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Kruche presentation 2015

Презентация агентства круче 2015 год.

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Kruche presentation 2015

  1. 1. ABOUT US Kruche! (means “bolder, stronger one” in Russian) is the creative agency with strong capabilities in advertising, branding, viral/social media marketing, web development and video production. Agency was born in 2010 in the heart of Siberia, city of Novosibirsk which is the 3rd largest city in Russia. Having started from the scratch, we built a well-known creative agency with brilliant team. Besides our staff people we collaborate with the most talented and reliable professionals in the market. This helps us provide our clients with hi-class creative solutions at highly competitve costs. We believe in creativity and alternative media, as we have seen many cases when yet smaller, but smarter brands beated bigger ones. Even more, we have created some local brands that have been succesfully launched to the market and then reached significant value competing with strong global players in the market. We have a passion for creative approach in advertising as we want and help small local brands grow up and become stronger, bigger and thus even… Kruche!
  2. 2. CEO Sales & account Management Digital services: SMM, viral & web creative Design creative director Video Production Finance & Analysis THE ANATHOMY OF KRUCHE!
  3. 3. ALEXEY FEDOTOV Copywriter, SMM-manager MAXIM MAKHEROV Creative Director, Partner IVAN GOUDKOV CEO, Partner ANDREY SAVCHENKO Copywriter, SMM-manager VICTOR DOMRACHEV Designer DMITRY BOCHAROV Senior Designer ANTON CHASE Project Manager DANIEL CHUDINOV General Producer, Partner ALENA AMM Account Manager EVGENIY KOKORIN Web Developer ANNA VIGONYAILOVA Senior Copywriter VADIM OSOKIN Web Developer THE TEAM OLGA VITIVSKAYA Key account manager
  6. 6. ” ” finally, mates provided us with fresh, creative idea and implemented it at a high professional level, right in time. DAMSKY UGODNIK VOSTOCHNAYA TECHNIK A: KUSAI.ME We initially wanted to start a very distinctive food delivery service. And you have found a perfectnameandbrand image to our business. we always respect professionals in any business field. and with no doubts your people are real professionals. it has been a pleasure to deal with people who know their jobs perfectly, and take care of clients concerns and tough timing. we were pleased with dedication of the their people, as they were ready to shoot in very extreme conditions. ”” ” ” ” “ PARALLELS
  7. 7. you suggested both refined and effective solutions. possession of all necessary tools and techniques you combine with creative approach to work. you understand our product, feel our business, and you suggest thingsthatmeetourneeds most. for the new brand development we have been searching for a partnering agency that would be able to imagine abstract business concept as a certain brand with its name, design and ideology. You managed that task perfectly, with inherent professionalism and attention to the clients opinion. HERCULES SALNIKOV DOMOCENTER: ” ” ” ” ” ALTAYSKAYA SKAZKA
  9. 9. C O M P E T I T I V E C O M M U N I C AT I O N S we always try to add some twist to common things. marketing is a modern way of storytelling, and there can be no good story without some magic. brave hussar, bringing ladies to jewellery shop; people falling in love with their homes; the ride of a bullet... fantasy is all around us! 1. find the core 2. keep in touch 3. add some magic every product has its own uniquiness and individuality. it is just either hiding deep inside or shining brightly on the surface. we gather all possible information on rational and emotional aspects of the product to find its original, core sence. many brands today try to communicate with the market, using obsolete and irrelevant language, or targeting wrong people. it is crucial to express right idea with rightwordsaddressingrightauditory. Focus on social media helps us to stay in touch with people and be contemporary.
  10. 10. TO CREATE THE IDEA WE... check the information reassemble variations and bring out something new find possible options and variations
  11. 11. THE GOOD IDEA EXAMINATION is it clear and telling the right story is it relevant to target people is it better than competitors can think of is it exciting enough
  12. 12. BRAND COMMUNICATION market & competitors ideas words impressions people emotion media ratio
  13. 13. THE CAMPAIGN develop the idea build the concept around idea, and then roll it over the proposed media we recommend our clients use media tracking tools to monitor reach of key communicational targets; awareness, impression and involvement. i if necessary, test the concept with target people, using either social media tools or traditional markete research inventory
  14. 14. OUR WORK
  16. 16. kruchenas.net 7 (383) 200-37-53 novosibirsk 630112, russia