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Resume Kuntal - ITM PGDM

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Resume Kuntal - ITM PGDM

  1. 1. Kuntal Mazumdar Marketing | 2015-17 DOB: 11-03-1989 Email: kuntal.m@itm.edu | Address: Chandni Benepukur, Durgaprova Bhawan, Chandannagar, Dist: Hoogly 712136| Phone: 91-9903372318 ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS Degree Institute, Location CGPA/ % Year PGDM(Marketing) ITM Business School, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai Awaited 2017 B.Tech(Information Technology) Haldia Institute of Technology 7.02/10 2011 XII (WBCHSE) Durgacharan Rakshit Banga Vidyalaya 58.2 2007 X (WBBSE) Sree Aurobindo Vidyamandir 68 2005 TECHNICAL QUALIFICATIONS & ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS Technical • Java-J2EE server programing from CMC • Full Oracle programing PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Wipro Technology Project Engineer January 2012-March 2014 • Project Engineer at Wipro Technology, developed web based programing on Core Java. • Worked as a maintenance engineer and worked in JCAPS rendering different servers. • Involved in web services development (SOAP and Restful) including almost 40 web services exposed to NBN Co. • Has been involved in a project deals with middleware technology namely Tumbleweed. Which processes the file that it pulls from the source application and pushes the processed files to the target application. All the interfaces used in this application are based on Java. • The clients with which I have worked are General Motors and Sony. • Team lead of our project for more than 7 months. • Worked in a team for more than 2 years and also handled multiple business meetings with customer delegates. INTERNSHIP Kalpataru • Weekend “Live project” Internship there as a Market Researcher. • Surveyed high End customers regarding the current trends of the Infrastructure industry. • Conversed with HNCs and HNIs and gathered valuable information about the growing aspirations and desirability in this industry. September 2015 – October 2014 NGO PROJECT Dorai Foundation • Worked at Dorai Foundation as the coordinator of 10 NGOs. • I coordinated and supervised those NGOs and learned a lot from the other part of the society which ultimately embraced me to carry myself with a positive attitude in my further endeavors. • I put my experience and suggestion in front of the volunteers working there to make their work more placid. 2015 POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY ITM Business School • Played the role of acting facilitator in our cultural program “Samanay” and in our cultural Fest “Maverick” • I am also an active member of our strategic team, as a sales executive. • Successfully organised a photography contest singlehandedly called “Causoclick”. The amount raised from that was for an NGO. 2015 Graduation • General secretary of our cultural fest at my engineering college • Participated in an intercollege analytical contest comprising treasure hunt solving different puzzle. Bagged second position there. • Took the responsibility of the general secretary of our IT cultural committee. And 2009
  2. 2. pioneered the first wall magazine for our section High School • I was the captain of our school cricket team. 2010 EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES AND ACHIEVEMENTS Competitions • Represented India in WCG (Fifa 2007). Reached quarterfinal stage. 2007 Social • We with our friends started our own NGO called “Awaaz” in Kolkata. We targeted the education sector. Want to incorporate the utility of education to the deprived section of the society. 2015 Sports and Cultural • Represented my District in Cricket 2009-2010 under 19. 2010 Other Interests • I am a passionate photographer, with professional touch in event and wedding Photography. • I have a great interest in philosophy, which I bring out through my poems. This is some of the subjects on which I exercise my creative mind. Thank you.