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Online Reputation Management for Construction Sector

Online reputation management (ORM) services from SMPR, online pr and marketing communications providers for the construction sector.

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Online Reputation Management for Construction Sector

  1. 1. Online Reputation Management (ORM) For the Construction Sector
  2. 2. Are you monitoring yourconstruction company’sonline reputation?More companies are understanding the need to have an onlinepresence and digital footprint as the web becomes more socialmedia focused.What companies fail to ensure is that they manage their onlinereputation. When people talk about and engage with yourconstruction company – you MUST be in a place to respond.
  3. 3. The SolutionSMPR offer a tailored construction online reputation managementservice to ensure your firm has the best reputation possible!We will ensure that you are in full control of your brand and whatis being said about your company, products and services online.If you don’t take control – someone else can, and might!
  4. 4. How can my reputationbe damaged online? Negative posts/comments/mentions Non-engaging Non responsive Not meeting expectations Not updating your clients and customers on latest news, products and services Bogus accounts in company or brand name
  5. 5. How SMPR can helpSMPR offer a comprehensive ORM service for your constructioncompany.We can help manage your online reputation for you and make sureyour brand isn’t damaged.Contact us now for a FREE online reputation assessment.
  6. 6. Contact UsFor more information on online reputation management for yourconstruction company please telephone 0870 199 4044 or e-mailus and we will contact you.Alternatively, see our website for more information:www.simplymarcomms.co.uk