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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Surname: Michail Name: Konstantinos Father’s name: Apostolos Date of birth: 31/04/1971 Home address: P.O. Box. 5614, Afidnes 19014, Greece Mobile telephone: 0030 - 6944 411147 Fax: 0030-210-8001845 e-mail address: kmichail@teemail.gr, kmichail1971@gmail.com Marital status: married, 3 children Education  1990 - 1998 National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), School Of Civil Engineering, BSc and MSc in Civil Engineering (with specialization in Transportation Construction Planning and Management): grade 6,55 / 10 (analytical records of 5-year courses can be provided if requested) Diploma thesis: Foundation of an upper-level bridge abutment in soft clay (argil) through piles and vesicular box with temporary supporting of pile boards. Grade: 9,50 / 10.0  11/1995 - 10/1997 Military service (Officer of Engineering).  June 1989 Graduation by 28th Lyceyum of Athens. Grade: 18,50 / 20
  2. 2. Seminars  Energy Sufficiency Inspection Control for private buildings (60 hours, 10/2012- 11/2012)  AUTOCAD 1 (2D Drawing, General Knowledge of 3D Drawing, Printing) : 09/1998- 10/1998 (52 hours), Technical Chamber of Greece  ECDL Syllabus Version 4.0 (Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Information and Communication). Foreign languages:  English: Cambridge First Certificate in English. Professional skills  Proficient use of Windows Word, Excel, PowerPoint και Internet.  Drawing program AUTOCAD.  Statical program SPACE. Professional experience 06/1998 – today 05/12/2001 – today Contractor of several private technical design, issue of building license with control of static struture, supervision and construction works, member of Τechnical Chamber of Greece (T.E.E.). Safety Engineer Officer of Medical Diagnostic center “Ippokratis S.A.”, Gr. Lambraki 77, Nikaia, Greece.
  3. 3. 05/12/2001 – today Safety Engineer Officer of Medical Diagnostic Center “Ippokratis Magnetic Tomography S.A.”, Agiou Georgiou 98, Korydallos, Greece. 06/ 2012 - today Construction Control Inspector ( 28 issues till the time being) 06/2013 – today 07/2014 – 03/2015 11/2011 – 02/2012 05/2007 – 05/2010 Evaluator of European Union - funded programs “ΕΣΠΑ 2007-2013” for medium sized enterprises, external associate of “ELANET S.A.”, Valaoritou 4, Athens, Greece. Design, issue of building license, administrative and economic monitoring, technical supervision and rehabilitation works of a ground floor building with a loft, for the relocation of an Open M.R.I. and other medical equipment of “Ippokratis Magnetic Tomography S.A.”, at Gr. Lambraki 69, Nikaia, Greece External associate of “ASPIS S.A.” real estate agency at Syntagma square, Athens, Greece, responsible for Lycabetus and Neapolis areas. Design, administrative and economic monitoring, technical supervision and construction, plus covering design of the outdoor adjustment space, of a 2-floor double storey building with basement, with external stone coverage and a swimming pool (12*6 metres), at an area outside urban planning zone, owned by Argyro Chrysagi, at Ippokrateios
  4. 4. Politeia, Afidnes, Greece. 06/2006 – 06/2012 02/2005 – 08/2007 25/10/2004 - 25/05/2005 02/2001 – 06/2004 “Combine G. Lidorikiotis- K. Michail” at a 3-floor building design, issue of building license, administrative and economical monitoring, technical supervision and reconstruction - rehabilitation works of EUROMEDICA Group of Medical Companies, at Agiou Georgiou 98, Korydallos, Greece. Design, administrative and economic monitoring, technical supervision and construction of 4 2-floor mezonettes, owned by Anagnostopoulos Anastasios and Anagnostopoulos Sotirios, at Chelmou 1, Agios Stefanos, Greece. External associate of “Diagonios S.A.” technical company, Zaloggou 10a, Athens, Greece, for the technical supervision of construction and renovation works of Piraeus Bank (Hrakleio and Ierapetra branches, Greece, development of “ Metochiko Tameio Stratou” at Panepistimiou- Voukourestiou square, Athens, Greece). “Combine F. Poulopoulos -G. Lidorikiotis -K. Michail”, at a 4-floor double storey building with basement building design, administrative and economical monitoring, technical supervision and construction works, at Strofiliou 71, Nea Erythraia, Greece.
  5. 5. Interests and Activities  Greek nature and environment.  My pets. References  Dr. Ioannis Chrysagis Chairman of the Board Ippokratis Medical Diagnosis Center S.A. Gr. Lambraki 77 14753 Nikaia Greece e-mail: info@chrisagis.gr  Georgios Lidirikiotis Construction Architect Engineer NTUA Troias 2 14571 Nea Erythraia Greece e-mail: glidorikiotis@gmail.com