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Criminal Record Management

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Criminal Record Management

  1. 1. KNIGHT ALFA CRIMINAL RECORDS A Criminal Records Management System Submitted by- Khokan Sardar (17100110011) Anand Kumar(17100110031) Koushik Deb(17100110005) Gautam Raj(17100110007) Rahul Kumar Mishra(17100110010)
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Now a days in every organization the major problem is to maintain a database & files manually. In manual record management it takes too much time to find & update any data. This Online Criminal Record Management website is being developed keeping in mind the above problem we developed this web based project ‘Knight Alfa Criminal Records’ which is having a completely Online and a User- Friendly Interface i.e. it will be accessible from any part of earth which is connected to Internet, by Authentic Persons only.
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT  The main aim of this project is to secure and make privacy on crime related data over manually data storage. This website base project is made for providing the information and awareness about crimes.  This project is secured by Administrative Members in the various activities such as record updating, maintenance and searching.  The searching of records has been made simple.  Details are also automatically updated in the master file.  Only authorized user can retrieve the necessary information.
  4. 4. MODULES OF THE PROJECT  Administrators Module Protected by KACD ID, user ID and password. Focuses on the maintenance like Master Data Maintenance, Removal of old and outdated data from the database.  Network module Each of the station or Network must first register by Admin of KACD.  Crime module Used for entering all details about the crime and criminal. Contains the date, crime type, description, punishment, jail name, cell no and criminal details..  Search module Search the crime in station wise, type of crime, Blood gr. ,criminal name etc.
  5. 5. TECHNOLOGY USED  Front End : ASP.NET  Programming Language : C#  Database Used : Microsoft SQL Server  IDE : Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  7. 7. Home Page
  8. 8. Most Wanted
  9. 9. Criminal Gallery
  10. 10. Cyber Crime
  11. 11. Public Interface (Feedback)
  12. 12. KACD Networks
  13. 13. Contact Us
  14. 14. KACD Registration
  15. 15. Administrative Identity
  16. 16. Administrative Login
  17. 17. Forgot Password
  18. 18. Admin Home
  19. 19. Admin Add KACD Network
  20. 20. Jail Super Home
  21. 21. Jail Super Register Criminal
  22. 22. Police officer Home
  23. 23. Judge Home
  24. 24. CBI Officer Home
  25. 25. Search Module
  26. 26. Logout Page
  27. 27. OVERVIEW OF THE DATABASE  Account Database
  28. 28. OVERVIEW OF THE DATABASE  Criminal Database
  29. 29. OVERVIEW OF THE DATABASE  Notification Database  Feedback Database
  31. 31. ADVANTAGES  The manual handling of the record is time consuming and highly prone to error. This project is fully computerized and secured.  All the control is under the administrator and the administrative members, no other member has the rights to access the records. Only Authentic Person can add or search the information about the criminals.  Administrator can control all the Database and Site interface.  We also have some other administrative members such as Police Officer, CBI Officer, Judge. They have different activities and control related to their membership positions.
  32. 32. FUTURE SCOPE  We are going to open our defense group KACD as soon as possible.  We can also store the finger-prints of criminals in database.  Security can be extended to the higher level of security.  This project can be enhanced that we can search criminals by matching the finger-prints and face images and also we can generate the report of all cases associated to a particular criminal.
  33. 33. CONCLUSION Nowadays , technology is increasing day by day for making the works of human being more easier. Day by day crimes are increasing in our society. New techniques have been used during crimes .Well , we have developed this website to help the police and the other officers and security appointed at different places. They can easily find out any criminal’s full description which will help them in investigating several cases much faster and easier. This is the main purpose of our project.