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7 steps: social media strategy for Innovation Lab Schools' Ambassadors

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These slides are based upon a one-hour webinar I facilitated for the Innovation Lab Schools' Ambassadors 31/05/19. We primarily focused on using Twitter to support their ambassador role.

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7 steps: social media strategy for Innovation Lab Schools' Ambassadors

  1. 1. 7 Steps: Social Media Strategy for Innovation Lab School Ambassadors 1. Review 2. Plan 3. Brand 4. Protect 5. Connect 6. Engage 7. Evaluate Plus some social media goodies and a surprise!  Kirsten Thompson | 31/05/19 Twitter: @iamKirstenT | K.Thompson@adm.leeds.ac.uk
  2. 2. 1. Review • Digital identity = everything about you on the web • We cannot control our digital identity but we can manage it. Delete unused accounts (or give them a purpose – link to another account + monitor) • Use strong passwords, 2 factor authentication and a password manager • Monitor chatter about you e.g. set up Google Alerts for your name and keywords relating to your interests.
  3. 3. Tools to manage your digital ID Password managers: • LastPass: lastpass.com • 1password.com • Dashlane Monitor your identity, or mentions of your work, projects etc: • Google.com/alerts
  4. 4. 2. Plan Aims + objectives – what are your keywords? Who is your target audience? Identify platforms: our community is very active on Twitter (so we’ll focus on that) Planning content + time Escalation – how will you deal with issues that arise on social media? Have a plan.
  5. 5. Twitter 101 • Profile: information about you/your account • Share an update: tweet • Likes: tweets you’ve liked • Home: feed of tweets from accounts you follow • Moments: curated stories (we can all create moments) • Notifications: someone mentions you, likes/shares your tweet • Messages: private/direct messages (DM or PM) • Share someone else’s tweet: re-tweet (RT) • Replies: mention by username e.g. @UniversityLeeds • Hashtags: #keyword - discover content you are interested in and make your content more discoverable • Lists: to sort, filter and raise profile (people receive notification when added to a Twitter List) • Trending topics (by location): top conversations on Twitter
  6. 6. Keyword research • Identify keywords and hashtags that relate to your reason for being on each social media platform. • Research hashtags on platforms • Use Hashtagify.me
  7. 7. Plan content + time Outlook + Google Calendars
  8. 8. Productivity tools Tools and techniques to help you stay focused: • Pomodoro Technique: https://francescocirillo.com/pages/pomodoro- technique • Forest app: https://www.forestapp.cc • Timer on your mobile device
  9. 9. 3. Brand • Be consistent • Use vanity URLs e.g. Facebook.com/YourName • Be clear about purpose in your branding + profiles • Values + responsibilities re brand • Use those keywords
  10. 10. 4. Protect Online communication: • Existing laws + regs apply • Privacy + anonymity do not = protected • Impact of sharing opinion • Disclaimers Mobile + security: • Use official, trusted third-party apps – research • Location services on/off? • How secure are your devices? • Strong passwords?
  11. 11. 5. Connect Grow your following Apps to monitor and grow your following
  12. 12. How do you grow your following?
  13. 13. • Make relevant connections – keep focused on your aims / objectives + intended audience • Connect with accounts that will add value for you • Never buy followers • Do not play the follow/unfollow game. • Mention other accounts when you share their content • Collaborate • Use relevant hashtags • Experiment with new platform features • Use Twitter Lists to curate accounts by topic, communities • Create Twitter Moments to curate information, summarise events and activities etc. Grow your following
  14. 14. Apps to monitor + grow • Native analytics e.g. Twitter analytics • Buffer (free + paid plans) Twitter is preventing use of tools to manage followers. Twitter-compliant tools have removed that feature. Some tools still allow non-compliant automation (e.g. automated DMs) and follower management, but we risk our accounts being suspended if we use them. More here: https://help.twitter.com/en/rules-and-policies/twitter- rules
  15. 15. 6. Engage When to post What to post Schedule + monitor
  16. 16. When to post Different for every account + platform: • When are your followers online? • When are the people you want to attract online? Followerwonk – analyse your followers https://moz.com/followerwonk/
  17. 17. Twitter Analytics https://analytics.twitter.com/user/iamkirstent/tweets
  18. 18. What makes a great social media post?
  19. 19. • Align content + engagement with your aims, objectives, values + target audience • Re-purpose content for different platforms • Visuals (photos, graphics, infographics) + video • Quotes turned into images • Add value but don’t sell • Create accessible content (next slide) • Design graphics etc for small screens – that enhances the accessibility and readability for a wider range of people • Keep it legal, decent, honest + true What to post?
  20. 20. Make social media accessible ALT text = Alternative text is for people who use screen readers, to read aloud information on screen. If an image is decorative only, label as such. Otherwise they miss out on important information in visual media. Check your social media settings, we can add descriptions to images on: • Twitter • Instagram • Facebook • LinkedIn (on desktop) Add descriptions in posts for GIFs and captions in videos. Use CamelCase in hashtags by capitalising 1st letter of each word e.g. #GlobalGoalsSchools
  21. 21. 1. Good or bad tweet?
  22. 22. 1. Good tweet Use your own campaign hashtag Use visuals (video, GIFs + photos) Speak emoji  CTA Piggyback + take advantage of relevant trending topics
  23. 23. 2. Good or bad tweet?
  24. 24. 2. Good tweet Use your own campaign hashtag Use visuals (video, GIFs + photos) Speak emoji  CTA Storytelling = great
  25. 25. Canva.com
  26. 26. 7. Evaluate Continue to review your digital identity Evaluate your social media activity (account, content, engagement, impact) Keep updated with platform + mobile app developments Monitor your privacy settings Keep updated with legal developments
  27. 27. Supporting ILS Our main hashtag: #GlobalGoalsSchools New hashtag to share why you participate in the project: #iamGlobalGoalsSchools Other relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience: • #TeachSDGs • #GlobalGoals • #SDGs And some goodies coming up… 
  28. 28. KlimmenVoorKakuma this June • Nine’s challenge is happening in June. The money Nine raises will benefit both Project Kakuma and Innovation Lab Schools. • Nine will get a tattoo if she raises 9K Euros before 22nd June! Who wants to see a tattoo?  • Please use this hashtag if you would like to promote: #KlimmenVoorKakuma • Profile header graphics and graphics for posts are available, if you would like to use them.
  29. 29. Global Goals Auction September Nine has also started collecting signed merchandise and memorabilia to raise even more money by doing an auction online. The auction will run during #GlobalGoalsWeek in September. The hashtag to promote the auction is: #GlobalGoalsAuction. After Klimmen Voor Kakuma, graphics will be available, so we can help Nine promote the auction.
  30. 30. ILS Ambassador Badges! Share your badge on social media and tell us why you are part of this project using #IAmGlobalGoalsSchools Thanks to Koen and Michael Dreznek for providing inspiration and feedback. 