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Magento 2 seminar

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MultiSafepay Magento 2 cases and learnings for payments online and mobile. How to create a Magento 2 extension and make it available in Magento Market Place.

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Magento 2 seminar

  1. 1. Magento 2 cases and learnings Kelly Pauw Strategic Partnership Manager MultiSafepay
  2. 2. Agenda for the next 20 minutes ★ Introduction ★ Magento 2 use cases ★ Why Magento 2 with MultiSafepay? ★ Conversion all stars
  3. 3. ★ 10.000+ merchants ★ 15 years of experience ★ 70 payment experts ★ All payments in single contract ★ International payment methods
  4. 4. Mobile solutions One-click payments in your mobile platform Solutions Online payments Smart technology for E-Commerce payments Billing solutions Tools or service to let your customer pay later
  5. 5. Webshop Single contract
  6. 6. Payment technologies •Multi-currency and 20 languages, •E-invoicing for automated debit control, •Mobile payments in app & through browser •Split payments -> consumer pays to merchant and provider •iDeal QR and QR for mobile payments, •20 plugins for Magento, Woo commerce, SAAS / PAAS •API’s for .net, java and php
  7. 7. Magento 2 omni channel
  8. 8. Magento 2 use cases
  9. 9. Magento 2 B2B & B2C
  10. 10. Magento 2 one step checkout
  11. 11. Conversion All Stars Smart tools to boost conversion Fraud prevention, don’t lose revenue One step checkout Via Mage storeMobile responsive on any device Custom Payment Pages and Email templates New target groups with Pay-After-Delivery (NL)
  12. 12. Thanks! Any questions?