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Keolis Group At A Glance

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Keolis Group At A Glance

  2. 2. History 2 KEOLIS With a history that goes back over a century, Keolis’ founding constituent parts were already key players in a number of different public transport areas. • In the automotive industry, the com- pany STA was created in 1908 as a subsidiaryofRenault;thislaterbecame SGTD. •Lesexelwasfoundedin1911withaview to boost the power supply for trams. •STRVwasestablishedin1964to service the regional bus market. It was a sub- sidiaryofSNCFandwaslaterrenamed Cariane. Over the course of the 20th century, various restructuring operations, mergers and acquisitions took place, resulting in two key players, VIA GTI (whose ancestors were SGTD and Lesexel) and Cariane. In 1999, SNCF became the leading shareholder in VIA GTI, which merged with Cariane to become VIA Cariane. In2001,VIACarianewasrenamedKeolis. SNCF has since remained Keolis’ lead- ing shareholder, supporting the com- pany through the various phases that have led to the current shareholder base(70%SNCF/30%Caissededépôt et placement du Québec). Keolis wins the Southeastern rail franchise in the UK, with Go-Ahead. Birth of an independent rail company in Germany through Keolis Deutschland, which won the operating contract for Hellweg-Netz. Keolis becomes 100% owner of the Danish bus company City-Trafik. Purchase of majority shareholding in the Belgian bus company Eurobus Holding, and founding of Keolis Vlaanderen. New activities in Melbourne (Australia), Washington DC (USA), Bergen (Norway), and Bordeaux (France). 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 The in10datesstory Keolis
  3. 3. 3 2013/2014 AT A GLANCE 2010 2012 2013 20142011 Equity tie-up with EFFIA. Renewal of urban contracts in Lyon and Lille (France). Purchase of Tectrans in the USA (renamed Keolis Transit America). Keolis wins the Orleans urban network in France. Buy-out of remaining share capital in Syntus (Netherlands) and Orléans Express (Canada). Establishment in Hyderabad (India). Win of the contract for the Las Vegas (United States) bus network. Launch of the KeoLife programme. Keolis kicks off the year with a new major contract in the United States: managing the suburban trains in Boston. Keolis is a leading public transport operator across the world. The Group offers its customers mobility solutions that are tailor-made to specific local needs and changing commuting patterns.
  4. 4. 4 KEOLIS Key figures • Urban: 31 % • Territories: 14% • Ile-de-France: 6% • EFFIA: 3% A growing workforce 47,200 50,150 52,600 54,400 2010 2010 2009 2011 2011 2012 2012 2013 2013 Continuous revenue growth (€ million) 3,425 4,113 4,443 4,980 5,091 2,356 2,735 2,351 2,629 2,077 2,366 1,868 2,245 1,404 2,021 A solid financial standing 11% This is the average annual growth rate over the last 10 years 46% • UK: 19 % • Continental Europe: 19% • Australia/NZ: 5% • North America: 3% A balanced revenue breakdown 54% France International passengers carried in 2013 billion2.5 16,400 19,430 19,500 20,900 30,800 30,720 33,100 33,500 An ever-increasing staff France France International International
  5. 5. 5 2013/2014 AT A GLANCE With revenue up 2.2% at nearly 5.1 billion euros, the Keolis Group in 2013 confirmed its standing as a leading player in the passenger transport industry. The Group aims to generate 7 billion euros in revenue in 2017 (excluding external growth), by consolidating its foothold in France and growing internationally. Actively recruiting women of female managers versus 26% in 2007 47% 33%of recruits in 2013 are women 30%70% A strong shareholding structure SNCF Participations Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec Stable profitability for 2013 (€ million) €280 million 201320122010 2009 2010 2011 2012 20132011 557 500 546 274 287 280 1.71xThis is the leverage at the end of 2013, corresponding to the net debt to EBITDA ratio A robust financial structure A sustained investment (€ million) 247 333 308
  6. 6. 6 KEOLIS 6 KEOLIS A benchmark operator in France and internationally, Keolis has developed expertise that allows it to respond to the demands of public transport worldwide 5key assets CHALLENGES TO ADDRESS THE OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT ENSURING A SMOOTH TRANSITION when taking over a network. Professionalism, careful management of human resources, knowing your passengers: these are the skills that allow Keolis to ensure local authorities of a successful network takeover. ADVISING Public Transport Authorities from the outset, in particular on network and infrastructure design... Keolis’ expertise means it can advise local authorities from the very earliest stages of their projectsinordertoprepare for high-performing, sustainable operations. 1 2 of advance preparation for the launch of the Gold Coast light rail. 3 years rise in passenger numbers in Las Vegas just six months after taking over the network. 4% ‘Keolis’ international expertise has helped us prepare the integration of the network, the interchanges between theexistingbusserviceand the future tram system.’ MattLongland,Deputy Director-GeneralofQueensland DepartmentofTransportand MainRoads(Australia) ‘Keolis has been a great asset in the transition from the previous operator: continuity of service has been ensured and its quality improved.’ Tina Quigley, General Manager of the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC)
  7. 7. 77 3 4 5 2013/2014 AT A GLANCE OPTIMISING NETWORKS toofferthebest serviceatthebest price.Thankstoits Neolistool,Keolisis betterequippedto identifyandanalyse mobilityflowsandoffer atailor-madesolution. Builtaroundstructuring, staggeredlinesand moreflexiblesecondary lines,thenetworksensure anoptimalallocation ofpublictransport resources. rise in traffic. This is Keolis’ commitment following the reorganisation of the Stockholm network. 20% ‘Keolis was able to step back and offer us a network reorganisation that made our transport services more accessible to larger numbers of passengers.’ AndersLindström,Managing DirectorofStorstockholms Lokaltrafik(Sweden) DEPLOYING OUREXPERTISE andconstantly innovating.Witha presencein15countries, Keolishasacquired considerableexpertisein thevariousmeansof transport.Itiscurrently oneoftheonlyoperators capableofclaiming simultaneousexpertise inMassTransit,buses, alternativemodes,etc. andthewaytocombine themtofacilitate interchangeability. this is the value of the transport network managed by Keolis in Lyon. €4.2 billion ‘Ournetworkisone ofthefinestand best-performing intheworld.Keolisis constantlydeveloping newservicesandnew systemstoensure thatthiscontinues tobethecase.’ BernardRivalta,President ofSytral(Lyon) ADAPTING TONEWTYPES OFMOBILITY byputtingthe passengerfirst. Withitsfingerconstantly onthepulseofchanging passengerexpectations, Keolisoffersinnovative solutionsinline withnewtrends: newtechnologies, alternativefuels, sharedmobility, real-timeinformation, e-tickets,etc... online information services available to passengers in Dijon. 20 ‘Keolis put 102 hybrid buses into service in Dijon. These vehicles are at the cutting edge of technology and have won our passengers over.’ Stéphane Goichon, Technical Services Manager (Greater Dijon)
  8. 8. With operations in 15 countries (Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States), Keolis develops tailor-made mobility solutions adapted tothespecificneedsofeachcommunity. In 2013, the Group organised itself in four regional platforms that have two major objectives: ensure operational excellence and accelerate growth. Keolis operations ACROSS THE GLOBE KEOLIS 8
  9. 9. The Keolis Group IN FRANCE… Metro Existing tram operation Bus Rapid Transit CITY Urban networks Interurban networks Town Carparkwithmorethan300 spaces In Greater Paris, 11 transport hubs and 26 car parks with more than 300 spaces are managed by the Group 75French departments covered by interurban network 91 urban networks Besançon PONTARLIER LILLE CAEN LISIEUX Rouen STRASBOURG OBERNAI METZ POMPEY SARREBOURGCHÂLONS-EN- CHAMPAGNE ORLÉANS DIJON LYON Clermont- Ferrand RENNES NANTES Poitiers BORDEAUX Toulouse MARMANDE Marseille Martigues Vitrolles Montpellier MILLAU ALENÇON ARRAS Evreux COLMAR ÉPINAL NANCY SUB TOUL CHAUMONT Charleville-Mézières VESOUL Belfort LONS-LE-SAUNIER NEVERS Mâcon RIOM OYONNAX Valence Grenoble AIX-LES-BAINS St-Etienne CHÂTEAUROUX Chartres TOURS Saint-Pierre- des-Corps BLOIS Vendôme QUIMPER ANGERS LE MANS LAVAL Niort La Rochelle Angoulême Limoges AGEN PAU FIGEAC AUCH TARBES FOIX Avignon Perpignan NÎMES ABBEVILLE AMIENS Péronne SOISSONS CHAUNY CREIL SENLISCHANTILLY CHERBOURG ELBEUF HONFLEURBAYEUX FÉCAMP LENS Roubaix Douai MAUBEUGE Valenciennes CHÂTELLERAULT SAINTES NARBONNE Cannes AIX-EN-PROVENCE BREST MORLAIX ST-MALO LORIENT CONCARNEAU MONTARGIS DREUX MONTÉLIMAR ALÈS MONTBÉLIARD VICHY MONTLUÇON Vienne Reims BezanneCHÂTEAU- THIERRY Thionville VITRÉ Villeneuve-d’Ascq Aulnoye-Aymeries Louvigny Bellegarde- sur-Valserine Antibes Cassis Dax ARC 1950 AURAY
  10. 10. ... AND AROUND THE WORLD Washington Pompano Fort Lauderdale Collier County Anaheim Pomona Monrovia Lancaster Merced South Lake Tahoe Van Nuys San Francisco Martinez Richmond UNITEDSTATES Gaspé Montréal Longueuil Rimouski Campbellton Trois-Rivières Drummondville Rivière-du-Loup Québec CANADA Waterloo Fresno Boston Las Vegas North America United Kingdom
  11. 11. Existing tram operation Future tram operation Operations outside the platforms Taxi Futuremetrooperation Bus / shuttle / trolley / coach services / PRM NORWAY DENMARK SWEDEN Aalborg Hinnerup Helsingborg Copenhagen Slagelse Nyköping Odensbacken Gothenburg Jönköping Bergen Dalarna Ashford Leeds Eastbourne Sheffield Brighton Edinburgh Newcastle Cleethorpes Birmingham Coventry Canterbury Dover Hastings York Hull Glasgow Windermere Blackpool Hereford London Southampton Portsmouth Barrow-in-Furness Gatwick Liverpool Manchester Shrewsbury Nottingham UNITEDKINGDOM GERMANY THENETHERLANDS BELGIUM Rahden MünsterZwolle Enschede Apeldoorn Venlo Düsseldorf Kassel Soest Lemgo LUXEMBOURG Keolis Vlaanderen Eurobussing Bielefeld Dortmund Zutphen Oldenzaal Hamm Rail PORTUGAL Porto
  12. 12. Gold Coast Melbourne FirstKeolis rail network (UK) Govia rail network (UK)Rail service in Germany Rail service in the Netherlands Australia/ New- Zealand AUSTRALIA Wuhan Hyderabad Sundsvall Stockholm Finspång Continental Europe INDIA CHINA
  13. 13. 2013/2014 AT A GLANCE 9
  14. 14. 10 KEOLIS OUR CORE BUSINESS: bus, coach, tram, metro, rail Tram 675 km of tram networks, 1,145 tramsets. Angers France Bergen Norway Bordeaux France Brest France Caen France Dijon France Gold Coast (PPP) Australia Le Mans France Lille France Lyon France Melbourne Australia Nottingham (PPP) United Kingdom Orléans France Porto Portugal Strasbourg France Tours France Rail 5,754 km of railtrack, 1,552 trains. France Compagnie du Blanc Argent: 67 km of lines in Sologne. Germany 4 rail franchises in North Rhine- Westphalia. Netherlands Rail operator with subsidiary Syntus. United Kingdom Over one rail journey in three takes place on a service operated by Keolis and its partners. United States •VRE: serves the suburbs to the South and West of Washington DC. •Boston*: 13 suburban train lines, 1,000 km of track and 134 stations served. * operationnal launch on 1 July 2014 Our references
  15. 15. 2013/2014 AT A GLANCE 11 2013/2014 AT A GLANCE Hyderabad India 71 km of automatic metro under construction. First section scheduled to open 21 March 2015. Lille France The size of trainsets on line 1 will double by 2016. Lyon France Line B extension opened at end of 2013. Rennes France The new automatic driverless line B is to start up in 2018-9. Roissy France CDG Val. Metro 70 km of automatic metro*, 19 km of traditional metro. *outsideHyderabad Busand coach 24,400 vehicles. Agen France Amiens France Blois France Châtellerault France Copenhagen Denmark Las Vegas United States Lille France 100% of the city’s urban buses run on gas. Montargis France Nîmes France Orléans France Senlis France Stockholm Sweden Alpes-Maritimes France Belgium Calvados France Gironde France Île-de-France France Ille-et-Vilaine France Quebec Canada Rhône France United States BUS COACH Bus Rapid Transit Coach Rapid Transit Évry France Lorient France Lyon France Metz France Nîmes France Rennes France Strasbourg France Tours France Beauvais-Amiens France Loire-Atlantique France
  16. 16. Our references 12 KEOLIS TOWARDS EVER GREATER MULTIMODALITY: Bikes (parking, long term and self-rental), carpooling, car sharing, parking, river and sea shuttles. And our specialised services: passengers with reduced mobility, airport shuttles, etc. Bikes Second biggest bike operator in France with 16,000 bikes in 22 cities. Carsharing Six car sharing services operated directly or in partnership. 180 vehicles. Parking Number 2 in France with 118,000 spaces managed by EFFIA. Carpooling 3 carpooling services for local authorities. Agen Aix-les-Bains Angers Blois Bordeaux Brest Dijon Laval Le Mans Lille 2,150 self-hire bikes and 3,500 long-term rentals. Lorient Marmande Metz Montélimar Obernai Orléans Pau Quimper Rennes Tours Versailles Vichy Antibes Avignon Bordeaux Cassis CHR Metz-Thionville Dijon Grenoble Les Arcs Lille Lyon Marseille Montpellier Nantes Paris Poitiers Rennes Rouen Saint-Étienne Toulouse Villiers-sur- Marne Operated directly: • Lille 31 stations, 75 vehicles. • Orléans • Pau 7 stations, 12 vehicles. In partnership: Bordeaux, Metz, Rennes. Arras Integrated service in the Artis network. Lens-Béthune Integrated service in the Tadao network. Lille Carpooling platform covoiturezplus.fr for the Lille metropolitan area.
  17. 17. 13 2013/2014 AT A GLANCE On-demand services More than 70 Keolis subsidiaries offer on-demand transport. PRM Premier transport operator for persons with reduced mobility. Airport shuttles 10 airport services. Airport management 3 airports managed. Seaandriver shuttles Keolis’ three ferry services carry over a million passengers per year. Agen Aix-en-Provence Aix-les-Bains Arras Blois Bordeaux Caen Calvados Charente- Maritime Châtellerault Dijon Dreux Elbeuf Île-de-France Lens-Béthune Lisieux Metz Orléans Pontarlier Roissy Rouen Sarrebourg Angers Bordeaux Caen Châteauroux Dijon Laval Lens Lille Lyon Montargis Nice Nîmes Orléans Paris Rennes Sweden United States Keolis carries 2.6 million persons with reduced mobility. Bordeaux Fort Lauderdale United States Grenoble Liège Belgium Marseille Metz Montpellier Paris-CDG Paris-Orly Toulon-Hyères Albert Angers Dole Bordeaux 2 hybrid shuttles, the “Batcubs”, complement the tram + bus + bike mobility offer. Brest The six “Penn ar Bred” ships provide six return journeys per day between the mainland and Ponant islands. Lorient The electric “Ar Vag Tredan” shuttle offers 28 daily round trips between Lorient and Locmiquélic, with no CO2 emissions.
  18. 18. 14 KEOLIS Organisation 4MAJOR URBAN NETWORKS 4MAIN BRANCHES Major Urban Bruno Danet, Deputy CEO Ile-de-France André Magnon-Pujo, Deputy CEO EFFIA Frédéric Baverez, CEO Territories Jacky Pacreau, Deputy CEO The Territories branch is made up of four regional divisions: FRANCE The Group’s day-to-day operations are overseen by an Executive Committee made up of Jean-Pierre Farandou (President and Group CEO), Michel Lamboley (Group Executive Vice President and CFO), Bernard Tabary (CEO International), Frédéric Baverez (CEO France and CEO of EFFIA), Olga Damiron (Human ResourcesDirector),ArnaudVanTroeyen(ExecutiveVicePresidentGroupStrategy and Development), Jacques Damas (Chief Railways and Operations Officer) and Laurent Kocher (Executive Director – Marketing, Innovation & Services). • Bordeaux Hervé Lefevre, CEO of Keolis Bordeaux • Lyon Pascal Jacquesson, CEO of Keolis Lyon • Lille Gilles Fargier, CEO of Keolis Lille • Rennes Frédéric Mazeaud, CEO of Keolis Rennes 2 1 3 4 North-East : Roland de Barbentane North-West : Christian Bouyer Centre South-West : Guy Le Roux South-East : Frédéric Rabier 2 1 3 4
  19. 19. 15 2013/2014 AT A GLANCE 4REGIONAL PLATFORMS Country and subsidiary directors Australia Clément Michel, KDR Victoria Vivienne King, KDR Gold Coast Belgium Redgy Deschacht, Eurobus Holding et Keolis Vlaanderen Canada Denis Andlauer, Keolis Canada China Marcellin Darrou, Keolis China Denmark Michael Brandt-Nielsen, Keolis Danmark Germany Roland Zschunke, Keolis Deutschland India Emmanuel Kuhn, Keolis Hyderabad Netherlands Cees Anker, Syntus Norway Gry Miriam Olsen, Keolis Norge United Kingdom Alistair Gordon, Keolis UK United States Steve Townsend, Keolis America Michael Griffus, KTA United Arab Emirates Karim Chaiblaine, Keolis Middle East Sweden Magnus Åkerhielm, Keolis Sverige INTERNATIONAL North America Éric Asselin Australia/ New-Zealand Michel Masson Continental Europe Marc Renouprez United Kingdom Alistair Gordon International projects and development Leila Frances Chief Commercial Officer Jean-Pierre Deghaye Business Development Director