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HRMT 5130
Talent Acquisition (P60)
Final Group Project
Submitted By:
Divleen Kaur (100425189)
Arshwinder Singh (10043015...
Table of Contents
Executive Summary........................................................................................
Executive Summary
Our company’s name is bake n’ take that is serving people since 2021. The main motive of
our company i...
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Final Group project.docx

  1. 1. 1 HRMT 5130 Talent Acquisition (P60) Final Group Project Submitted By: Divleen Kaur (100425189) Arshwinder Singh (100430156) Amandeep Kaur (100423974) Kiranjit Kaur (100423832) Submitted to: Monica Affleck 29 November 2022
  2. 2. 2 Table of Contents Executive Summary..............................................................................................................................3 Introduction...........................................................................................................................................4 Part 1......................................................................................................................................................5 About Us.............................................................................................................................................5 Mission, Vision, and Values ...............................................................................................................6 Corporate social responsibilities.........................................................................................................7 Employee Value Proposition (EVP) ...................................................................................................9 SWOT ANALYSIS - Bake n Take...................................................................................................11 Customer Target Market...................................................................................................................12 Business Plan for 1-year ...................................................................................................................13 Organizational Chart – Bake n Take.....................................................................................................14 Part 2....................................................................................................................................................15 Key issues faced by the organization:...............................................................................................15 Job description ..................................................................................................................................20 Competency Profile ..........................................................................................................................22 Core competencies............................................................................................................................23 Responding to customers' needs in an efficient and effective manner..............................................23 Employee reference check form .......................................................................................................37 Part 3....................................................................................................................................................38 Marketing Strategy for the role of Human Resource Manager.........................................................38 Advertisement #1..............................................................................................................................41 Promotion Plan..................................................................................................................................43 Part 4....................................................................................................................................................46 Recruitment Process..........................................................................................................................46 Design a selection/screening tool to evaluate candidates .................................................................50 Evaluation Plan for the validity of Recruitment process ..................................................................52 Conclusion ...........................................................................................................................................55 References............................................................................................................................................56
  3. 3. 3 Executive Summary Our company’s name is bake n’ take that is serving people since 2021. The main motive of our company is to satisfy the tastebuds of our clients by providing different kinds of cookies, muffins, donuts, breads, pastries, and many more. As every business these days encounter some issues our bakery also faces some problem. In this research we will discuss different issues that our bakery is facing. For bake n’ taste, we need to hire HR manager for which we will emphasize on the need analysis, marketing & promotion, as well as recruitment process.
  4. 4. 4 Introduction The main purpose of this report is to understand and analyse company’s perspective, which will cover the size, vision, mission, values and profile of the company. After analysing the issues of our company, we concluded that the position of HR manager is required. For this position, we will use different strategies for interviewing, marketing and promoting, and processing and evaluating. For this, we created competency profile and interview guides. To meet this position, our bakery uses different channels for job advertisement by providing some EVPs to attract the desired position. Our bakery was expecting 100 candidates for this position out of which we will hire the best candidate who will meet our competency requirements. For this, we will take interviews, use screening and selection methods and design the metrics to evaluate the validity of our hiring process.
  5. 5. 5 Part 1 About Us Size Our bakery is currently earning $12 million annually; we are expecting to grow over $25 million by 2030. We are a group of 50 employees now; we are planning to expand it and employing over 80 in the upcoming years. We are also focusing on expanding our business geographically, to meet the demands of the people across the lower mainland. Our Products Our objective is to satisfy the tastebud and cravings of customers of all ages and backgrounds. We produce different types of bakery items that include: Cake (cup, bar, brownies, muffins) Pastry (Pie, cream, roll, Danish) Bread (Bread roll, bread bun, pan bread, flat bread) Snacks (Donuts, cutlets, samosa, sandwiches, pizza, croissants) Sweets (dessert, carrot pudding, rice pudding, cookies) Coffee
  6. 6. 6 Mission, Vision, and Values Mission - To provide our customers with an amazing experience by providing them with the quality food and desserts that they desire. Our Bake n' Take bakery wishes to provide its customers with a lovely atmosphere that includes both comfort and opulence. Because our bakery represents joy, we aim to please our customers by providing the best service possible (Baton global, 2021). Vision - Our vision is to be the most successful, experienced, and capable at our jobs while remaining people-oriented. We hope to spread these vibes across the country in the coming years, spreading our wings of surprise to everyone with the best deserts and the most wonderful experience. (Global Baton, 2021) Our Values – I used the Baton Global article to help me create the values of our company, Bake N Take (Baton global, 2021). • We provide honest, timely communication and service to all customers, team members, and competitors. • By fostering a safe working environment, we protect the health and safety of all teammates and customers. • We are committed to giving employees opportunities to grow personally and professionally while providing exceptional products and a superior customer service experience. • We actively support our community by donating products and time to deserving organisations, communities, and families. We encourage teammates to take the initiative and make decisions that are centred on the customer. • We seek out new trends, products, services, and technologies with the potential to increase and maintain customer loyalty. • We strive to establish a cooperative spirit among individuals and departments in order to create a positive work environment, understanding that our success is dependent on our ability to perform as one successful team.  We always treat our customers with dignity and courtesy. • We provide the best desserts to our customers, including gluten-free options (Baton global, 2021).
  7. 7. 7 Corporate social responsibilities Bake n’ take’s main objective is to increase positive causes through business activities and lessen the power of negative consequences (The balance, 2022).  Environmental responsibilities and commitments Renewable energy –To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, our company relies mostly on energy from renewable sources or consumes less energy overall. To be more energy efficient, we upgraded all the machinery and equipment to new ones that consume less power. Recyclable packaging – Our goal is to encourage sustainable or reusable packaging while minimizing the use of plastic. We often use environmentally friendly packaging materials like corn-starch packaging for smaller products and corrugated packaging for bigger ones (Stobierski, 2021)  Philanthropic responsibilities 2% profit to charity- We occasionally contribute a tiny percentage of our earnings to non-profit organizations; however as our business has grown, we have decided to donate at least 2 % of the annual revenue to charitable foundations. Making the world and society a better place is our primary obligation; therefore we take steps to achieve this goal that has a significant impact on society as a whole. Supports health and educational initiatives – We have chosen to support health and educational institutions financially and in other ways as go forward while keeping the sustainable development goals in mind (Indeed, 2022).  Ethical responsibilities Workforce diversity- We value diversity at work, and by 2028, we hope to increase the number of employment available to women by 65%, including underrepresented groups. In addition, we have hired individuals from many different cultural backgrounds to uphold fair and equitable employment opportunities. Fair wages & benefits- Keeping our employees happy and motivated is our top concern; we pay them fairly, like paid time off, vacation, and health benefits. Our
  8. 8. 8 staff participates in training activities to enhance their skills and learn new skills in line with contemporary business trends. Code of ethics for workplace harassment and discrimination- We educate our employees about their rights and roles. As a result, employees can be aware of their rights and take appropriate actions if they feel discriminated against, harassed or any undesirable action (Indeed, 2022).  Responsibilities towards consumers Good quality products- Consumers are the driving force behind the market, so we strive to give them high-quality products that won’t affect their health, such as gluten- free products, as people’s awareness of their health increases. Customer service cell- Customers may contact our customer care department if they have any questions or complaints, and we also encourage their suggestions for improving our products. Services regarding products- Every four months, we conduct research and development to learn more about consumers’ preferences, tastes, and budgets. We always make sure that we never run out, which would be inconvenient for our consumers.
  9. 9. 9 Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Our Bake n Take bakery will provide benefits to employees based on the skills, qualities, and experience they bring to our company. “We care deeply about our worker’s success and are committed to helping them. Because of this, we are dedicated to making it your favourite place. By building a culture of flexibility, learning, and belonging, our leadership team encourages employees to grow as individuals and professionals. Join us and have fun at work.”
  10. 10. 10
  11. 11. 11 SWOT ANALYSIS - Bake n Take Strengths Weakness  Our bakery has an Experienced Gluten Dietitian to keep a check on the products.  Our Bakers have their graduation degrees from best Culinary Schools  The Owner himself has an MBA in Global Business (marketing)  They excel in finance, accounts, research marketing, and other such technical sites  Located at a great strategic location which has many footfalls.  Equipment is abundant that is not shared with other foods to keep the taste intact.  It is the only gluten-free bakery in that location.  The marketing team is professional and experienced.  Reservations are available for parties that have more than fifteen members.  Facility of coupons and gift cards.  Customised solutions if the consumer demand  Priced competitively  Separate menu for kids  Societal orientation  The staff does not have much experience in running a factory business.  Less experience in manufacturing items in bulk, taking orders and inventory management  Expense to completely clean equipment every night of contaminants  Gluten products tend not to stay fresh but only the wheat-based food items  Staff is young mostly students and many times are therefore unpredictable  Customers many times have confusion regarding wheat free as well as gluten-free products  Lease is very expensive  Lesser points of differentiation present in the main menu Opportunity Threats  Awareness regarding celiac disease is increasing every day  5 main publications are now promoting Gluten Free and healthy living  Recession due to covid-19  Bakeries in our location tend to start gluten-free baked products in the future.  Development of a gluten-free pill
  12. 12. 12  Consumers that are without celiac are also opting for Gluten Free diets being a regular part of their life  Restaurants have now gained the experience of gluten-free consumers  People are moving toward a healthy lifestyle that our bakery can provide  Baking products with rice flour also taste like the wheat flour, which can be a good alternative in future.  Baked goods are not seasonal therefore can be sold annually  Package products available for retail distribution such as Good Earth and Whole Foods  Partnership with social media influencers of the area and celebrity who are also a victim of celiac  Making aware the non-celiac market especially regarding the advantages of gluten-free eating  Research is promoting that people still tend to give up their meals in exchange for a fast dessert.  Location is family/community-oriented that means more orders of cakes, pastries and pies.  Support of local businesses is common in that area  Local activists may start to criticize the use of detergents to clean equipment Customer Target Market It includes everyone of all ages and gender since at some point of time everyone requires cakes and biscuits. Younger customers tend to order pastries and cakes from a bakery,
  13. 13. 13 whereas families mostly buy bread and snacks for various occasions. Higher-income households can be more beneficial. Therefore, the bakery is going to be suitable and in demand for all households, visitors, and residents. Even when someone belongs to the working class, or a business executive, a teacher, a worker or a student, everyone has a requirement for a bakery. Business Plan for 1-year Our business plan is to open more locations of our bakery in lower mainland and sell products which are both wheat-made and gluten-free so that we can capture both types of consumers in the market. We are looking forward to presenting customized food items as well such as sugar-free products or some customized flavours. The further plan is to hire a team with the core members as demonstrated in the organizational chart. The investment will be around $5 million. Various members will be assigned duties as per their department because we are going to manage our team in a line structure where the information will be communicated from the bottom while the instructions will be communicated from top to bottom. As per the seasonal change, a slight change can be observed in the menu. The location is chosen which has a huge number of footfalls already. The expenses will also be divided on half yearly basis. The cost of marketing, raw material, and rent expenses will be handled by the finance department. Licensing, Loan approvals and other legal documentation is the responsibility of assistant manager.
  14. 14. 14 Organizational Chart – Bake n Take General Manager Assisstant Manager Finance Director Accountant Cashier Front Office manager HR Manager HR Assisstant Food and Beverage Director Kitchen Manager Executive Chef Chef Lead Cake Chef Dessert Chef Other items Chef Bakery Manager Food runner Waiter Cashier Sales Manager Assisstant Sales Manager Logistics Manager Purchase Manager Maintenance Manager Security Manager Driver
  15. 15. 15 Part 2 Key issues faced by the organization: 1. Issue: The main issue that our bakery is facing is position for Hr manager to run the whole business effectively. Reason: the reason behind this could that food industry has number less of Hr managers as compared to other business. Maybe they have more opportunities in other areas or fields. Food industries mainly rely upon the chief. 2. Issue: Staff does not have enough knowledge of running a bakery. Sometimes employees cannot answer questions like what type of ingredients are used for the cakes and bread, and what creates a superior product? On the other hand, employees are not able to bake a product that satisfies the taste of our customers or bread, cakes are not properly baked. This ultimately put a negative impact on the customer and results in a decrease in sales (Hill, 2019). Reason: The major reason behind this problem is that most of the staff members who bake at the back ignore the measurement of ingredients. They find it time-consuming and think nobody is watching them. Another reason behind this would be lack of training. When an employee joins a company, good manufacturing policies, work performance standards, and expectations are taught to the new employee. They should be properly trained and should know what ingredients and in which quantity should be used no matter whether they are bakers or dealing with the customer. Every member who is a part of a company must know the standards of a bakery. 3. Issue: Less experience in manufacturing items in bulk and taking orders. Reason: Many people think there is no career in a bakery. So aged people work for a short time period that has more experience. Eventually, young people are left that have less experience in this industry and they find it difficult to produce goods in bulk. On the other hand, usually different customers come to bakeries that have different behaviour and personality. Hence, young employees find it difficult to deal with all kinds of customers. 4. Issue: Effective bakery marketing. Nobody is going to consume the products unless they are promoted, and marketing requires a tremendous amount of money.
  16. 16. 16 Reason: Before COVID, it was easy for the bakery industry to promote their products through small events or by sending free samples to their customers. But now, it is time to go digital. Advertisements of new products require a huge cost and competing with its rivals is difficult. The company must design an ordermentum that is linked to the ordering system. Whenever new products are launched, it notifies the customer. For the competition, bakery companies have to launch different seasonal products, like smiley cookies, Christmas cookies, and Halloween pastries. 5. Issue: Collecting and managing multiple orders at the same time Reason: As it is mentioned above that there is a lack of qualified team members, it is challenging to manage several orders at once because more orders require more speed and perfection. Our bakery takes orders via different methods like in-person, phone calls, uber, door dash, texts, and emails. If the baking does not have a fast speed or the product is not available at the store, then there would be a mismatch between the demand of customers and the supply of goods. For example, a customer placed a mobile order who requires a set of pastries immediately and our bakery is out of stock of pastries and the bakery has to ask the customer to buy another product or ask for more time until we get a delivery (Hans, 2022). Ultimately, it would dissatisfy the customer and we can lose our customer. 6. Issue: Sometimes team members do not adhere to strict hygiene practices which would lead to illness. Baking is a type of business that requires a more hygienic environment and is inspected and graded by the health authorities. If the bakery fails to acquire high grades, then it might be closed for a specific time period. Reason: Team members find it difficult and time-consuming task to follow the standards of the baking system. For example, an oven takes 92 minutes for cleanup or washing, and employees just ignore or skip the cleaning of machinery once or twice a week. Another example could be a change of gloves. Most people in Canada are allergic to peanut butter and it is the duty of employees to change their gloves after touching peanut butter or baking any product that includes peanuts. On the other hand, it is compulsory to use sanitize after the impact of COVID, and a bucket of sanitizer must be changed after 2 to 4 hours, however, these days employees are lazy to follow these instructions (Sanitizer Bucket Fact Sheet, n.d.). 7. Issue: Meeting the demand for gluten-free products
  17. 17. 17 Reason: Canadian, these days, prefer products that are natural and have fewer preservatives. To create tasty gluten-free products, bakers have to use new and expensive alternative grains and flour. Despite the higher cost of gluten-free products, people are willing to pay more for them, despite this, there is a need for a strong push to make these products more affordable for customers (Industry Overview: Bakeries in Canada, 2019). B. Workforce Plan Anticipating Future Needs  Strategic Planning The most crucial aspect of workforce planning in the bakery is to decide on the types of employees needed in the bakery. Even though most of the baking is done through chefs yet a tremendous amount of help is required on establishing the bakery business on a commercial level. Here is the list of employees that will be needed in the future: Employee Duty Work hours Requirement in numbers Counter Staff Reception for taking orders, attending phone calls, maintain grocery record, cashier, filling displays, managing customers, communicating with the basic staff 8-9 hours Two Bakers For baking multiple items: different types of breads, cakes, pies, puddings, biscuits, rusks, pizza bases etc. People who can work late nights also. 15 hours Three Kitchen Help One for each baker. Washing dishes, cleaning floors, cleaning and organizing shelves, help in baking, re-filling ingredient containers, (Decker, 2019) carrying raw material from the pantry to kitchen and taking baked stuff from kitchen to display area. 12 hours Three
  18. 18. 18 Skilled Workers Pastry chef, cookie chef, skilled and learned cake decorators specially at the time of festivals or bulk orders, (Decker, 2019) for making incredible drinks to serve along with other edible products as a specialty 4-5 hours Five Manager To manage the staff, allotting duties, making schedules for the workforce, checking pantry, making a record of raw material and sales, accounting, collecting and depositing cash at the end of the day, making salaries for each, communicating with the investors, resolving everyday issues with the premises, hiring and training staff, regular check on food quality and communicating with the customers. 8 hours One Marketing Manager To manage the various social media accounts of the business on media handles like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, you tube, google etc. 12-14 hours Two Content Creator For everyday content creation of the bakery in order to post online. Freelancers are the best option for this category of workers. 1-2 hour One Outside Help - Lawyer, Insurance Broker, Accountant To manage the legal responsibilities and paperwork of the business As per growth One each  Supply & Demand The workforce is required to be diverse in the global culture. (Cuni-Mertz, 2021) The purpose of demand analysis of the workforce for any business is to hire a workforce at a low financial expense since the business is in its starting phase. (Shifton, 2022) We are even looking forward to hiring freelancers as our content creators and unskilled workers in the labor force
  19. 19. 19 as our kitchen help. Canada is especially famous for its immigrant workers that will be suitable enough for these tasks. The basic task is already accomplished by making a list of the roles and workforce positions that are required for the business in the coming year. As the business will flourish the positions will be increased and more people will be hired for similar roles in order to serve the demand of the growing bakery business.  Gap The major gap is studying the management hours that are required for hiring and training staff. Training will be difficult in the first few months as it will be hiring even fresher workers for important roles and there can be potential mistakes at times.  Recommendations 1. The major recommendation is to hire through websites like LinkedIn and Indeed. 2. To curate progress reports that will demonstrate the improvement in the work efficiency of the employees with the help of parameters like regular feedback, consistency in attendance, more orders served, number of products baked in limited time periods etc. 3. To create a training plan for the different positions.
  20. 20. 20 Job description – A job description is a written statement of the key qualifications, responsibilities and abilities needed to perform a particular task. How successful is determined in a position will be covered in a thorough job description so it can be used in performance reviews (Betterteam, 2022). Position Human Resources Manager Department HR department Work location Bakery’s Office, Surrey separate from bakery Reports to Director of HR Position Summary Bake n’ Take is currently hiring a full-time, permanent Human Resources Manager who will be responsible for hiring process, succession planning, creating job description, and formulate policies and procedure and so on. If you have a positive outlook towards work and you possess all these skills, so this would be a great opportunity for you to develop your career and experience with us. Bake n’ Take is a newly established competitive bakery currently located in Surrey, BC. Our mission, vision and values are incorporate with our strategic initiatives. We value our employees by providing them flexible work environment, great benefits and an inclusive workplace. Duties and responsibilities  Align HR initiatives with overall business strategy - Create and put into action HR initiatives and programs that are in line with the overall business strategy, and measure the current performance with the standard after implementation of those plans.  Provide advice, counsel, and judgments on human resources – Being an HR, you should be responsible or able to give suggestions or provide feedback to the senior leadership and the bakery’s operation team.  Implement a hiring process - Create and implement recruitment strategies to attract more and more candidates, retain the high-performing employees and manage the hiring, interviewing, and selection procedures.
  21. 21. 21  Oversee succession planning; identify and cultivate top talent for critical positions.  Identify the new positions - Develop new roles in collaboration with top management; create a job description and compensation plans that rely on the company’s EVP.  Ensure a safe work environment- Examine and keep track of workplace policies and procedures to guarantee that workers are given a setting free from harassment and discrimination.  Develop career-enhancing programs – Being an HR you are not limited to the company’s growth and regular task; along with that, you would support and assist employees in their personal and professional development (Vulpen, 2022). Requirements (skills, experience and qualification) Must haves  Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources is required for this position.  Good communication skills both verbally and written  Problem solving skills  Strong Interpersonal skills  Organizational and leadership skills  Flexible and adaptable  Advance training in MS office and HRIS system.  Knowledge of employment laws and HR best practices Nice to haves  Training and development experience  Excel and proficient in technology  CPHR designation  Knowledge of payroll processing and benefit administration  Experience with labour relation  Experience as an HR manager Salary - $32 - $35 per hour (Glassdoor, 2022).
  22. 22. 22 Job type – Full time, permanent Benefits-  Competitive salary  Extended health benefits including dental and vision care  Discounted food  Benefit programs  Paid time-off  Commute benefit  Compensation and rewards (Pope, 2021) Competency Profile What are competencies? A competency is a set of abilities, skills, motivations, knowledge, or traits that enable an individual to perform a job successfully. How are they structured? Each competency comes with a proficiency scale that illustrates its full range of expression. Scales of proficiency will be divided into four levels. Even though lower-level behaviours are not repeated at higher levels, they still apply due to the cumulative nature of each skill scale. Level 1: Competency-based training or basic knowledge Level 2: An understanding of basic competencies is required Level 3: Competency at the intermediate level is required Level 4: Significantly advanced level of competency is required (Behavioural Competency Dictionary, 2010).
  23. 23. 23 Core competencies Customer Focus Responding to customers' needs in an efficient and effective manner Level 1 Recognizing the demands of customers Level 2 Acting in a professional manner Level 3 Making sure clients are informed Level 4 Delivering a personalised service List both internal and external clients. Pay attention to what consumers are saying and probe to learn about their requirements, preferences, and objectives. Predict the customer's future needs. Demonstrates professionalism, courtesy, and good humour when interacting with both internal and external clients. Establish cooperative and productive working connections with customers. When interacting with aggressive clients, maintains composure and empathy. Customers should be followed up with both during and after projects. Inform clients of decisions that may affect them. Make an effort to engage clients and seek their feedback. Based on consumer input, adjust services. To satisfy the needs, demands, and concerns of customers, offer timely, effective, and individualised support. Answer queries from consumers and lets them know about commitment deadlines or performance guarantees by providing complete, precise information. Respond directly, precisely, and promptly to any remarks, inquiries, worries, or complaints from customers. Determine and offer suitable answers and/or services.
  24. 24. 24 Whenever inappropriate consumer demands arise, set proper boundaries (Customer Focus, n.d.). Teamwork Collaborating with others to finish work or tasks at the workplace Level 1 Defining the team's composition and function Level 2 Building beneficial connections Level 3 Achieving team goals Level 4 Conflict resolution Depending on what is required to accomplish the aims and objectives of the team, act as a leader or a follower. Recognize the talents and limitations of the team members and use them to their advantage. Learn from other team members while mentoring others to develop new abilities. Create collaborative, successful working relationships with others. Provide encouraging, non-accusatory feedback and express disagreement with others' views and perspectives. Both good and negative feedback should be handled politely. To achieve team goals and objectives, effectively Work collaboratively with others to accomplish goals as a team. The team's objectives, norms, values, and traditions should be identified and adhered to. Choose behaviours and activities that will best benefit the team and the successful completion of job responsibilities. Create solutions based on group consensus by using a collective To resolve disagreements, bring people together. To reach a win-win outcome for all parties, handle issues maturely by practising "give and take." Obtain commitment from individuals or organisations to formal or informal agreements that achieve common goals and interests (Teamwork, n.d.).
  25. 25. 25 Help those with little experience or who are working a lot. Persuade others to voice their thoughts and opinions. communicate with every member of the group or team. approach to problem- solving. Functional Competencies Communication The ability to receive information, listen to others, understand their perspective, and respond effectively in interactions with others is included in the skill. In addition, it implies that this information is transformed into actions. Level 1 Listen and convey the information Level 2 communication is adapted to other Level 3 Delivers complex messages and adjusts communication with others Level 4 communicates effectively Communicate infor mation in a way that is appropriate for people or groups, keeping in mind the audience and the information's nature. Provide information in a clear, accurate, and concise manner. Use proper language, tone, and Meets the language, cultural background and understanding level of the target audience by adjusting content, style, tone, and medium. Communicates negotiates, and presents arguments taking into account the perspectives of others · Maintains the dignity of others by Modifies the message's style, tone, and medium to correspond to the language and understanding capabilities of the core audience. Considers other people's points of view when speaking, bargaining, or putting forth arguments. Clearly and confidently delivers written, spoken, and written communications. Uses communication strategically to accomplish predetermined goals Utilizes a variety of communication channels and platforms to encourage discussion, understanding, and agreement. Recognizes the underlying needs,
  26. 26. 26 other standard English rules. Effectively make eye contact, use body language, and make non-verbal expressions suited to the person's culture to make interpersonal contact with one or more people (Communication, n.d.). responding and discussing issues/questions understandably. Adapts communications based on anticipated reactions. Answers difficult questions that arise immediately When speaking to a wide range of people, complicated subjects are conveyed authentically and clearly. Convinces others to follow a course of action they are promoting through presentations and debate. interests, problems, and motivations of people. Recognizes and explains departmental rules and regulations to superiors, subordinates, and peers. Recognizes both accomplishments and the need for development (Human Resources). Interpersonal Skills Demonstrating the capacity to interact with people from different backgrounds in a meaningful manner Level 1 Demonstrating compassion and empathy Level 2 Demonstrating awareness of behaviour Level 3 keeping communication channels open Level 4 Acknowledging diversity Engage others' issues and show deep interest in them. Accurately recognise and interpret other people's Keep the lines of communication open with other people. Respectfully and cooperatively interact with others who have various abilities, genders, or
  27. 27. 27 Try to be understanding of other people's needs and emotions. Seek out opportunities to assist others. communications in a variety of formats Know when interpersonal relationships are at risk. Use acceptable reactions to demonstrate comprehension of other people's actions and intentions. Show adaptability to change based on the thoughts and needs of others. Encourage people to discuss their challenges and achievements. Develop a strong connection with others by earning their trust and respect. sexual orientations as well as those who are of different ethnicity, culture, or age. When interacting with others who hold different values, views, perspectives, cultures, or viewpoints, they show sensitivity, flexibility, and open-mindedness. Recognize the value of a setting that encourages and accepts a range of viewpoints and perspectives (Interpersonal skills, n.d.).
  28. 28. 28 Job-specific competencies Decision-Making and Problem Solving Creating, assessing, and putting into practice solutions to issues. Level 1 Makes decisions that are based on rules Level 2 Makes decisions in circumstances when it is possible to interpret the regulations Level 3 In the absence of rules, makes difficult decisions Level 4 Makes uncertain decisions that have significant repercussions uses simple procedures and criteria to make decisions that are based on options that had been pre-defined. If the criteria are unclear, consult with others or send the problem to them for resolution. Handles errors within predetermined limits by well-defined procedures and guidelines. Consciously chooses actions with minimal Follows policies and guidelines that provide the user with a wide range of options for interpretation. Considers multiple elements while making decisions, some of which are only loosely defined and require the absence of crucial details. Whenever necessary, involve the appropriate individuals in the decision-making process. Takes difficult actions for which there is no prescribed course of action. Helps to solve problems by extracting complex information from various sources. Makes complex decisions without following a predetermined process. Strikes a balance while making judgments between opposing priorities. Creates solutions to issues by weighing the risks and effects of various projects. Offers advice in uncertain and risky situations. When making decisions, adheres to principles, beliefs, and common sense. Makes decisions in a dynamic environment where the importance placed on any particular aspect is subject to sudden changes. Considers the individual variances among team members as well as the overall needs and goals of the team while making decisions.
  29. 29. 29 or no repercussions for mistakes. Examines if the judgement or resolution is accurate (Human Resources). Considers a wide range of connected elements for which there is conflicting and incomplete information. When making judgments, weighs opposing priorities. Assures team members who may be impacted by a decision are aware of every detail and explains the decision's justification. Leads teams to make decisions that demonstrate knowledge of organisational repercussions (Behavioural Competency Dictionary, 2010).
  30. 30. 30 Planning and Organizing To efficiently manage time and complete allocated tasks, work must be planned and prioritised. Level 1 Organizes duties and performs their own work Level 2 uses planning principles to accomplish work objectives Level 3 integrates and assesses strategies in order to meet company objectives. Level 4 strategies-level planning and coordination Determines the resources that are needed and makes the best use of them to achieve one's own job goals. Follows plans closely when completing jobs. Evaluates whether own work goals are being met or not. Organizes tasks into priority list according to their importance. Brings together the required resources and establish goals while organising work. Structures work using methods and concepts of project and time management. Puts emergency procedures into practice and makes strategies to deal with unforeseen problems. Modifies schedules, procedures, and allocation of resources as required. When an issue cannot be resolved within the scope of one's own Assures that efficient evaluation and monitoring processes have been established. Analyzes methods and outcomes and adjusts the strategy as needed. Establishes, discusses, and routinely reviews objectives. Builds strategic plans that are based on both long- and short-term objectives. Arranges tasks and allocate resources to produce results for the entire organisation. Makes sure that strategic plan resources are allocated in accordance with a future plan. Assures there are enough resources available to accomplish the goals (Behavioural Competency Dictionary, 2010).
  31. 31. 31 responsibilities, it is directed to the proper bodies.
  32. 32. 32 Interviewer Name: Date of Interview: Interview Start & End Times: Candidate Name: Position Title: Human Resource Manager Interview Guide – Part 1 (About Us) 1. Welcome to our company Bake n’ Take 2. Bake n' Take exists to satisfy the tastes and cravings of customers of all ages and walks of life. We produce a range of bakery goods, including donuts, coffee, cake, pastries, and bread. We aim to make our customers happy by offering the greatest service because our bakery represents happiness. By 2030, our bakery hopes to make more than $25 million annually, up from its current $12 million annual revenue. 3. The interview will last 15 minutes and will include questions about behavior and situations, as well as notetaking. Following that, the candidate will have the chance to ask questions. Part 2 – Personal Questions 1. Tell me about yourself and your experience in education and your job? 2. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? 3. What does the company gain by hiring you? 4. How do you cope with stress at the workplace? (Indeed, 2022). Note: Part 3 – Behavioral Questions 1. Describe a time when it was difficult for you to accept one of your employees' suggestions. a. How did you express your opposition to this or those ideas? b. How did the coworker react to the news? (Indeed, 2022). (Functional Competency – Communication)
  33. 33. 33 Score Good Answer -5 Average Answer - 3 Poor Answer - 1 Potential answer Responds to and discusses issues/questions in a way that is understandable to others while maintaining dignity. Manage to communicate, respond, and discuss well, but sometimes fail to make it clear. Fail to communicate well. Marks Scored Note: 2. Tell me about a time when you made a mistake that negatively impacted an employee. a. What was the reaction of the employee? c. How did you solve the problem? (Indeed, 2022). (Core Competency – Client Focus and problem solving) Score Good Answer -5 Average Answer - 3 Poor Answer - 1 Potential answer Attempts to comprehend issues from the employee’s point of view. Try to understand issues from the employee’s perspective. Fail to understand employees’ point of view. Marks Scored
  34. 34. 34 Note: Part 4 – Situational Questions 1. What would you do if one of your team members failed to meet your standards? a. What strategy will you use? b. Describe the steps you will take? (Indeed, 2022) (Competency- Problem Solving) Score Good Answer -5 Average Answer - 3 Poor Answer - 1 Potential answer Uses a variety of problem-solving strategies. Identifies potential explanations and alternatives, gathers the information needed to solve a problem, anticipates obstacles, and develops contingency plans. Use a range of problem-solving techniques. identifies possible explanations and solutions, gathers the data required to address an issue, foresees challenges, and creates backup plans, but occasionally fails to explain. Fail to develop a diverse set of problem-solving strategies. Identifies potential explanations and alternatives, gathers information needed to solve a problem, anticipates obstacles, and develops backup plans. Marks Scored Note: 2. Imagine when recruiting, planning and organizing became threatened to become out of control. a. What steps will you take to balance responsibilities and deadline. (Indeed, 2022). (Competency- Planning and Organizing)
  35. 35. 35 Score Good Answer -5 Average Answer - 3 Poor Answer - 1 Potential answer Able to set one's own path of action, uses tools, recognizes the importance of tasks, and allocates time properly to guarantee that they are all completed within the allotted time. Attempt to decide one's own course of action, using tools, appreciating the importance of tasks, and wisely allocating time to ensure that everything is completed within the time allotted, but occasionally fails. Failure to plan one's own course of action, including the use of tools, recognizing the importance of tasks, and allocating time wisely to ensure that all tasks are completed on time. Marks Scored Note: Part 5 – Experience Based Question 1. How did you handle leading a hiring team? (Indeed, 2022) a. Describe a real-life experience. (Competency – Leadership) Score Good Answer -5 Average Answer - 3 Poor Answer - 1 Potential answer Creates an environment in which team performance and productivity can be improved. Try to maintain an environment with better team performance and productivity. Fail to create an environment in which team performance and productivity can be improved. Marks Scored
  36. 36. 36 Note: Evaluation: Recommend for Hire: ____ Not a Match: _______ No Decision Yet : _____ Total Marks – 40 Marks Obtained – Comments - Interviewer Signature: Evaluation: Recommend for Hire: ____ Not a Match: _______ No Decision Yet : _____ Total Marks – 40 Marks Obtained – Comments - Interviewer Signature:
  37. 37. 37 Employee reference check form A checklist for reviewing references for a potential recruit is called an employee reference checklist. By checking the data submitted by candidate on application and during interviews, it helps in prescreening the candidates (Indeed, 2022). Name of an applicant: Person Contacted: Company: Position: Relationship to applicant: Rating (helps in making final decision) 1 point less than acceptable 2 points satisfactory 3 points more than acceptable The response does not demonstrate effective utilization of skills. The response somewhere clear and meets the expectations. The answer give the clear picture of skills and suggest that limited direction will be required to perform the job. What were the employment dates? From: To: 1. Did the candidate resign of their own accord were they fired? 2. Can you describe the responsibilities held and the tasks carried out in the position? 3. To what extent have they fulfilled the duties and responsibilities regarding the quality of the work? 4. What would you think of the applicant’s interpersonal abilities?
  38. 38. 38 5. In order to fulfill and manage multiple tasks, please outline the candidate’s flexibility and adaptability. 6. Have there been any issues with absence or tardiness? If yes, did you talk to the person about these problems or worries? 7. What qualities or attributes do you think the candidate has that is related to the position? 8. What would you think the candidates needs to improve upon? 9. Do you have any other information to share on the candidates’ work or job performance? (Blonquist, 2021). Part 3 Marketing Strategy for the role of Human Resource Manager The marketing strategy for the role of a human resource manager is based on the image and brand of our company. It is our priority that we will manage the company’s reputation to make an impact in our job advertisements. Nobody wants to work in a company that has lesser skills and is lesser socially responsible. To attract more candidates the need to promote the business as a brand is essential. For an instance, the point is to post advertisements for job openings at places that are frequently visited by the majority of people like social media websites. (Drakatos, 2022) Earlier newspapers have been an important tool to post job advertisements whereas now it has shifted more towards digital media. Facebook and Google have become one of the topmost websites for engagement with candidates. It is also important that the job interviews are feasible enough. The trend of taking interviews via zoom and other digital methods is on the grow. Employers curate a list of questions through which not only they try to have a behavioral assessment of the employees but also share the company values and culture at the time of the interview. (Alexander, 2022) The marketing strategy for hiring candidates as per the role of Human Resource manager is arranged with the help of the framework provided by the seven Ps of marketing. It covers multiple aspects to make a job posting not only look more attractive but also more prominent and affordable for the organization. Since we are running low on budget at the very beginning of the bakery set up the goal to extract the maximum outcome in the least number of financial resources used:
  39. 39. 39 7 Ps of Marketing:  Product In our Bakery business, the product is the job vacancies that we are selling to the nearby people. It consists of multiple positions and types of jobs. The main agenda is to hire at the position of chefs, managers, and kitchen help because they are going to perform the maximum number of odd jobs at the bakery. Plus the chef and the manager are the essential elements to run a bakery business. The purpose is to design the advertisement in a way that would suggest what problem the product solves for the people. (What are the 7 PS of Marketing? 2021) Here in our case, it is resolving the issue of employment.  Price With the changing times to have the best results, it takes financial investments to post any job advertisement online. We are looking forward to timely post the advertisement on Facebook and LinkedIn as they are some of the most used social media platforms for job search. To boost jobs on Facebook, the bakery page will be created for promotional purposes. Each position will be highlighted distinctively and posted to gain more candidates. The cost will be calculated on per day basis. For instance, the current budget for a week of posting is 140$ per week and 20$ per day. It would also take some expenses to arrange interviews for the candidates. The initial preference will be to take interviews through zoom sessions which would save money for the company as well as will be more convenient for the candidates as they do not have to visit the interview premises physically.  Promotion Jobs will be promoted with the help of flyers and posters also in the local area. Other promoting sessions include online events, digital advertisements via videos, mass messages, video shorts, digital posters, chats, social media groups, digital ads, and live streams. Another initiative will be taken through social media influencers in the local area because the people are linked to them and trust them. By promoting our jobs with the help of social media influencers it is expected that we have more candidates.
  40. 40. 40  Place The dynamics of the place are studied before posting any job to engage candidates. In this segment, the purpose is to study the requirements of the place and demonstrate the company is socially responsible and sustainable. In addition to it, the company will be depicted as an organization that follows all the suitable measures to save the environment and follow the world health organization standards. Required candidates who want to serve in socially responsible organizations will be attracted to such initiatives. Moreover, the purpose is to hire candidates from the same area while studying the demographics to understand which social groups are more prominent in the area. As we are planning to sell bakery items, cake decorators and kitchen help can be from any background but chefs are required to have a global understanding of the flavors of taste of cakes and other food items.  People The more dense the area, the more will be the candidates. So, whoever will be the candidates the purpose is to post the ads in areas that have larger populations. A study of the population is also required in marketing to provide an appropriate face to the ads and promotions designs of the job. The referral job posting is also increasing in many small- scale organizations these days. According to this plan, the requirement is to provide incentives to employees who bring more employees into the organization at a time of need. It will encourage the employees and even selected candidates to assimilate into the recruiting process by bringing loyal and efficient potential staff members.  Process The process starts with designing pamphlets and posters for the company. As soon as the digital posters are finalized along with the appropriate text as requirements and expectations from the candidates, the designs will be posted on social media. After that, the place, time, and mode of the interview will be decided to shortlist the candidates and appoint them to required positions.  Physical Evidence The physical evidence is based on feedback from previous employees. Since it is a newly established business the physical evidence will be in the form of multiple training certificates that the human resource management has acquired during its learning. In
  41. 41. 41 addition to it, the basic standards are also mentioned by the company owners as core principles of the organization. Advertisement #1 About Us: Bake n Take's mission is to satisfy the appetites and taste buds of customers of all socioeconomic backgrounds. We produce a wide range of bakery products, including: Snacks, bread, and pastries Coffee Desserts. Vision: We hope to spread these vibes across the country in the coming years, spreading our wings of wonder to everyone with the best deserts and the most wonderful experience. Values: We treat each client, team member, and competitor with respect while providing honest, timely communication and service. Location: 180 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC, Canada V6B 4P4 Position: Bake n Take is seeking to recruit a dynamic, results-oriented HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER to join its management team.
  42. 42. 42 Requirements: The successful candidate will be in charge of providing advice and direction in the administration of all human resource policies, programs, and procedures, as well as ensuring a harmonious industrial relations climate. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in human resource management, including employee relations, selection and recruitment, staff training, and employee performance management and evaluation. Must Have’s:  A Master’s degree in management, human resource management or the social sciences  At least 3 years experience in a similar position  A valid Police Certificate of Character  Excellent leadership ability and interpersonal skills Should Have’s:  Formal training and competence in industrial relations  Proven problem-solving and change management capabilities.  Good negotiations skills Duties: 1. Make hiring strategies for both front- and back-of-the-house staff. Through print and online job advertisements, advertise open opportunities. 2. Candidates are scrutinised, appraised, and put through interviews. 3. Contracts for employment and job offers should be prepared. 4. Calculating payroll should take into account overtime, holidays, and evening shifts. 5. Create alluring salary and benefit plans to encourage employee retention. 6. Maintain correct payment records while managing payroll. 7. Control staff attendance and timetables, including paid time off, overtime, and breaks. 8. Create a plan for all employees' job-related training and orientation.
  43. 43. 43 9. Keep track of important hiring metrics like turnover rates and place of hire. 10. Ensure that all health and safety guidelines for the hospitality industry are followed by the staff at our bakery. Compensations and Benefits :  Paid Training  Schedule Flexibility  Potential Salary plus commission  Medical Insurance Apply below and we'll meet for an interview Apply at: www.bakentake.com Or Contact: 778-596-0320 Deadline: November 30, 2022 Promotion Plan A promotion strategy is an utmost necessity for every business since no one will be aware of the company unless the company offer something via marketing. A strong promotional strategy can help a business to expand, and companies use different methods for different marketing purposes. In a competitive job market, candidates are the ones who select jobs, not recruiters because they have more job opportunities to choose from. Hence, it is important to ensure that marketing and recruitment efforts work together to gain their trust and motivate them to choose your organization over your rivals (Neelie, 2019). Platform #1 YouTube and Facebook Type of advertisement: Video Description of Ad: A nearabout 1-minute video that will make a candidate feel special before they watch the job ad!! We will start our video with the position required and requirements of a candidate. After
  44. 44. 44 that, we will give a flashback of the employee value proposition which means stating everything we will offer to a candidate, including development, salary, unique perks and other benefits. Job advertisement requires time and resources because whosoever is involved in the process needs to know their tasks and responsibilities. For example, how long they need to complete it and when they are due. 1. Research and preparation: To determine the target candidate, the goal of the advertisement, and develop a message, it will take 1-2 weeks because we have to conduct meetings with stakeholders and aware all the parties. 2. Creation and editing: The next step is to bring the creative team on board once we have determined our goal. Creative directors and designers will work on concepts and visual assets; however, copywriters will work on writing copy for landing pages, emails, and other communications. This process may take up to 2-3 weeks. 3. Distribution: After that, it’s time to launch. Schedule blogs and social media and update our website page. This procedure will take 1 week. 4. Analysis: In order to get benefits in the future, we need to analyze the results and report it (Beltis, 2022).
  45. 45. 45 Timelines Procedure Due Date Outlining and researching November 1 Description of the project sent to all stakeholders November 6 Group meeting with all stakeholders November 9 Designing by a creative team November 15 Complete the video November 24 Copy of all Ads November 27 Draft sent to decision-makers November 28 Feedback on creation November 30 Editing December 3 Launch YouTube Ad December 8 Launch Facebook Ad December 15 YouTube and Facebook Ads ends December 30 Analyze the result January 1 (Beltis, 2022) Budget Our budget can be organized in the following way: Platform #2: Indeed We will use the website “indeed” to post the ad for recruiting an HR Manager post for our bakery because 200 million job seekers visit this site monthly from over 60 countries (Ansari, 2022). Expense Vendor Cost of expense YouTube Ads YouTube $15,000 Facebook Ads Facebook $25,000 Image designing XYZ design $1,200 Video shooting and editing XYZ production $5,000 (Beltis, 2022) Total $ 46,200
  46. 46. 46 Cost for this advertisement will be zero as all we need to do is to create an employer account by utilizing our company email and job information. It will take 5 minutes to upload the ad on indeed (indeed for employers, 2022). Our job post will stay active for 30 days. If we will not get a perfect candidate for this position then this post will go unfilled for next few months (Indeed Editorial Team, 2021). Part 4 Recruitment Process The steps involved in attracting and choosing a new hire to fill a vacant position within a company are known as the recruitment process. Managers, Human Resources Management, and recruiters are responsible for this task. A company can find qualified candidates efficiently and quickly with an effective recruitment process. Constant evaluation and intentional planning are required for the process to succeed (Perucci, 2019). The recruitment process of our bakery will entail all the procedures from the job description to the offer letter, including the initial application, screening, face-to-face interviews, evaluations, background checks, and all other factors that are important to make the appropriate hiring (Resources for Employers, 2022). Here are the different stages of the recruitment process of our bakery: 1. Planning - identifying the vacancy and its requirements: The first step of recruitment is to identify the vacant position within an organization. Maybe it seems easy to identify the hiring need, but it is an arduous task to create a new position or change the responsibilities of a role. In our bakery, the newly formed position is the HR manager. We have established the role and duties of the HR manager, for example, the candidate should have experience in employee relations, recruitment and selection, staff training, and employee performance management. We are expecting the resume of approximately 100 candidates for this position (Talos, 2021). 2. Analysis – Whom are we looking for? This step includes the skills, level of experience, and education that we are seeking for the position of HR. The candidate must have a master’s degree in Human resources management, at least 3 to 4 years of experience in the same position, as well as they,
  47. 47. 47 have strong knowledge of developing and implementing HR practices. It is good if the candidate has the capability of problem-solving, and good negotiation skills. All these qualities will help to pick up the top roles and will save valuable time. 3. Searching – Candidate attraction To notify the position of the HR Manager, we advertise the job position via social media. Our bakery uses different channels for ads like indeed, YouTube and Facebook videos for the promotion that includes a concise description of the position, roles and responsibilities of the HR manager, and Employee Value Proposition to attract the top candidates. For example, health coverage, commute benefits, parental leave, compensation and rewards, and perks (free donuts during a break, 35% discount on merchandise, and coverage of mobile bills). 4. Screening – choose which candidate to engage For the recruitment or hiring platform, we will use an applicant tracking system through which we can easily track, review, and manage applicants in an efficient and friendly manner. ATS will store the data of applicants securely in one place, and screen and rank the candidates. It will give visibility over applicant data, including survey results, CVs, interview performance, and professional experience (Talos 360, 2021). For example, we are expecting the applications of almost 100 candidates for this position. We will select the top 20 qualified applications that match the requirements of this position and will eliminate the candidates who do not match the minimum requirements. To narrow down the selection process, we will conduct a phone screening of selected candidates before scheduling an in-person interview (Perucci, 2019). 5. Engagement – Interviewing, assessing, and connecting After informing the top candidates via automated SMS/email, the next step is the engagement stage. First, the interview would be between applicants and the hiring manager where the main focus will be on the experience, work, skills and availability. Next, there will be engagement between the candidate and multiple hiring team interviewers, and they will focus on the same topic, which is known as reliability. The final interview will be with our bakery’s senior leadership, and a very small pool of candidates will be left here (Smart Recruiters, n.d.). The questions that we will include in our interview are:
  48. 48. 48 Behavioural Questions: 1. Describe a time when it was difficult for you to accept one of your employees' suggestions. a. How did you express your opposition to this or those ideas? b. How did the coworker react to the news? (Indeed, 2022). (Functional Competency – Communication) 2. Tell me about a time when you made a mistake that negatively impacted an employee. a. What was the reaction of the employee? a. How did you solve the problem? (Indeed, 2022). (Core Competency – Client Focus and problem-solving) Situational Questions: 1. What would you do if you were asked to do something you had never done before? a. What strategy will you use? b. Describe the steps you take to learn a new skill (Indeed, 2022) (Competency- Problem Solving) 2. How do you manage multiple tasks during a shift? a. Describe the strategies you use to manage your time well. b. Give an example of a time when you had to juggle multiple baking projects to demonstrate your time management skills (Indeed, 2022). (Competency- Planning and Organizing) Experience-Based Questions: What is the most valuable thing that you learned from your previous job? How will you implement that skill here? a. Do you think it will be helpful for our company? b. I would like to hear more (Competency- strategic thinking, continuous process of improvement) 6. Selection – Make a hiring decision After conducting interviews, we will tell the candidates that they will be informed after one week through email. We will compare the performance of each candidate
  49. 49. 49 and score whether they are meeting the required competencies or not. We will score them according to their answer and then assess which skill and trait are most desirable for the role of HR Manager. To eliminate unconscious bias, we will use multiple hiring managers and candidate scorecards and will eventually discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. Out of the top 30 candidates, we will select one right candidate that will match the position with the right skills (Talos, 2021). 7. Onboarding- Welcoming a new HR manager to the team After hiring a new HR manager, we will professionally welcome them to our bakery. We will introduce the HR manager to their roles and responsibilities, business environment, and colleagues. We will provide them with a positive environment on their first day and train them for their role and position.
  50. 50. 50 Design a selection/screening tool to evaluate candidates Selection is the process of selecting individuals from a pool of job applicants who possess the necessary qualification and abilities to fill positions with an organization. This is an HR process that uses various techniques to distinguish between qualified and unqualified applicants (SpriggHR, 2020). Employee selection methods- The criteria for selecting the best applicant for a given employment post are known as the employee selection method. They entail evaluating a candidate’s skills, training experiences, and personality to see if they can handle crucial responsibilities and fit with the organization’s culture. The various types of employee selection techniques include a background checks, interviews, and tests or examinations. They are frequently used by hiring teams to shortlist the best applicants from a longer list and assess their approaches to various work scenarios (Indeed, 2022). Screening Interview – The purpose of a screening interview is to ascertain the suitability of the candidate for the job. During the interview, the employer will assess the candidate’s qualifications to see if they are appropriate for the position or meet the employment requirements (Doyle, 2022). Group Interview Method: A hiring manager can use this method to interview multiple candidates at the same time or assign them a quick project to work on together. This method may be preferred over individual interviews if the position is in a high-energy industry, such as food service, because it can speed up the process (Indeed, 2022). Cognitive strength test- Cognitive ability test evaluate the skills involved in thinking (e.g. reasoning, perception, memory, and problem solving). Such exams ask candidates a series of questions to gauge their capacity for using their minds to resolve problems at work or learn new skills (OPM. GOV, n.d.) In-person interview – The hiring manager frequently schedule formal interviews with each applicant after reducing the pool of candidates to three or four standouts. While some hiring
  51. 51. 51 managers prefer to ask questions in reaction to information shared by candidates, others prefer to conduct organized interviews with predetermined questions and evaluation criteria. Job knowledge evaluation- An evaluation of a person’s understanding of numerous facets of a particular work done through a job knowledge test (Workplace Testing, 2018). Background checks- An employer will frequently utilize a background check to evaluate a job applicant. It investigates data pertaining to employment, criminal record, and education (Gracia, 2022). Multiple Cut-Off model According to multiple Cut-Off model, a candidate for a job must achieve a minimum score on each of numerous selection instruments such as tests and interviews (peopleHum, 2022). We will apply the multiple cut off model to make our decision regarding hiring an HR for our bakery- Minimum scores Resume sorting process – 10; we will be looking for keywords on the resume with each keyword an applicant receive 2 points. Screening interview- 9; we will ask candidate questions about experience, qualification, to test whether these are suitable as per job description or not. On every question candidate will get 1 point. Cognitive strength test- 40; in this test the candidate will get 4 points on each correct answer. In-person interview – 21; the whole in-person interview process will be depended upon interview guide; we have set some expectation with related to each question. If the candidates answer is as per our interview guide the candidate will receive more likely 3 points on every correct answer. Job knowledge evaluation- 15; this includes questions related to job tasks on each correct answer a candidate will get 3 points. Background checks - 10
  52. 52. 52 Applicants Resume sorting process Screening interview Cognitive strength test In-person interview Job knowledge evaluation Background Checks A 4 7 28 15 9 4 B 8 5 20 12 6 8 C 6 6 32 21 6 6 D 10 9 38 18 12 6 E 12 11 48 24 18 12 F 12 8 36 21 12 8 According to the scores indicated in a table, we will hire the candidate E, they exceeds or reached at the minimum cut-off level in every tests and interviews. Evaluation Plan for the validity of Recruitment process The recruitment process will be an essential part of the business, especially at the extreme start. It is evident that 20-25 employees are required at the beginning of the bakery. The evaluation plan will be based on calculating the required efficiency of the employees according to their work at different positions. Here are some of the evaluation metrics that will be used in the hiring process:  Cost per hire It is defined as the ratio of total hiring costs to total hiring. It is essential to keep a check on the administration cost, the cost of the overall training and the resources used in that hiring. Higher cost per hire indicates that the sourcing channel of hiring is required to be improved.  Candidate experience Is essential to evaluate the candidate’s experience because the bakery business is showbiz. One can not run a bakery with immature employees, especially at the time- making cakes and other dishes. The purpose is to filter candidates that have at least the experience of two to three years in the baking business. It is also suggested that one should check the candidate experience in comparison of the old candidates to that of the new ones. It will be helpful to further improve the training process.  Recruitment Funnel Effectiveness
  53. 53. 53 The recruitment process is a funnel via which reliable personnel are eventually engaged and then appointed to the precise position for which they will be fit. It covers the entire journey from posting the job to the get the employees to sign the contract. (Vulpen, 2022) It is calculated at each step of the hiring process to check how many credible results one can extract from an interview.  Sourcing Channel Cost The sourcing channel cost is the cost that is invested in the various channels where the job is posted as open. Here the sourcing channels will be (Vulpen, 2022) o YouTube o Facebook o Indeed o Local social media pages  Time to make a hire The time to hire can be defined as the period from when an applicant applies or is contacted and when the candidate accepts the position. In other words, it keeps track of how long it takes an applicant to advance in the recruiting procedure after applying. Time to hire, then, offers a trustworthy measurement of how well the recruitment team is doing (Vulpen, 2022).  Hiring quality The quality of hire, which is typically based on someone's performance rating, is a good indicator of a candidate's first-year performance. Candidates with high-performance ratings indicate successful hiring, whereas those with low-performance ratings indicate unsuccessful hiring (Vulpen, 2022).  The effectiveness of the sourcing avenues You can assess the efficiency of your recruitment channels by keeping tabs on the number of applications they are producing and their conversions. By comparing the number of
  54. 54. 54 applications with the percentage of job posting impressions, you can easily evaluate the effectiveness of different channels (Vulpen, 2022).
  55. 55. 55 Conclusion After identifying the vacant position of HR Manager, we used different strategies for the whole recruitment process, which includes the job description, competencies, job advertisements, interviews, and selection/screening tools. When the candidate meets the required competencies, we hired a perfect HR manager that will help our business to grow well in the market. For this, our bakery welcomed them and provided training on their first day.
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