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Pitch of Magazine Idea for the Northern Echo
A2 Media Production

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  2. 2. Introduction Hello, my name is Kate Dow and I’m here today to convince you that my ideas for your brief present the best solution for your organizations needs. My magazine is called ROHO, it’s a fashion and beauty magazine for teenage girls in the North East.
  3. 3. Client Research
  4. 4. Brief “You have been commissioned by the Northern Echo to produce a new magazine or newspaper product. You product could be in any style or genre but it must be self financed through sales or advertising. You must also produce your magazine for a specified audience segment within the 16 to 25 age group.”
  5. 5. USP “To create a local magazine for teenage girls that places emphasis on being a part of your community and supporting your community, but supporting it by doing something that interests you.” Get girls more involved in the community that they live in.
  6. 6. AIMS Publication name -ROHO:  Target Audience Age- 16-21  Genre- Fashion/Beauty  Publication- Magazine  Financial-Finances through advertising (selling advertising slots within the magazine pages).
  7. 7. Problems The Northern Echo like to cater for a secondary audience.  No extreme language.  No extreme nakedness.  Nothing inappropriate or offensive.  Range of readership ages.
  8. 8. Overcoming the Problems Using appropriate language. No taboo subjects. No content that is too mature/shocking for the possible younger readers. Varied content.
  9. 9. Gap in the MarketIs there a gap in the market?Does it fill this gap?What kind of competition will it be up against?
  10. 10. My Market Competition
  11. 11. Focus Group Feedback “There is a gap in the market for your product because there aren’t a lot of magazines for teenage girls that are local. Most of them are general to girls from everywhere and they don’t have the specific information to somewhere like the North East. You‘d have little competition.”
  12. 12. What does ‘local’ mean? Local businesses advertise. Feature local girls in articles. Run articles on things to do within the North East or Darlington. Support the local community by changing shopping habits to independent stores.
  13. 13. Audience Research
  14. 14. Students MAIN STREAMERS 16-21 North East England Female B, C1/2Why did I choose this audience?
  15. 15. Problems Age Range Financial Issues  Students  B, C1/2 Style Interest Appropriate Female Topics  Make-up/hair/skin-care/relationships etc... Advertisers  Location
  16. 16. Design of Product for Audience Styled on the likes of ‘Cosmopolitan’ and ‘Glamour’. Includes articles and content on areas of interest. Used a colour scheme that isn’t strongly female, but still attractive. Range of topics. Very local. Free.
  17. 17. ‘Range of Topics’ Not just focusing on fashion and beauty alone. Article examples:  Uni ‘v’ Gap Year- what is right for me?  Coping with Addictions  Dare to Be – EXTREME  The Great Escape  To Date... But where to date?
  18. 18. My Ideas
  19. 19. The Name “Will people understand it?” “Is the name too obscure?” “Do you think you should change the name?”
  20. 20. IdeaLocal fashion and beautymagazine for teenage girls.Centred aroundcommunity/spirit/developing as a personthrough your interests.Strengths- fashion andbeauty magazines areknown to be popular.Localised, so will be ofinterest to the local girls.Specialised content to theNorth East area.Weaknesses- a lot ofcompetition.
  21. 21. “Too twee and girly. Might put off people from reading it.” “Doesn‟t really fit in with the style of the article.” “Can‟t read the text over the image.” “Too Messy.”
  22. 22. “Stronger font, stands out more from the page.” “Really like the bar displaying the clothes, it looks very professional!.” “More structured and easy to read.”
  23. 23. Audience Feedback (Focus Group) Preferred Mock-up 2 Tidier more professional layout. Better interviewing style. Although they did like the ‘peg’ aspect of mock-up 1.
  24. 24. Flat Plans Front Cover Bold and bright masthead. Short and snappy name. Enigmas, sell-lines and teasers. Large text size. Only a few fonts. Justified around the main image. 3 colour palette. Blue, orange and black (black base colour). Colour scheme would change with each issue, like Cosmopolitan and Glamour.
  25. 25. Flat Plans Contents Page Masthead, magazine name. Colour scheme brought forward from the front cover. Sub-headings: •Breaking up the content logically. •On the cover- easily find what interested them. •Features- the „varied content‟. •Fashion and Beauty- simple to find. Image- winner of the „HOT off the Streets‟ from last issue.
  26. 26. Flat Plans Double Page Spread 1 Photos of the girls that I stopped on the street. Column including a bit ofinformation about the girl; name, age, style etc... And where her clothes had been bought from. Photo shoot image taken of the winner (voted by readers) of the last issue.
  27. 27. Flat Plans Double Page Spread 2 „Challenge!‟ Clothing and bar, Interview showing with the the items person who bought, took part in where they the came from challenge. and prices. Own experience.
  28. 28. StylisticsFront Cover: 3 colour palette.Changes with each issue. Imagery: REAL girls.Content: Each article is styled and No stereotypicalcolour schemed individually. ‘model’ clones. Font: Candara Font: impact Font: Arial
  29. 29. Articles (Languageetc…) Colloquial Friendly Some regional dialect/slang Relatable 1st and 2nd person narrative voice:  Address the reader  Personal experiences/anecdotes Short paragraph length 1:2 text to image ratio.
  30. 30. Genre Research
  31. 31. Fashion and Beauty
  32. 32. Magazine Producers Top 10 Magazines as read by Younger People 1400 1200 1238 1150 1000 800 911 600 664 636 613 400 516 491 466 440 200 0Fashion and BeautyMagazines =POPULAR!
  33. 33. Ideas and Influences Looking through fashion magazines such as:  Glamour  Cosmopolitan  Elle  Marie Claire  (generally those who are my competitors!) Talking to the target audience and putting out questionnaires, see what they WANTED. Attracted to the ‘local’ and community USP.
  34. 34. Commercial Viability Research
  35. 35. Expenses Photographer £300 Models £700 Printing Costs £1,956.70 Makeup Artist £270 Journalist £700 Sub Editors Loaction Studio Graphic Designers £145 Images Space Rental £100 Layout £ 220 £160 Travel Expenditure Artists Catering £30 £200 £50
  36. 36. Prices Major Expenditures:  Models £700  Journalist £700  Printing Costs £1,956.70 Overall Cost of Magazine:£4,831.70
  37. 37. Income Selling advertising slots. Creating advertorials. Sponsorship Inserts in the magazine. FREE magazine. Total Income from Advertising Slots:£4,883(Income figure from advert slot sales ALONE, this is without a sponsor and without charging businesses to have inserts put into the magazine.)
  38. 38. Profit/Loss Profit£51.30 First Issue Advertisers will slowly come to hear about the magazine. Longer it is out there, the more popular it will become which will generate interest in sponsors/advertisers.
  39. 39. Savings? Local girls as models. Save £700. New Profit:£751.30
  40. 40. Distribution Distribute in places that the target audience are normally at, such as:  Colleges/Universities  Independent Shops  Make Up Counters  Dolphin Centre/ Gyms  Coffee Shops/Arts Centre  Services  Hair salons (e.g. Trish Brown Hairdressing)  Nail salons  Waxing/tanning/massage places etc...
  41. 41. Conclusion
  42. 42. Why did I do this?Largest common interest. How’s it different?  Varied content topics.  E.g. Extreme sports articles, dating articles, future pathways articles, holiday planning articles etc...SUCCESS
  43. 43. Any Questions?