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Mfsi chairman award pune revised [compatibility mode]

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Award wining project presentation on Continuous Improvement

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Mfsi chairman award pune revised [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. MFSI Recommendation Chairman Award 2008 Plant - Pune1 © MAHLE
  2. 2. Chairman Award Nomination Project Team MR. Rajesh Kakkar Director Plant Operation Project Guide MR. Suryakant Palande MR. Kishore Patil MR. Uday Deshmukh Technical Head Manager Mfg. Engineering Asst. Manager Mfg. Engineering2 © MAHLE
  3. 3. Chairman Award Nomination Nomination Nominee Name : Team : Suryakant Palande / Kishore Patil / Uday Deshmukh Under Guidence of : Rajesh Kakkar Age : 44 / 35 / 32 Designation : Technical Head / Manager ME / Asst. Manager ME Deptt : Manufacturing Engineering Experience : 24 / 15 / 11 Years Project Undertaken : Inhouse Refurbishment of discarded / written off machine ( Hot Melt Extruder ) Project Started : October – 2007 Project Ended : February – 2008 Cost Recovery : Rs 7.0 M would have cost for a new equipment. Spent Rs 1.5 M on refurbishment.Executed new Business worth 60 M and Saved Rs 5.5 M3 © MAHLE
  4. 4. Chairman Award Nomination Project Details Issue Hot Melt glue dispensing machine required for new “Panel Type” PU Air filters with cured media and co-polyester hot melt. Most crucial factor was MELTING TEMP of 225°C as against normal temperature of 180°C. Customers TATA Motors (2.2 CRDI and ACE) / MARUTI SUZUKI (Swift diesel) Impact • Able to acquire and execute new business worth Rs. 60M • Capex Saving Rs. 5.5 M • Maintained competitive advantage in Air filter segment Year 2008 Trigger a. New business opportunity b. Capex limitation. Poor Pay back with initial volumes c. Availability of written off asset and in-house skill set4 © MAHLE
  5. 5. Chairman Award Nomination Project Details contd.... Process Adopted In view of the CAPEX constraints and not to loose potential business with prime OEs like TML and MUL an old non-moving (written off) extruder (MELTEX German make) was identified for refurbishment under guidance of Mr Rajesh Kakkar. German counterpart strongly recommended to scrap the extruder and go for new Investment. Extruder manufacturer refused to provide any type of technical help / support. There was a potential risk of loosing investment of 1.5 M in case of failure however the team took the challenge.5 © MAHLE
  6. 6. Chairman Award Nomination Project Details contd.... Electrical and mechanical parts were checked Extrusion screw found damaged Gear box of Main Motor was found to be worn out Before Refurbishment Conventional 8 segment temperature controller for hoses, application heads and screw zones were non functioning Screw and Pump motor drive found to be non functioning Electrical panel was beyond repair due to unavailability of spares as the model was out dated6 © MAHLE
  7. 7. Chairman Award Nomination Project Details contd.... Extrusion screw and gear box repaired. Parts were manufactured locally by taking reference from damaged sample parts. New Lenz drives were installed for screw and pump motor Electrical hard wiring was minimised by using Siemens S7 300 PLC with solid state relays for heaters After Control panel was made user friendly by using Siemens OP207 touch screen panel. Refurbishment This helps in problem diagnosis and controlling of various parameters. PID control loop was used for min-max glue pressure setting. This dispenses constant and equal glue quantity. Pleating machine and extruder pump were synchronised (Tacho-generator feedback) to achieve metered glue dispensing quantity w.r.t. paper pleating speed. Man and machine safety inter locks were added which were not there on the original equipment.7 © MAHLE
  8. 8. Chairman Award Nomination Project Details contd.... Project Status Equipment is in use for production on 2 shift basis since March 2008 Production Capacity 3800 filters / shift Output Machine has produced more than 480,000 PU elements since March 2008 till date Delivery 100 % delivery against customer requirement in 2008 Quality Metered glue dispensing resulted in consistent quality and reduction in Internal scrap (COPQ)8 © MAHLE
  9. 9. Chairman Award Nomination Project Details contd.... After Special Thanks to; - Lenze Mechatronics India - Kletti Germany - Siemens India - Swaraj Automation9 © MAHLE
  10. 10. Chairman Award Nomination Recommendation The Nominee team : Took challenge to refurbish old extruder in-house because Meltex, Germany / Nordson, India refused for reconditioning of Extruder and strongly recommended to go for a new one. Noteworthy efforts were taken for restructuring of Electrical & Electronic Hardware as every components had special purpose application. Hybridization of Critical Imported components with Indian branded product for cost optimization. Mechanical parts for Extrusion screw / Gear box were manufactured locally. Several experiments / trials were conducted for synchronization of Signal converters for Hot melt Pressure & temperatures. Efforts were taken to achieve precise control for process parameters like uniform hot melt dispensing quantity at constant pressure. All experiments / trials / fine tuning were possible only in hot condition of machine. Latest technological hardwares – Like Siemens PLC / Siemens Touch screen / Lenze drive ensured safety / user friendly operation / cycle time reduction & quality improvement. Achieved ease of operating and PM of equipment. Also resulted in increased productivity with minimum internal scrap.10 © MAHLE
  11. 11. Chairman Award Nomination Thank You11 © MAHLE