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E learning training development – safety and environmental courses

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E learning training development – safety and environmental courses

  1. 1. eLearning Training Development – Safety and Environmental CoursesThe role has the following main functions: Your needs:a. Assisting our team with “storyboarding” courses to ensure we meet desired learning outcomes. What I can offer; BA in Sociology majoring in sociology of the workplaceb. Sourcing multimedia, narration and other resources for training courses as necessary. What I can offer; Masters Degree in Electronic Commercec. Developing and testing training programs using our eLearning authoring software (you must be comfortable in front of a computer). What I can offer; Early user of online training using Blackboardd. Publishing course content to an online Learning Management System (LMS) and arranging into learning pathways for different clients. What I can offer; experience developing online training using Articulate presentere. Acting as main focal point for client liaison/support, training, reporting, billing etc. (you must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills). What I can offer 20 years experience dealing with NSW Coal Companiesf. Assisting with implementing our digital marketing strategy (website, social media and other marketing experience an advantage). That’s what Electronic Commerce in a nutshell (I think)