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Alpari Investment Products

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Alpari Investment Products

  1. 1. Alpari Investment Funds
  2. 2. The structure of our products •We have a product for everyone and every type of investor. •Our investment funds are composed of ETF’s traded on the NYSE – New York Stock Exchange. •These funds are based on various sectors of the US economy; the most stable economy in the world.
  3. 3. How our Investme nt products stand out... •Our Investment funds are engineered by finance experts with value and competitive returns in mind.
  4. 4. Investment funds at a glance..
  5. 5. Our top performing fund Index fund, with a 7-9 month recommended holding period and expected ROI of 40%-45% Composition •S&P 500 •NASDAQ •DOW JONES •RUSSEL 5000
  6. 6. More to know about Let an Alpari rated pro-trader do all the work for you! •Invest funds, sit back and see your money traded on your behalf.
  7. 7. PAMM PORTFOLIO S Grouped PAMM accounts created to suit your investment nature.
  8. 8. INVESTMEN T FUNDS A chance at making short and long term investments in global companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
  9. 9. INVESTMEN T FUNDS Choose from a wide range of funds spread across attractive sectors!
  10. 10. STRUCTURE D PRODUCTS A chance to guarantee and protect your investment. Choose between Classic, Capped and Touch Products Let our experts handle your investment in high risk and low risk securities.
  11. 11. STRUCTURE D PRODUCTS Take control...by specifying your capital protection level Set a percentage which is guaranteed to return to you, whether your investment goes north or south!
  12. 12. BINARY OPTION S Binary Options-Quick and easy profit.. With as little as 5 USD, you can earn as much as 100% profit in a matter of minutes
  13. 13. BINARY OPTION S •High / Low •Quick Options •One Touch •Range High / Low •Options on Demand . Binary Option Types..
  14. 14. START TRADING AND INVESTING RIGHT AWAY! TIME IS MONEY… Open an account with ALPARI now! Meet your financial targets…