40. 40. 34 What will the man and woman probably do next? (A)Go see his friend’s bicycle. (B) See her new apartment. (C) Walk to school. (D) Buy a new bicycle.
  41. 41. 35-38 Woman: What are those? Man: There are some pictures of camping trip that my friends and I took last week. Would you like to see? Woman: Thanks, I would. Man: This photo show the tent that we stay in Woman: How many of you stayed in that tent? It’s look really small. Man: There were 4 of us Woman: 4 of you in that small tent? Wasn’t that folly crowded? Man: It’s little bit crowded but it was fun anyway. Woman: And what ever are you doing in this picture? It just look like you standing in the river with big boot on you. Man: We were trying to fish. Woman: Did you catch a lot of fish? Man: No, not a lot. Woman: Well did you catch a few fish? Man: No, not a few. Actually we didn’t catch any. But it’s still a great way to spend a day.
  42. 42. 35 What are the man and woman doing? (A) Planning a trip. (B) Camping in the woods. (C) Putting up a tent. (D) Looking at photos.
  43. 43. 36 What does the woman say about the tent? (A) It looks comfortable. (B) It doesn’t seem very big. (C) It looks funny. (D) It’s full of fish.
  44. 44. 37 What was the man doing when he was wearing the boot? (A)Standing in a river. (B) Putting up a tent. (C) Sitting in front of the tent. (D) Swimming in the river.
  45. 45. 38 How many fish did the man catch? (A)Lots. (B) A few. (C) One. (D) None.
  46. 46. PART C
  47. 47. Pada part C anda akan mendengarkan sebuah monologue yang berdurasi kurang lebih 60-90 detik. Masing-masing monologue akan memiliki 4 pertanyaan atau lebih. Jadi diharapkan mendengarkan dengan seksama.
  48. 48. 39-42 Professor: before I start todays lesson I would like to make sure anything that you have to know about the exam that you will have on Friday. The exam will cover the first 3 chapters in the chemistry text book plus any additional information from the class lectures. So will sure to study your class note in addition for the 3 chapter on the text the example will be mostly multiple choice you will have 50 multiple choice questions and 2 short written essay answers. You will have an hour and a half for the exam you will need about an hours for the multiple choice and 30 minutes for the essays. Any questions about the exam? Ok then lets get on the lecture.
  49. 49. 39 What information is covered in the exam? (A) Only three chapters. (B) Three chemistry books. (C) Lecture notes and part of the book. (D) Only class notes from the lectures.
  50. 50. 40 What type of questions are include in the exam? (A)Only multiple choice. (B) Short and long essays. (C) Three short essays. (D) Essays and multiple choice.
  51. 51. 41 How much time will the students have for the exam? (A)Half an hour. (B) Fifty minutes. (C) An hour. (D) Ninety minutes.
  52. 52. 42 What will the students probably do next? (A)Listen to a lecture. (B) Study for the exam. (C) Read three chapters. (D) Take an exam.
  53. 53. 43-46 As the boot continues on out on Alcatraz island let me tell you a little bit about what we are going to see. As you clearly can see from here, Alcatraz Is a rocky island out in the middle of san Francesco bay. The name of Alcatraz come from Spanish word for “falacon” which is the type of bird. When the Spanish explore and discover the island in 1775 there were many many falcons living in the island and no people. The first prison was built on Alcatraz in 1848. And the Alcatraz reminding use as the prison until 1963. During that time 39 man trying to escape from the island. By swimming across the bay. Of the 39 men who trying to escape 24 for were recaptured, 10 died and 5 were never heard. Since 1972 Alcatraz was opened to the public for tour. In a moment you will be able to walk in the empty prison sell box and get an idea about how was the prison look like in the past.
  54. 54. 43 Where does this talk take place (A)in a zoo. (B) On a boat. (C) In a prison. (D) In a lecture hall.
  55. 55. 44 What is the falcon? (A) A type of rock. (B) A Spanish explorer. (C) A prison in San Francisco. (D) A kind of bird.
  56. 56. 45 How many men trying to excape from Alcatraz? (A)Five. (B) Ten. (C) Twenty-four. (D) Thirty-nine.
  57. 57. 46 What is true about Alcatraz today? (A) It is open to visitors. (B) It is still in use as a prison. (C) It is closed to the public. (D) It contains few prisoners.
  58. 58. 47-50. Today I would like to discuss something new, may be bringing us to new future plant that produce plastic. I’m not talking about artificial plant made from plastic I’m talking about living growing plant that produce plastic like substance. The natural plastic from this plant has at least one major advantage over the artificial plastic that so common today. This new plastic from plant biodegrade quickly which mean it is much better for the environment. Today artificial plastic biodegrade slowly. When people finish with plastic products and throw them away the plastic remain in tax in years. And this unused plastic covering the earth and causing wide problem. Perhaps the new natural plastic from plant can solve that problem.
  59. 59. 47 What type of plant is the woman discussing? (A) Artificial plants. (B) Plants in plastic containers. (C) Plants that resemble plastic. (D) Plants that produce a usable substance.
  60. 60. 48 What is the major advantage of the new plastic? (A) It lasts longer. (B) It is more artificial. (C) It is easy to make in a laboratory. (D) It is good for the environment.
  61. 61. 49 What is the problem with today’s artificial plastic? (A)It biodegrades slowly. (B) It kills plants. (C) People never throw it away. (D) It is not very strong.
  62. 62. 50 This lecture might be given in which course? (A) Engineering. (B) Art. (C) Botany. (D) Geology.
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