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CMO Dashboard

  1. 1. The future is now-ish CMO Dashboards
  2. 2. CMO Dashboards: The future is now…ish • The future is now, if you say so. “the heart makes all the decisions and the mind is merely the collaborator”.
  3. 3. Heart + Mind
  4. 4. People and data; both functions of marketing. There’s a lot more for marketers to love. And the marketing mind has to deal with the data.
  5. 5. Today’s marketer?
  6. 6. CMO dashboard: the heart of marketing? The future is now, if you turn it on. Without a live connection from the data to the dashboard, the dashboard is simply a report.
  7. 7. It’s alive… the “data bubble” will change how marketing transforms business performance. If it’s given a chance.
  8. 8. Our bubble record isn’t that great
  9. 9. There is resistance to data logic ALERT Individual investors not ready to believe
  10. 10. The financial bubble –data too late.
  11. 11. The data bubble– get ahead of it.
  12. 12. Marketing and Sales can make the most of unstructured data
  13. 13. AOR to a New Marketing System of Record?
  14. 14. Online and Offline data together at last? • From a bubble expert: “New Technologies provide a reliability better than chance” -- Professor Didier Sornette from the Department of Management, Technology and Economics (D-MTEC) at ETH Zurich • “Exceptional marketers in the next 5 years will excel with hard analytics ensconced in traditional, velvety creative goodness.” -- Patrick Spenner, twitters at CEB_MLC
  15. 15. A CMO level view of performance track forecast baseline Plan ahead Online, Offline, and Granular
  16. 16. An IAB sponsored study says “It makes sense for companies to start the Big Data marketing journey.
  17. 17. Why now? • New CMO mandate: get the data and technology to transform marketing. – A CMO has a seat at the table; Finance, Operations, R&D, Marketing…. • Job #1 Marketing Transformation = business performance • Market share • Revenue Growth • Strategic Certainty – Engagement – Conversion – Community
  18. 18. Some pins to burst the bubble… • Spotty data with big gaps for swathes of consumers or swathes of the consumer experience (e.g., consumer behavior in iOS mobile apps is a black box, since Apple holds that data close) • A churning and unpredictable privacy landscape, with legislative shifts threatening disruption • Agency rosters that are fragmented and highly resistant to the kind of collaboration and change needed to actually move with real-time speed in an integrated way for much of the marketing mix • Client-side decision making processes, structures and skill gaps that prevent executing the vision
  19. 19. There is technology and advice. The future is now if, you make it now. Don’t let data issues, politics, privacy, or the skills gap prevent you from discovering the dashboard’s role in marketing transformation.
  20. 20. Cross-marketing views Bar graphs show you the Line graphs show you performance shape of your spending baseline ( blue), actual (red). Visualize channel Visualize KPIs Visualize brand
  21. 21. People will make the difference. • “Data is nothing without analytics. Or to be more specific, so-called Big Data is nothing without Big Analytics”. Adrian Bridgewater, Computer Weekly
  22. 22. Marketing Analysts Wanted • McKinsey Global Institute projected that the United States needs 140,000 to 190,000 more workers with “deep analytical expertise and 1.5 million more data-literate managers.
  23. 23. Marketing, as a discipline, is in a great innovation position. Cross-Disciplinary Fewer opportunities for innovation contributors with greater importance Many contributors of equal importance http://collaborative-intelligence.org/kViz.html
  24. 24. Why the rush to data and analytics?
  25. 25. Data, Analytics and You • Rules to live by: – If you can’t see it, it probably doesn’t exist • Give visualization of data a chance, then start forming questions. – Before you try and solve a problem, find out if its already been solved before • Faster, cheaper, better answers are on the way with the right executive sponsorship, attitude and approach – Don’t pay too much – Low tolerance for high cost/ low ROI
  26. 26. If you can see it, you can transform it. What are your portfolio Are you supporting your investments? brand consideration and choice goals? Are you on track for performance improvement
  27. 27. Start with good questions • What is your • Whose data • Will it dashboard will you support a thesis? need? business objective? The primary The success The questions it stake holder info it will will study and interests demonstrate
  28. 28. Marketing’s primary mandate is to experiment. • Questions will change: – Segmentation – Sentimentation – Campaigns – Channels – Communities – Content
  29. 29. Checklist • Do you provide Part A: new Context for Ability to compete marketing performance Part B: • Are you Aligning Growing Customer and Relevance Channel Activity Part C: • Are the right Business Revenue and Performance Profitablity KPIs in place
  30. 30. Expand your performance footprint. • A CMO dashboard must create certainty • Give marketing a wider context and performance footprint • Set up baselines to show variance and trends in-time to make a difference • Show attribution and ROI • Inspire new questions and collaboration
  31. 31. With no disclaimers
  32. 32. The future is now. • If you say so. – People and their data ready to move forward. • If you turn it on. – Technology-enabled live connection to data. • If you make it now. – A clear CMO mandate for a dashboard to support marketing transformation.
  33. 33. The future is now for Marketing.. www.kneebone.com wrobertson@kneebone.com

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • I’ve added the “ish” because when Paula invited me to speak at MIXX, it was on the premise that that there is a general sense that marketing transformation is underway. So, if transformation is on its way is there anything on its way out? Stubbornness around silos, data and performance analytics?Maybe less heart and more fact.