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KC Make A Wish Participation (revised KT 05.25.15)

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KC Make A Wish Participation (revised KT 05.25.15)

  1. 1. Contact: Sanderson & Associates FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jason Sophian 312-829-4350 jason@sandersonpr.com June 19, 2015 KANSAS CITY SARPINO’S PIZZERIAS UNITE TO MAKE WISHES COME TRUE WITH MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION (KANSAS CITY, Mo.)--- “Sarpino’s stands for more than just providing quality pizza,” said co- owner Jennifer Bauer, “Sarpino’s is also a responsible community partner that contributes to the neighborhoods we serve”. Six Sarpino’s Pizzerias across Kansas City, Missouri lead by owners Ben Harris, Andrew Porter, Doug Stoehr, Steve Darpel and Jennifer Bauer joined efforts to collect donations for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Missouri. Grassroots involvement has always been a part of the Kansas City area Sarpino’s Pizzeria branding philosophy. Make A Wish Missouri allowed the six area restaurants to consolidate fundraising efforts city wide to contribute towards benefiting children with life-threatening conditions by granting their fondest wish. Beginning in January of this year and running until April 30, participating Sarpino’s Pizzeria locations donated $1 from specific menu items and provided an option to online customers to donate in increments of $1, $3 or $5 while placing their orders. Each Sarpino’s Pizzeria location had the ability to "adopt" a certain child's wish. To reach the monetary goal necessary to grant the wish, Sarpino’s Pizzeria owners trained phone personnel to inform customers about their location’s partnership with Make-A-Wish. They printed area-wide box toppers advertising the Make-A-Wish meals; bought radio time, emailed the loyal Sarpino’s customer and posted the news to each location’s Facebook page spreading the word in public. “Such level of hands on participation for the great cause, said co-owner Jennifer Bauer, demonstrated Sarpino’s commitment to giving back within community”. The Sarpino’s Vivion restaurant adopted the wish of a local 4-year-old girl, Alice, letting her live out her dream of visiting Disney World in Orlando, Florida. At her wish reveal party all 25 guests enjoyed pizza, pasta, salad and drinks buffet style delivered by Sarpino’s staff members. “We experienced up close the joy and hope that wish granting provides to both the child and their family”, remembered Jennifer Bauer.
  2. 2. Participating Sarpino’s Pizzeria’s include Andrew Porter’s Westport Sarpino’s located at 905 Westport Rd and Vivion Sarpino’s located at 311 NE Vivion Road; Ben Harris’s Overland Park Sarpino’s located at 12520 Quivira Rd and Leawood Sarpino’s located at 3804 W 95th St; Steve Darpel’s Sarpino’s Shawnee located at 6232 Nieman Road; and Doug Stoehr’s Sarpino’s Lee’s Summit located at 506 SE M291 Highway. All Kansas City Sarpino’s Pizzeria locations look forward to building a lasting relationship and fundraising initiatives with Make A Wish Missouri and grant more wishes next year. ABOUT SARPINO’S PIZZERIA Sarpino’s Pizzeria currently has 48 fully operational locations in eight states across the U.S. They have a total of 65 fully executed franchise agreements. They expect to have 65 locations open by the end of 2015 and 350 locations within five years. Target markets with current store opportunities include Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, D.C. ### Jennifer Bauer (center) and Kazys Tilvikas with the Make-A-Wish recipient, Alice