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Akanksha Giri, Institute of Crisis Management Studies |Youth as Mappers | SotM Asia 2017

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State of the Map Asia (SotM-Asia) is the annual regional conference of OpenStreetMap (OSM) organized by OSM communities in Asia. First SotM-Asia was organized in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2015, and the second was organized in Manila, Philippines in 2016. This year’s conference, third in the series, was organized in Kathmandu, Nepal on September 23 – 24, 2017 at Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu, Nepal.

We brought nearly 200 Open Mapping enthusiasts from Asia and beyond to this year’s SotM-Asia. The event provided an opportunity to share knowledge and experience among mappers; expand their network; and generate ideas to expand map coverage and effective use of OSM data in Asian continent. We chose ‘from creation to use of OSM data’ as the theme of this year’s conference, emphasizing on the effective use of OSM data. We also brought together a government panel from four different countries in this year’s SotM-Asia. We believe this event will deepen the bond and enhance collaboration among OSM communities across Asia.

More information about the conference can be found on: http://stateofthemap.asia.

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Akanksha Giri, Institute of Crisis Management Studies |Youth as Mappers | SotM Asia 2017

  1. 1. Hello! I am Akanksha Giri “Explorer” I am here because I love to Map. You can find my contribution @ Akanksha13
  2. 2. My Journey of Becoming Digital Humanitarian
  3. 3. “ Digital Humanitarians
  4. 4. A picture is worth a thousand words
  5. 5. ““That is the charm of the map. It represents the other side of the horizon where everything is possible.”  — Rosita Forbes, Travel Writer and Explorer
  6. 6. Mapping: ◍ While working in OSM I feel am contributing to something much bigger than myself. ◍ World would be a more understanding and empathetic place, if more people would share on the joy of mapping. ◍ Also believing that my journey will inspire people to get out there, to explore the places around them.
  7. 7. My Contribution
  8. 8. My Motivation
  9. 9. Now I am part of global, collaborative, data driven story that encompasses all places and similar people. – I am a Mapper
  10. 10. “ Let’s Map It!!