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How to achieve high quality score

KlixMedia offers cutting edge Web Design and Website Design Solution from Melbourne.Here in This Tutorial We Teaches You That How to Achieve High Quality Score in PPC and all other media.

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How to achieve high quality score

  1. 1.  Before Understanding Whole Concept Lets Understand What is Quality Score and Why Does it Requires ?? After creating a beautiful web design now a day it’s trend to do promoting of your website. Mostly peoples do online marketing for same and they put more focus on seo and ppc which is also known as pay per click. Quality Score is an important factor of pay per click or adword media. if you wants to be at top with lowest bidding than Quality score is best way to help you.
  2. 2.  ****) Relevancy of keyword is most important factor in quality score and to increase relevancy you should try below steps. Use your keyword in your ad max 2 times. You should have your keyword on your landing page but always remember keyword density factor. You should not overrule it. If you wanted to design a special new page than you can tell your web design company to do same or you can also does web design of same. Like in content you keyword should also appear in Meta tags as per search engine Meta tag limits. Utilize your display url fully.
  3. 3.  For Example, If your web name is www.webdatadesign.com.au and keyword is “ web design melbourne” than your display url can be Display url : “ webdatadesign.com.au/web_design_melbourne ” Do Use of DKI Which is called as Dynamic Keyword Insertion. With the help of that your keyword will get that titled which is search by a user
  4. 4.  CTR is also one of the useful factor over here. So concentrate on your ctr well how you do is is here …. Give seasonal offer like winter special or summer special .. Use eye capturing keyword like “Free” and “Killer” which are high ctr rated by google. Offer price in your ad. Don’t ever forget to use DKI as I mentioned earlier Use Actionable Keyword Like Visit Now, Buy Now, Buy Today, Special offer, Discountable offer
  5. 5.  This Were All Steps for More Contact Us on seo@klixmedia.net.au or visit us on http://www.webdatadesign.com.au Thanks n Regards Mr Dhawal Barot Online Marketing Manager Klix Media Pvt Ltd Cell : +91-9408224105