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  1. Reformatting The Business Model Presented on 17 April 2015 by Chia Ting Ting at 16th ISOJ Native Advertising Crowdsourcing Paywalls Revenue Diversification
  2. Native Advertising noun. Sponsored content that is relevant to the user experience, unintrusive, and looks and feels similar to its editorial environment. It’s all about… Influence, Trust, Content, Creativity & Strategy. NATIVE ADVERTISING ContentDelivery
  3. NATIVE ADVERTISING Content Sponsored content Resonates with users No hard-sell or “buy me now” message ‘Social’ friendly Delivery Integrated into design & flow naturally Mirrors the editorial on site Supports dynamic messaging HTML5 powered ads (cross channel)
  4. Native Project I // Chinese New Year Campaign Pullout Concept : Seasoning topics PRODUCTION ● Native videos related to CNY ● Format: Media Reporting, Informative & Educational + Brand insertions DELIVERY desktop mobile facebook youtube Malaysiakini (Chinese Site) KiniTV (Chinese Site)
  5. Native Project I // Chinese New Year Campaign Sponsored Videos produced by KiniTV Of Spirits, Sparklers and Shopping Sponsored by Paradigm Shopping Mall Reunion Dinner: Moment of Togetherness Sponsored by Eu Yan Sang Remembering the underprivileged Sponsored by Gintell
  6. Native Project II // World Sleep Day Sponsored Videos produced by KiniTV PRODUCTION ● Part I : Addressing issue of sleep deprivation via interveiws ● Part II : Facts and stats in Malaysia ● Part III : Promote World Sleep Day + Brand insertion DELIVERY mobile facebook youtube Native Mobile Play Video Healthy sleep assures healthy heart and mind A wake up call on “World Sleep Day” on the importance, benefits and impact of healthy sleep to life.
  7. Native Project III // Social Hub Pullout Concept : Seasoning topics (E.g. Parents Day) a. Native Content b. Delivery c. Data Collection+ (campaign level) d. Retargeting + e. Always-On +
  8. a. Native Content • KiniTV to produce a series of Health Info content focusing on common senior citizen’s diseases / Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) - problem recognition • Topics: High Cholesterol, Osteoarthritis, Eyes Diseases, High Blood Pressure, Hearing Problems • Video Production: Media Reporting, Informative & Educational • Content Type: Editorial + Native Sponsored Content + Advertorial
  9. b. Delivery Amplified through native position across screen Social Board InRead Content Mobile Native High visibility for Maximum exposure Invite users to engage and interact with brand’s marketing widget Retarget users back to social hub and extend stay time on your site Capable to showcase various brand contents Engage+ campaigns can be made available on mobile screens via branded mobile apps
  10. c. Data Collection Engage users & collect insights & data Social Hub Demographic Data (Gender, Age Group) Social Data (Shares, Likes, Rating, Comments, Reviews) Behavioral Data (Log In Pattern, Actions)
  11. d. Retargeting Prospecting Targeting Retargeting Cross sell/Upsell Find Look Alikes Promote Loyalty Upper Funnel New/Incremental Prospects Middle Funnel Warm Prospects Lower Funnel Buyers Customers e. Always-On (Based on: IPA - The Long and Short of It: Balancing Short and Long-Term Marketing Strategies)
  12. Crowdsourcing Letters wrote-in by our readers Opinions sent-in by experts YourSay compiled comments & published Crowdfunding Project “Buy a Brick” Goal Build a new home for Malaysiakini Reward Subscription + Advertising Achievement 1,041 Supporters Money raised MYR 1.65 Million (USD 450,000)
  13. Paywalls SUBSCRIPTIONS • Malaysiakini introduced subscription service since 2003 (English content), 2011 (Chinese content) • KiniBiz introduced subscription since 2013 + Launched Magazine on 14th April 2015 OPPORTUNITY • Subscribers : 250,000 • Unique Visitors : 2,500,000 • Opportunity : 10x potentiality CHALLENGES • Lot of competitors are offering free content • we are still at top #1 (comScore: Jan-Feb 2015): household name (1st independence media in Msia) & significant market position
  14. Strategy 2.0 User experience 1. Now everyone can read free & fair news • Must register: XX free articles a month • Breaking News: free for first 3 hours → increase visit frequency & share rate 2. Subscription Auto-debit Plans 3. Microbuying Plans • Credit Coupon based: 1 credit per article credit transferable 4. Sign-in Options • In addition to Username & Password sign-in, we are adding Single Sign-On.
  15. Revenue Diversification a. NEW AD CHARGING MODEL b. NEXT-GEN CONTENT STRATEGY c. NATIVE ADVERTISING Form “Regional Platform Economy” d. TV DECODER BUSINESS Independence Online Media KiniTV + Video Content Providers in South East Asia
  16. ranks #1 in Readers Time Spent amongst all News sites in Malaysia. (source: comScore 2014 - Feb 2015) a. NEW AD CHARGING MODEL ➔ CPE (Cost Per Engagement) -launched in July 2014 ➔ CPH (Cost Per Hour): Selected ad units at higher time spent fold (going to launched in July’15) Traffic not matter to small site, but content quality! Chartbeat CEO, Tony Haile Time Spent = Attention = Content Quality
  17. b. NEXT-GEN CONTENT STRATEGY (3SIXTY 3.0) ➔ What kind of content do we want ➔ Worthwhile content mube be Informative / Useful or Entertaining ➔ Must also: ◆ Fit an overall theme (reader interest & problem recognition) ◆ Be appropriate for appearing on MKini ◆ Bottom line: Be profitable ➔ Evolving Existing Content ➔ Background info / history of hot topics (hudud, GST, sodomy etc) ➔ Cheat sheets ➔ Infographics ➔ Malaysia specific how-to guides. For example, ◆ Renew your passport (sponsored by imigresen depart) ◆ Make delicious nasi lemak (sponsored by Tesco) ◆ Avoid traffic jams (sponsored by Uber) * Infotainment + Sponsorable Content
  18. b. NEXT-GEN CONTENT STRATEGY (3SIXTY 3.0) ● Implementation Plan (Content) i. Pictorial News ii. Poskad @Instagram
  19. b. NEXT-GEN CONTENT STRATEGY (3SIXTY 3.0) ● Implementation Plan (Content) iii. Cheat Sheet iv. Listicle
  20. SUMMARY ➔ Malaysiakini's more unique features is how we have built a strong base of hardcore supporters over the years. ➔ Unique circumstances: when we started, we were basically the only professional news outfit in Malaysia, not in some way owned by the ruling party. ◆ There was a great demand for more independent, objective news. ➔ Over the years, we've ran into a lot of trouble with the authorities, but our readers have time and time again come to our defense. ◆ Creates a sense among our more loyal readers that we are a community of intent, who share a set of ideals which we are willing to fight to defend together. ◆ Our relationship with our audience has an element of shared purpose. ➔ Most popular sections, "Yoursay", a daily publication of readers' comments on our articles, making Malaysiakini not just a news site, but a platform for citizen voices to be heard. ➔ Moving forward, we're trying to build upon that rapport with our readers, by hosting more live events or programs at our new premises, by engaging more meaningfully with our readers both online and offline, and by continuously upgrading our services and product range.
  21. Chia Ting Ting