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Erickson, Kris Resume December 2016

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Erickson, Kris Resume December 2016

  1. 1. 1 Kristopher M. Erickson 9700 Saddle Dr., Frisco, TX 75035 (602) 373-0283 (C) / kris.erickson40@gmail.com / https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristophererickson1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Accomplished mid-level supervisor with a proven ability to develop, lead and execute strategies that support business and financial objectives. Respected leader that has built highly motivated teams and achieved goals. CURRENT U.S. GOVERNMENT SECRET SECURITY CLEARANCE EDUCATION & CERTIFICATIONS Bachelor of Science,Systems Engineering – United States Military Academy,2003 Diploma, Command and General Staff Officer Course Common Core – Command and General Staff College, 2016 Certificate, Army Course: Field Artillery Officer Basic Course Certificate, Army Course: Field Artillery Captains Career Course Certificate, Army Course: Civil Affairs Qualification Course Certificate, Defense Acquisition University: Program Management Level 1 Certificate, Defense Acquisition University: Production, Quality, and Manufacturing Level 1 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE U.S. ARMY, Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) – Djibouti, Africa Somalia Country Desk Team Leader, Security Force Assistance (SFA) Directorate Mar 15 – Apr 16 Responsible for leading a team of 4 joint military personnel in the direct support of Security Force Assistance activities for the development and support of Somalia National Army. Duties include planning joint exercises and developing programmatic proposals for defense institution building in support of State and Joint Services. Coordinate support during all phases of the planning lifecycle for all strategic, operational, and tactical missions.  Rated #1/7 officers in unit: awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for positive and long-lasting impact on peace and stability in Somalia by providing interagency coordination in support of the Commander’s East Africa support plan.  Planned and coordinated over 20 missions to Somalia; tracked missions via excel forms to identify and eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse.  Led implementation of a concept for the use of a systematic approach to gap analysis for the directorate using members from different career fields to provide cross-functional expertise and collaboration.  Produced and conducted 7 general officer level briefings for political and military updates on Somalia. MILLERCOORS – Milwaukee, Wisconsin Senior Process Leader – Packaging Department Nov 12 - Feb 15 Led, coached, and motivated a three-shift team consisting of hourly brewery workers, line electricians, and line machinists. Produced high quality products safely in a sterile environment and cost effectively by leveraging the MillerCoors Manufacturing Way principles and best work practices. Developed team members to lead, manage, and make sound decisions in all day-to-day operations and created a culture of employee engagement. Responsible for Safety, People, Quality, Service, Cost, and Sustainability key performance indicators. Key reports include but not limited to injury/near miss review, loss and waste analysis, operational efficiency, machine efficiency, labor efficiency, production schedule review, operator skill review, training statistics, and line performance plan to cover gaps to goal.  Selected out of seven other Senior Process Leads to lead the installation, training, start-up and performance of
  2. 2. 2 a multi-million-dollar packaging line.  Led and coached a Focused Improvement Team consisting of different functional groups to improve machine availability on key piece of equipment from approximately 73% to 91% leading to an increase in the output per labor hour, reducing runtime by one shift, and reducing excess overtime labor cost.  Vice President of the MillerCoors Veterans Group active in community veteran outreach programs. U.S. ARMY (Reserve Component) – Arizona, Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas Civil Affairs (CA) Team Leader, Planning Officer and Company Commander Nov 09 – Present As a CA Planning Officer, provided Civil Military Operations (CMO) staff augmentation of functional commands and corps-level or Joint Task Force-level commands. Tasked to train and prepare other forces to support CMO as well as advise the supported command on the employment of CA capabilities. As the Company Commander (mid-level manager), provided command and training readiness for a Civil Affairs (CA) company of 30 - 40 Soldiers to mobilize and deploy in support of United States Global War on Terrorism. Developed and mentored junior leaders to manage the administration, logistics, and operations of a company. FRITO-LAY NORTH AMERICA – Casa Grande, Arizona 1st Shift Operations Resource Jun 08 - Oct 12 As an Operations Resource (Production Manager) provided individual and team development utilizing Frito-Lay's Continuous Improvement (CI) process to achieve results in areas of cost, quality, safety and service. Led a team of 30-40 technicians in production and packaging. Accountable to the team members for removing obstacles, solving problems, setting direction and empowering them as a team to achieve their performance improvement results. Key Performance Measures improved by 140%+ in cost (labor/ingredients) variance from previous year- to-date during 2011 Performance Review through small Focus Improvement Teams led by engaged team members that I mentored and supervised.  Selected out of six other Resources to attend Business Unit Leader College at Frito-Lay Headquarters, Plano, TX with other Resources from the Frito-Lay North America network.  Only Resource selected from the Casa Grande site to participate in the Resource Renewal Project at Frito-Lay Headquarters that highlights high potential candidates within all of Frito-Lay North America.  Developed 2 manufacturing teams on 3rd shift to achieve Level 3 status from Level 2, with the highest assessed status being Level 4, utilizing the CI process during the annual team engagement assessments.  Introduced/led the PepsiCo Asian Network Diversity and Inclusion group agenda at the Casa Grande site. U.S. ARMY (Active Component) – Arizona, Iraq, Kansas, Oklahoma Field Artillery Officer – Various Leadership Roles May 03 – May 08 Served in various leadership roles as a commissioned officer. Managed the training and welfare of a company of over 70 enlisted personnel and two officers along with the operational readiness of seven 105mm towed howitzers, seven 105mm salute howitzers, and 20 wheeled vehicles valued in excess of $7,000,000. Planned, risk assessed, and supervised 75 live fire shoots and 4 Fires Capstone Exercises in support of the school without incident. Served on an operations staff at the Regimental level coordinating equipment and personnel taskings.  Awarded the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service in support of combat operations in the Diyala Province, Iraq, serving as a Captain on a small team consisting of five officers and six non-commissioned officers tasked with providing access to fire support assets to a 513–man Iraqi unit.  Awarded the Army Achievement Medal for winning the Battalion Top Fire Direction Center.