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How to craft innovative SaaS apps people actually want

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This deck supports the on-demand webinar about crafting stellar SaaS products and contains some of the highlights of the session.

To listen to the full conversation, you can register here: https://www.koombea.com/webinars/craft-innovative-saas-apps-people-actually-want/

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How to craft innovative SaaS apps people actually want

  1. 1. Webinar: How To Craft Innovative SaaS Apps that People Actually Want
  2. 2. Miguel Perez @chopi Tony Meazell @TonyMeazell Georgiana Laudi @ggiiaa SPEAKERS Georgiana Laudi @ggiiaa Founder, A Better CX Tony Meazell @TonyMeazell Account Discovery Director, Koombea Miguel Perez @Chopi Director of Engineering, Saasler #CraftInnovativeSaaS
  3. 3. Building Your SaaS Business
  4. 4. Nailing down the product idea and building a validation plan prior to starting the development stage Do I know who my customer is, what their problem is, and what they’re trying to achieve every time they use my product? - Miguel
  5. 5. Defining your SaaS app requirements Defining requirements depends a lot on how well structured your customer research is and how you’re able to map those things into features for your product. - Miguel
  6. 6. Hiring the right development teams to bring a product idea to life You can hire external people, but it is important for you to define what you are going to have those people work on beforehands. - Miguel
  7. 7. Generating revenue from new and existing clients Common monetization strategies I would do an analysis of the competitor landscape and what other options there are to know the ideal target. - Georgiana
  8. 8. Potential issues: SaaS deployments aren't all sunshine and roses
  9. 9. Product feature prioritization Dealing with scope creep You start with customer validation and customer segmentation to kind of nail down what are you going to build (...) there are certain features that most SaaS have. - Miguel Perez
  10. 10. Conducting revealing user testing and customer development I have seen SaaS companies where sales and marketing are opt in after the new feature is done. - Tony
  11. 11. Aligning marketing, sales, development and customer success teams I love when product team democratize their role maps and make them open to the other departaments. - Georgiana
  12. 12. SaaS product sales in the early stages of development There is nothing better as a sale leader than knowing that my CEO has walked in my shoes a little bit. - Tony
  13. 13. Effective strategies for new customer acquisition If we are talking about building an audience for a product, then customer research is a big part of it. - Georgiana
  14. 14. Customer POV
  15. 15. App user onboarding flow done right Improving customer experience Sometimes the middle tier is actually the money maker, lower tiers tend to lose money for months and users in there need more support. - Georgiana
  16. 16. Post-Launch
  17. 17. Challenges and impact of designing and implementing new UI on customer experience Allowing your users to decide when they want to make the change is crucial. It is critical to have a properly engaged marketing and sales team. - Miguel
  18. 18. Q & A