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  1. The difference of sports magazine designs for women and men Research Draft
  2. Topic of the term paper • The difference of sports magazine design regarding women and men
  3. Type of discourse/Genre Sports magazines Analysis of Women‘s Health and Men‘s Health
  4. Linguistic features I want to analyze • Cover design of sports magazines • Article design of sports magazines and the difference between sports magazines for women and sports magazines for men • Difference in language use in sports magazines for women and in sports magazines for men
  5. Issue or observations • Women are more sexualized • E.g. smile more often • Men are more often on the cover of general sports magazines (for women and men) • Women are more often posing • Men are more often photographed doing something
  6. Corpus Women‘s Health Men‘s Health
  7. Research question • How are sports magazines desigend differently for men and women and how are stereotypical features still maintained in these magazines?
  8. Preliminary outline • Introduction • Difference in Cover design • Sports magazines for women • Sports magazines for men • General sports magazines • Difference in Articles • Language use in articles for women and in articles for men • Difference in Article design • Analysis of women‘s health and men‘s health
  9. Short description • To proove that sports magazines still support stereotypes Aim • Why is this topic important? Introduction • E.g. that women are still sexualized on the covers (smiling, posing) Cover design • E.g. how colours are used differently Article design • What words appear more often in women sports magazines Language use Analysis of Women‘s Health and Men‘s Health
  10. Secondary sources • Jocks versus jockettes (Ben Wasike, 2020) • The study examined sexualization, camera angle, and nonverbal communication cues and their interplay with gender • Content analysis of biological sex-specific media coverage of sport (Benjamin Burroughs, 2021) • media coverage of women’s sports is inadequate when compared with´coverage of men’s sports with regards to the amount of coverage as well as the type of coverage across men’s and women’s sports. • Sport Magazine Covers sexualize female athletes (Tom Jacobs, 2017) • The impact of the Media on gender inequality within sports (Eoin J. Trolan, 2013) • Gender role differences are especially apparent in the world of sport