Facilitator	&	Proud	Geek	
+91-8130610801 erkashif.zeeshan@hotmail.com
Corporate	Trainer
Orion	Edutech
 Training	the	Job	aspirants	on	different	p...
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  1. 1. KASHIF ZEESHAN Facilitator & Proud Geek +91-8130610801 erkashif.zeeshan@hotmail.com https://in.linkedin.com/in/kashif- zeeshan-89598525 New Delhi, India SUMMARY EXPERIENCE ACHIEVEMENTS LANGUAGES PROJECTS s _ 5 + Decisive, Analytical and goal-oriented professional offering 5 years of experience in IT/Training & Development. Excellent communication skills summed up with splendid knowledge in the areas of Training & Development, Desktop Support, Business Process Analysis, Learning Module Implementation & Management with strong knowledge of Operational fundamentals & Training Management techniques. With a brilliant professional record, I aspire to grow in a Techno Managerial position in a Corporate Multinational Company where my diligence and extensive domain knowledge can contribute to Mutual Growth. Community Manager Team Lead Denave India Ltd. / Channelplay Ltd.  Team Lead Training for Microsoft Field Force, leading a team of 20 sales associates across different sales channel in New Delhi.  Able to enhance the sales for Microsoft Products & Services by 15%.  Doubled the productivity of Sales Associates within a period of 18 months.  Awarded Best Expert Zone Demo Experience PAN India.  Carry out Induction Training, OJT,CRT, PJP, New Hire Training, Employee Training, Partner Acquisition across varied Sales Channel. Sep 2014 - July 2016r + New Delhi Denave / Channelplay is focused on Retail Engagement & Merchandising Insights. Senior Associate (Technical Trainer) Igate Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  Facilitator & Technical Trainer for Inbound Call Associates to train on Troubleshooting, Call Handling, Resolution Time, Calling & Ticketing Tools and Process compliance.  Able to carryout Training for 3 batches of 20-30 trainees successfully over a period of 9 months with only 7% attrition.  Maintained the associate Tech Quality at 91%.  3% increase in First Call Resolution among the batches trained. Oct 2013 - June 2014r + Noida, UP Igate is a multinational Management Consulting & Services Corporation. Best Expert Zone Demo Experience PAN India. P Microsoft Recognition Valedictory Applause on Successful completion of the Internship. P Bokaro Steel Ltd. Valeditory ENGLISH Proficient HINDI Proficient URDU Native Wi-LAN Technology  Entrepreneurship Project was implemented as a partial fulfillment to the Degree of B. Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering.  Utilization and Methodology of Usage of Pentium 4 Processors in Work Stations and PC's extensively, for the purpose of Office and Home Usage, Using Internet Services extensively to Enhance the Wi- LAN Channel Capacity. Nov 2010 - Apr 2011r + Rayagada, Odisha Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise Verified by /
  2. 2. EXPERIENCE EDUCATION PROJECTS TECHNICAL SKILLS Corporate Trainer Orion Edutech  Training the Job aspirants on different professional skills, behavioral skills, Personality development, Communication.  Able to start a New Portfolio of Course ware to enhance the existing Training Module.  Created a Digital Database, transitioned from a manual data register into the Excel.  Successfully Placed 15 out of 52 students within 3 weeks of Course completion. Sep 2012 - Oct 2013r + Mahendragarh, Haryana Orion Edutech in a NSDC certified Education, Training & Development, Placement Services Institution. Associate Technical Wipro BPO Ltd.  Associated to Hewlett-Packard and later Talk Talk, UK Telecom responsible for Technical support to Business Clients.  Maintained the AHT for both the processes within required limits for Technical Troubleshooting.  Achieved Top 20 stack Ranking Twice within 6 months, and contributed to RevGen upto 11% in HP. July 2011 - Aug 2012r + Kolkata, WB Wipro is an Indian Information Technology Services Corporation. B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering School or University GPA 6.72 10.0 Aug 2007 - June 2011r / Bokaro Steel Limited, Internship  Secured a performance ratio of 118% at the end of the Vocational Training  Gained Awareness regarding the performance and production of an Integrated Steel Industry.  Appreciated in the Valedictory function for consistent performance. June 2010 - July 2010 r + Bokaro, Jharkhand Summer Trainee-Ship for Industry exposure. Microsoft Office Adobe Captivate Verified by /