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A brief introduction: Kennispark Twente, innovationcampus

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A brief introduction of Kennispark Twente, the innovationcampus for hightech companies in the Netherlands.

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A brief introduction: Kennispark Twente, innovationcampus

  1. 1. Key figures Contact Surface area incl. campus 180 ha Would you like to know how we can help Number of commercial workplaces Approx. 5,500 your business? Please contact us at: Empowering Entrepreneurship & Innovation Number of students Approx. 10,000 Number of employees within the UT Approx. 2,800 Kennispark Twente Number of companies located at Kennispark Twente 335 P.O. Box 217 Number of student entrepreneurs Number of new startups, annually (since 2006) Approx. 120 Approx. 35 with a 90% survival 7500 AE Enschede The Netherlands Kennispark Twente rate after 5 years +31 53 489 4118 contact@kennispark.nl an innovative environment www.kennispark.nl for knowledge-intensive companies + Per year, 5 start-ups from Twente are listed in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, the nation’s 50 fastest-growing technology companies + Kennispark Twente is recognized as a leading innovation campus of national strategic interest + Since the beginning of the local ecosystem in the 1980s, the university Kennispark Twente is an initiative of: has fostered 700 start-ups providing more than 6,000 jobs March 2010
  2. 2. Kennispark Twente: an innovative environment for knowledge-intensive companies An extensive network with investors Factory, where approximately 20 companies, The Area and incubation facilities together with the university, have established Innovation and entrepreneurship are an Education and training A large, independent infrastructure for research and production facilities in the The place for innovation and integral part of Kennispark Twente in the for entrepreneurs incubation and an active network of areas of micro and nanotechnology. The entrepreneurship Netherlands. In 2006 the entrepreneurial In addition, there are a number of investors and investment instruments state of the art research cleanroom of the The University of Twente has recently University of Twente, the Province of educational choices to be made to support complete the picture. Office space, a vibrant famous MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology redeveloped its campus in terms of research Overijssel and the city of Enschede the quality of entrepreneurship. These vary network and services for young and growing is also available for facility sharing. and education. Within the master development launched Kennispark Twente (‘kennis’ is from short training courses to a minor in knowledge-intensive companies are available plans of Kennispark Twente, the campus area the Dutch word for knowledge). The parties entrepreneurship. There is also an ambitious in cooperation with the longest-running A portal to knowledge and the adjacent Business & Science Park have participating in this joint venture are state-of-the-art training and business Dutch incubator, BTC Twente. Kennispark Twente has set up a portal for been groomed to provide even better services focused on creating the best environment for development support structure for small and medium enterprises. for research, education, entrepreneurship knowledge intensive entrepreneurship and high-tech, high-ambition entrepreneurs, Approximately 200 questions a year are sent and innovation. In concrete terms this means Meeting like-minded entrepreneurs, innovation. At Kennispark Twente we offer called Venture Lab Twente. Coaching and Innovation by companies via this portal. These questions more room for new companies within the financers and talent everything one needs to be successful in financial assistance is also available to are further defined before being sent on to functional division of the business park as a Meeting like-minded people can be planned these fields. assist start-ups. Facility sharing and students, student entrepreneurs, spin-off whole. In addition, the university buildings or can be coincidental. The Kennispark area open innovation centers companies or research groups of the have been renovated so that at the cutting contains such diverse attractions as a public The University of Twente is open to university to provide answers. In this way, edge of science and economics there is room swimming pool, a world-class skating ring, Entrepreneurship developing cooperative relationships with the university is making its knowledge for new, young companies to use facilities a professional football stadium, a multiplex industry. This often occurs through facility accessible to the business community and such as the communal laboratories and movie theatre, restaurants and bars, as New ideas and business development sharing agreements, where companies are societal organizations. incubator. Kennispark Twente provides a well as laboratories and company service At the University of Twente, new ideas and invited to use the research facilities and “soft landing” facility to help you launch your facilities. Coincidental meetings happen opportunities are being developed with a laboratories of the university and through business successfully. here. But the most attractive advantage of focus on high-tech innovations combined joint R&D programs. In addition, we have the Kennispark and its surrounding area with the human touch of the social sciences. extensive experience in starting up open is the continuous contact with knowledge, The university has six research institutes. innovation centres at Kennispark Twente. young talent, partners and financing A team of business developers follows the A good example of this is the ThermoPlastic possibilities. The Kennispark’s events research output of the institutes and, using Research Center (TPRC) in which the calendar is chock-full with organized their knowledge of developments in the companies Stork, Ten Cate, Boeing and activities that span the entire year, market and the economic potential of their the university perform research into providing opportunities for diverse groups ideas, helps them to achieve a more thermoplastic composites for the aircraft of scientists, entrepreneurs and students prominent position in the market. industry. Another example is the High Tech to come into contact with one another and This mostly occurs in the form of spin-off inspire one another. The value of being part companies and in joint research with industry. of Kennispark is the immediate added value it provides for your business.