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March 2021 Shareholder and Subscriber Database Clean-up

  1. Contact Database Clean-Up
  2. The Best Shareholders Are The Ones You Already Have • Accumulating thousands of names in a database has little value if no one calls them. • Most company contact lists are full of incorrect or completely missing information. • People move, they get promoted, they change jobs, they change email, they retire. (they pass away.) • Our people provide a warm friendly voice that re-engages thousands of people a year. • We reconfirm their interest in your company, we provide an update, we clarify their contact information, and we forward time-sensitive opportunities back to our clients in real time. We Don’t Just Sort and Organize • We engage your stakeholders and transform your contact list into living data. • We find out who’s still alive, who remembers you, and who wants an update. • It’s not a sales call. It’s not a robotic questionnaire. It’s allowing shareholders a voice, gathering their input, and having it makes a difference. • Every conversation is an opportunity to provide a quick update, identify a problem, or simply keep your STOCK SYMBOL top-of-mind. 2 ItJustTakesAPhoneCall
  3. 3 WeSeePeople,NotData Our Outreaches Have Value. • A shareholder who feels part of the company tends to buy more, sticks around when times are tough, and recommends your stock to others. • Confirming their interest in the company and sharing the updated story is the objective but it needs to be done within a framework of building and maintaining relationships. They pitch. We listen. • The median age of Accredited Investors is between 60 and 64 years old, the perfect demographic to appreciate an actual phone call. • With hundreds of thousands of outbound calls behind us, 99% of our calls are well-received. • Even if your latest press release wasn’t stellar, most people appreciate a call from a real person. Our Calls Are Real • Organic – conversations are natural rather than rigidly scripted. • Responsive – Our people are seasoned well-trained communications professionals. They understand the Capital Markets, IIROC, and they don’t make promises or create chaos.
  4. Our Clients Tend to Have Two Lists. The “Super Private List” …and everyone else. • Keep the super private list to yourself - You’re already talking to those VIPs regularly. • It’s the “everyone else” list that gets neglected, so every call we make is potential upside. • The “everyone else” list includes the hundreds or thousands of business cards and contacts our clients have accumulated from meetings, the Investing News Network, various trade shows, AGM’s, investor roadshows, or random online subscribers. • Our people hear, “...I am so surprised to hear from a REAL PERSON…” a lot. • Most IR professionals simply don’t have time to make 100’s or 1000’s of outbound telephone calls. Companies Forget - Shareholders Are Customers. • Our calls spark renewed interest and requests for more information - not mass selling. • An up-to-date list won’t matter if your shareholders don’t feel valued. • We automatically assume every call is a mystery shopper. We expect to be tested. 4 WhoDoWeCall?
  5. The Forgotten Element Your Company didn’t just acquire another Company. Your Company acquired ALL OF THEIR RELATIONSHIPS. Possibly 10’s of 1000’s. Each one, quite capable of buying more …or selling it all. Most Shareholders didn’t ask for the M, or the A • Less than 8% of shareholders have EVER heard from a company they invested in. • If “someone” doesn’t call and share all the wonderful reasons why everyone is going to love being part of the NEWCO, many of those acquired (and existing) shareholders will scatter. • We make very gentle telephone and email outreaches to existing, and M&A acquired shareholders and subscribers to provide a warm voice, answer some questions, update their contact information, and make them feel part of the process …and appreciated. • These outreaches generate powerful feedback, solidify Holds, and uncover new opportunities. • The best shareholders you can find, could be the ones you just acquired. 5 Merger&Acquisition
  6. 6 DataistheNewPreciousMetal But You Need Experienced Miners. Our calls will uncover new opportunities. You will get re-acquainted with retail and institutional contacts you long forgot about. You will get meeting requests from people who are excited to receive an update from YOU. You will likely experience increases in trading volumes. You will see significant increases in Website, LinkedIn and other Social Media traffic. We make these outreaches the way you would. Safely, discretely, carefully, and effectively. We never make promises or over-promote. We simply touch base, update their information, and send you the renewed opportunities. Stop Sending Press Releases To Deceased People (More common than you think)
  7. 7 ClientExample TSX-V Listed Mining Company. Provided a list of approx. 7700 contacts for us to declutter/clarify their info/provide an update. Over half of the subscriber/shareholder list was incorrect or missing vital information. 84 were deceased and only 391 could even remember the company name, let alone the stock symbol. Sounds bad? …This is THE NORM. You’re better off knowing exactly who still loves your company rather than have thousands of contacts who can’t even remember the stock symbol. In the end, several of the 391 requested corporate presentations and many asked for one on one updates directly from the CEO. • Think our telephone calls and individually sent emails generate buying? They do.
  8. Previous Company Contact Lists & Stacks of Business Cards • Many of our Clients have extensive contacts from previous ventures. • We can make a simple update call to let them know where you’ve landed. • Several of those past contacts will be thrilled to know about the new company, the stock symbol, the reasons to opt-in for press releases, and to speak to you again. • Sometimes the best NEW shareholders are the ones you knew before. We Cleaned-up Your List. Now What? • When you have incredible news that you absolutely want everyone on your list to hear, we can make sure everyone gets an individual phone call. **Very Powerful** Everyone feels like a VIP. LinkedIn & “Our Friends are Your Friends” • With over 27,000 Followers on LinkedIn. We are happy to share your Posts with all of them. • If your story is that awesome, we not only buy some ourselves, but we tell our friends about you too. 8 AdditionalStrengths&Value
  9. 9 Summary With Tufford Group, You’ll Get; • Friendly, Nova Scotia based telephone people who LOVE updating lists and making these calls. • Written reports on every conversation. • Industry trained professionals familiar with regulations and the public company environment. • Genuine human reconnections with people who already liked and trusted your company. • Real time notifications when there is a time-sensitive request. “Hi, Scott, this is Elisha at Tufford Group. I just hung up the phone with Don Blyth, Partner and Analyst at Paradigm Capital. He’s hoping to have a conversation about your last press release and he would like an updated presentation to share with his team. He is expecting a call. Here is his cell number…” • We are insured for commercial and general liability, errors and omissions, and cyber security. • We work with several TSX, CSE, and NYSE listed companies where confidentiality and legal protocol is paramount. We hold ourselves to those same high standards with all our clients even if no legal or securities regulatory requirement exists. • PIF is absolutely spotless and we intend to keep it that way.
  10. 10 Process 1. We sign an NDA. 2. Our Clients provide a list - preferably in Excel. 3. We begin the task of de-cluttering & organizing the data regardless of condition. 4. We prepare a list of key contacts within the client’s organization. 5. We study the Client’s website and press releases. 6. We create a Quick Reference Guide to answer simple questions. 7. We memorize key messages and objectives. 8. We commence calling and we stay in touch with the Client. 9. Our Clients provide us with their corporate email address. 10. We email the contacts who didn’t provide a telephone number. 11. We make the calls at suitable times, in most time-zones. 12. We provide a customized report on each successful connection. 13. The list gets completely cleaned up. 14. Everyone gets an update.
  11. 11 ContactUs Sean Tufford (902) 818-8807 2354 Rocky Lake Dr., Unit 3 Waverley, Nova Scotia, B2R 1R5 Brief History I grew up in a family business that started in 1958. My name isn’t on the sign for vanity or ego. It’s there for integrity. During his career my dad, Ross Tufford employed 1000’s of salespeople for his business. When he retired, I simply found a way to keep the telephone aspect of the business going. We only employ people we would invite to our house. We only engage companies we are proud of. Our goal, is to simply compliment Investor Relations professionals and their efforts. To dig through the overburden, uncover the gold, and make their job a little easier. No one seems to want to pick up the phone anymore. Everything is going Artificial. Every month someone asks if we’re a Robot. We’re not, and that’s why what we do, works so well. I have been a senior officer, registered insider for multiple juniors, developers and producers. You are in good hands. That’s my dad’s name on the sign. SOLID REFERENCES AVAILABLE