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Kijamii - Mobinil - Case Study Presentation

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Our YT gadget aimed to position Mobinil’s YouTube as a hub to all its Social media assets.

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Kijamii - Mobinil - Case Study Presentation

  1. 1. e w T w Y
  2. 2. Mobinil Mobinil is a subsidiary of the French Telecom Giant, Orange Telecom. We partner with Mobinil on their YouTube content creation and optimization, and YouTube gadget development. We are currently in the process of creating their first YouTube dedicated content in cooperation with our vast network of content creators and production houses. In 2014, we were the first ones to introduce YouTube Gadget development in the Middle East. mobinil
  3. 3. Mobinil Our YT gadget aimed to position Mobinil's YouTube as a 'i hub to all its Social media . _V M assets. „ 5* '7 'E Throughout the gadget, the _ : "m" user navigates videos using a Šl „ f* character in an engaging , í manner. * 4 ~ Below are both the twitter and Mobinil feeds, as well as links to aII its social media assets. The Gadget was Iaunched during Ramadan.
  4. 4. a Mobinil ( Fēamadan) <›> 'V¡2e, Ws668,O1Ll : 'i i qkqboo r» 80349 views Per Day
  5. 5. W! THANK YOU we hope to near from you soon l^ n / kijamii t okijamiiMedio wwwkijamilcom