Week 4 Action Plan

[object Object],  Within a school district , it requires several key technology personnel to incorporate technology in an educational setting.  <br />Executive Director The Executive Director for  Technology and Information Management      Services oversees and manages the operation of the Technology Department which includes Instructional Technology, Network Support Services, Technical Support Services, Telecommunications and Operations, PEIMS, Records Retention and Information Management Systems. (Birdville Independent School District, 2010)Information Management Systems The Information Management Services group is responsible for all information systems, including Skyward and PeopleSoft (Birdville Independent School District, 2010)Instructional Technology Facilitating engaged teaching and learning every day, preparing our students for a future of infinite possibilities. (Birdville Independent School District, 2010)Network / Server Support Network Support is responsible for the installation, maintenance and upkeep of the district's network and server systems, including routers and switches.  (Birdville Independent School District, 2010)PEIMS/Records  The PEIMS supervisor and assistant provide coordination, support and training to each campus and all central office staff requiring access to student record information such as grades, transcripts, attendance, discipline, scheduling and enrollment/withdrawals. it is also responsible for coordinating the coding for state (PEIMS) reporting and assisting with federal (CRDC) reporting with various departments such as Special Education, Bilingual/ESL, Gifted/Talented, Career and Technology, Title I and all campuses. Student Records serves the district by tracking all student records from enrollment through graduation, as well as the disposal of those records that are not retained. The staff is also responsible for document archiving functions as well as performing searches and retrievals as requested by departments, schools and the public.  (Birdville Independent School District, 2010)Campus Technicians Campus technicians are responsible for most all technology in the schools. (Birdville Independent School District, 2010)Campus Principal As the Instructional Leader, Campus Leader will oversee all Technology Applications on their campus.  The campus principal is responsible for their campus technology budget as well as providing professional development to enhance technology application on his/her campus.  The principal is also responsible for reviewing the AEIS to ensure the Campus Improvement Plan is aligned properly with campus technology goals.  Campus Technology Teacher  Designs engaging lessons in the core curricular subjects, that focus on the use of technology. (Birdville Independent School District, 2010)Classroom Teacher Implements technology into the design of their lessons.  A classroom teacher also aligns the core subject TEKS with Technology TEKS.  A classroom teacher is responsible for modeling technology within the classroom.Students utilizes technology provided by the campus  And actively engage in technology application in order to enhance curriculum delivery.  (Birdville Independent School District, 2010)Role of Campus Principal:As the Instructional Leader, the principal must lead their staff in the use of integrating technology into the designs of their lessons.  He/she must  be committed to  providing the best possible support to assist with campus technology needs as well as align with state technology accountability. An Instructional Leaders role is to take a well executed approach to continual improvement towards technology that engages faculty, staff and students as full participants in learning and as contributors to improvement towards technology.  He or she should use data results to implement changes and improvements in technology for their campus.  The Instructional Leader will also provide support to teachers through  Professional Learning classes on technology and Web 2.0 tools. The district I teach in is very technology focused and upholds their technology mission of  striving to enhance all learning by providing outstanding Technology services to all stakeholders involved. <br />Organizational Chart<br /> <br />Action/StepStep 1:The staff will read the district AEIS report accessed through our district website.http://www.birdvilleschools.net/accountability/ResponsiblePrincipal and all teachers on staffStart/EndBeginning of the yearStaff Meeting3:15-4:00Role/ EvaluationTeachers will get a better understanding of how to read and utilize our campus data. Teachers will gain an understanding of how the campus and district rating is broken down by demographics.  By doing this, teacher's will have an understanding of subgroups, and the difference one subgroup can make in your campus's rating. Evaluation:The strategy is that teachers will gain knowledge on the importance of data particularly AEIS Data.  I as the administrator, should see evidence in teacher's lesson plans as well as district Benchmark Assessments, that teachers are taking the initiative to read the AEIS data on their own, and implementing the necessary changes within their classroom to address the areas of concern.Step 2:Introduce STaR  Agenda:Power PointPrsentation  Principal and all teachers on staffProfessional Development DayThrough a power point presentation, I will introduce STaR to my teachers.  I will give them a background knowledge of what STaR is and their accountability in utilizing technology within their classrooms.Evaluation:As the Instructional Leader, I will require teachers to attend Technology Professional Development of their choice to help them utilize Technology within their classroom. I will evaluate this by seeing technology lessons implemented into their weekly lesson plans.  I will also be able to observe the use of technology in  my classroom walk through as well as PDAS.Step 3:Review how to use online based program,  EduphoriaPrincipal David Holland (Testing and Accountability)3-5 TeachersProfessional Learning Committees grades 3-5Many teachers on campus do not know how to access and utilize our online Data System,  Eduphoria,  to track student scores and assessment data like subgroup testing results and student weakness in specific TAKS objectives tested.Evaluation:At each grade level meeting, the teachers will meet with both the principal and David Holland from Central Administration to report what subgroups and objectives the students are showing weakness in according to Eduphoria. Teachers will report their plan of action to help  the students recover and show growth  in this area before the middle of the year Benchmark tests.Step 4:Access my campus's  current STaR Chart Rating and compile a list of available technology professional development trainings offered by the district and Region 11PrincipalSend out in an email Teachers will be reminded Via email the accountability of technology use in their classrooms. I will make available our campus current STaR rating and require teachers choose at least one professional development training that will align with the objective on our Campus Improvement Plan.Evaluation:This is in effort to increase our STaR scores as well as make a conscious effort to work towards the goals in our Campus Improvement Plan. As the Instructional Leader of my campus,  I will track my campus STaR scores to determine if the required Professional Development was effective.<br />Week 4 Assignment, Part 2: Professional Development Planning.<br />TimelineTechnology Needs/StrategiesProfessional Development/ImplementationResponsible Staff MembersAugust Beginning of Year Day 1Needs Assessment- Data Collection –AnalysisSurvey- all staff members will participate in a needs assessment survey created by the principal on polleverywhere.com  Teachers will provide answers to questions according to their experience with technology.STaR Chart- all staff members will participate in participation in surveys and analyzing needs from the polleverywhere.com and STaR Chart.The campus Principal, Assistant Principal, and all staff members will analyze technology surveyPrincipalAssistant PrincipalTechnology SpecialistAll remaining staff membersAugust Beginning of Year Day 2Technology Goals and  Objectives to achieve quality student performanceStaff Members will complete analyzing data and create by grade level goals and objectives for student and teacher needs.  Staff members will also choose area of technology professional development PrincipalAssistant PrincipalTechnology SpecialistAll remaining staff membersSeptemberWeek 1 Grades Prek-2ndWeek 2 Grades 3-5Area of Needs and ImprovementTeaching and LearningGroup PlanningThe technologist Specialist along with teachers will use first six weeks curriculum guides to collaborate and design lessons by grade level integrating technology in the content areas using the following: GlogsterWordle Wall Wisher You Tube Teacher Tube BloggerInstructional Leader-Technology Specialist Staff MembersOctober Day 1 Individual/Self directed trainingInstruction Training -21st Century SkillsWeb 2.0 Training Direct Instruction training provided by District to utilize Ipads and slate boards/white boards to create and utilize lessons-  District Technologist SpecialistAll teachersOctober Day 2Individual/Self directed trainingAs determined by surveys teacher requested more time to search on web sites and time to plan for implementation of technology lessonsTeachers<br />
Week 4 Action Plan
Week 4 Action Plan
Week 4 Action Plan
Week 4 Action Plan
Week 4 Action Plan

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Week 4 Action Plan

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