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Samburu Friends Mission 2014

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This slide show highlights the ministry efforts of the Samburu Friends Mission in Kenya. Presentation prepared by Sammy Letoole.

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Samburu Friends Mission 2014

  1. 1. Samburu Friends Mission A Ministry Partner of
  2. 2. About Us The Samburu Friends Mission is located in semi-arid part of Northern Kenya. We serve the Samburu who are Pastoralist and practice nomadic life.
  3. 3. About Us
  4. 4. Samburu Friends Mission Maralal
  5. 5. Isaiah Bikokwa retired in July 2013
  6. 6. Our Mission  Church Planting  Peace Building  Education  Medical Care
  7. 7. Church Planting Samburu Friends are dedicated to worship, proclaiming of God’s Word, and the growth of God’s Church.
  8. 8. A new church has been planted at Baraogoi in the northern part of the Samburu district, bordering the Turkana area. The foundation of a new church building is underway, with hopes of a Friends Peace Center to be established. Church Planting
  9. 9. Peace Building • Friends are committed to uphold Quaker peace testimony in Samburu. • For years the Samburu have fought with neighbouring Turkana and Pokot people. • These ancient clashes are the result: – Limited grazing areas – Scarce water resources. – The practice of cattle rustling. • Many innocent lives are lost.
  10. 10. The leaders of the Samburu Mission are seeking to establish a lasting peace by – Proclaiming the message of Christ’s peace. – Engaging key tribal leaders. – Hosting peace negotiations among warring groups. – And plan to teach AVP (Alternatives to Violence Program) classes. Peace Building
  11. 11. Education Adult Literacy Primary School New classrooms built from funds raised by the 2012 Summer Mission Project.
  12. 12. Education Shepherds’ School Girl’s Scholarship Program
  13. 13. This summer, help us keep girls in school. Look on the FUM website for project materials for your meeting/church. www.fum.org
  14. 14. Medical Care Samburu Friends provide medical care to the community as away of reaching out to our neighbors with the healing love of Jesus Christ. Friends have one Dispensary in Loltulelei that serves approximately 10,000 people.
  15. 15. Losuk Upper Hill Friends built a nice dispensary at Upper Hill in Losuk to serve both the Samburu and Pokot people. Unfortunately it was destroyed during the post-election violence of 2008. We are praying about re-establishing critical medical services in this area. Before After
  16. 16. Partner With Us The Ministries of Samburu Friends Mission are made possible through the generous support of Friends. I invite you to partner with us in this work through prayer and your financial support. I give thanks to God for your generosity. In Christ’s Service, Sammy Letoole, Director