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OCC Presentation

Jigsaw activity to introduce/review what's available on the OCC.

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OCC Presentation

  1. 1. IB’s Online Curriculum Centre A Jigsaw to learn about the OCC
  2. 2. Getting in to ‘home groups’ Find the table with your name on it and have a seat. This is your ‘home group’, each of you will become an expert in something offered on the OCC and teach what you learn to this group.
  3. 3. Establishing ‘Expert groups’ Each of you in your home group should choose one area to explore and in which to become an expert. Choose one of these: Once you’ve chosen, find the task sheet for your expert group on the walls, others E-library & also interested in this area will join you Forums from the other home groups. News Once all together, find a table and bring along your task sheet. You’ll have 15 PYP Exhibition Musical Journey minutes to explore & discuss as a group. www.online-stopwatch.com Resources Support areas
  4. 4. What were some things that could be particularly helpful Keep in the people in your home group, looking for things that might be helpful Any questions that arise, where can i find planners? etc if there are pressing questions, please send to k bookmark or record the url of pages that are particularly helpful, identify ways to return to places you found useful (to show others)
  5. 5. Sharing what you learned Return to your home group Take turns round the table to share what you learned in your expert group Take notes on each section as your group mates share what they learned; something you could refer back to.
  6. 6. Now you should have all the pieces to the puzzle of the OCC!