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Your Book is Your Business Card

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Your Book is Your Business Card

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Your Book is Your Business Card

  1. 1. Available through Natural Plantation Inc., Chapters Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more Think of Polished Publishing Group (PPG) as a skilled project manager for authors. We assist both individuals and businesses in producing truly professional grade books by guiding you through the entire process from conception to publication. We can help you produce audiobooks, ebooks, paperbacks, and hardcover versions of your titles plus provide online distribution opportunities throughout the world. Advertising, sales, marketing, and publicity services are also available through our various partners. Get your author-signed copy from http://www.teambernard.com/book.htm Also available through Chapters Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more Your Book is Your Business Card Whether you want to sell your book worldwide or offer it exclusively to clients, whether it be a self-help guide, annual report, business history book, or a "coffee table" marketing book, whether you want a paperback, hardcover, ebook, or audiobook produced for your company, we can help. publisher@polishedpublishinggroup.com USA 1-323-902-6036 | CANADA 1-403-880-3969 Available through Rogers Group Financial, Chapters Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more “It was clear to everyone working on Strathmore’s History Book that, next to getting the right author, acquiring a publisher who had the expertise, experience and right attitude was paramount if this was to be a successful project. PPG was all of this … and more. From day one, it was clear that they were fully committed to our ideas and were prepared to do everything they could to make the dream a reality. Our heartfelt thanks for a job well done.” ~October 2012, Councillor Bob Sobol, Strathmore Town Council, Strathmore, Alberta Both paperback and limited edition hard cover editions are available though the Town of Strathmore. Available exclusively through Popowich Karmali Advisory Group of CIBC Wood Gundy (Calgary)