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What Marketers Should Consider with Mobile Marketing

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What Marketers Should Consider with Mobile Marketing

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What Marketers Should Consider with Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. What Marketers Should Consider with Mobile Marketing March 2013 Kashif Khurshid Sr. Strategist, Web Analytics Kashif.khurshid@gmail.com
  2. 2. MOBILE FACTS Many brands are clueless on meeting mobile needs • Online retail spending jumped 15% Y.O.Y (Travel up 9%) • Mobile phones and portable devices such as tablets represented the highest product growth areas during the quarter, jumping 40 percent and 46 percent year-over-year • Over 129 Million Americans own a smartphone (55% penetration) • Text message is accessible by 98% of U.S. cell phone owners and have a 95% open rate • 57% of Americans see a mobile ad atleast once a day • 83% of mobile campaigns objective is brand building • • 78% said they use mobile search advertising techniques • Only 53% of advertisers surveyed reported having success 42% say their mobile apps offer experiences that are different from their desktop experience ©2011 WASTE MANAGEMENT Page 2
  3. 3. MEASURING MOBILE APP Apps are a different world than web critical to measure three key areas: 1. Acquisition Metrics: Until you have loyal users, increasing acquisition metrics doesn't make sense • New & Active users- shows success at a high level (active loyal users) • App store traffic sources- for highest quality of traffic • App version- support version thats being used the most • Device overview- to optimize exp. on most used device type 2. Engagement Metrics: • Screens- shows pathing to goal • User behavior- frequency of app usage and engagement level • App crashes- developers to fix 3. Outcome Metrics: • Goal Conversions (i.e. time spent, avg screens, purchase, sign ups) • In-app purchases goal for mobile app developers is really to make your application a "habit" for users ©2011 WASTE MANAGEMENT Page 3
  4. 4. MEASURING MOBILE WEB Typed/ Social Bookm Networ ks arked 0% Other 11% Web Sites 13% Steps for successful analysis 1. Trend overall mobile visits as % of all visits (20%) 2. Evaluate traffic by device type (tablet, Smart Phones, etc) 3. Review traffic sources (majority from search, referring, SM and direct) 4. Deep dive to see how tablet, phone differs from non-mobile  in behavior by content categories  bounce rate and engagement  avg order size , conversion rate & % of orders Mobile Device Type Search Engine s 76% Mobile Devices (15% Traffic) Manufacturer iOS (50%) Phones (11%) Operating System Samsung (30%) HTC (26%) Motorola (26%) LG (8%) T-Mobile (3%) Amazon (37%) ZTE (15%) Samsung (13%) Motorola (6%) Asus (5%) Android (47%) RIM (2%) iOS (82%) Tablets (4%) Android (17%) Linux (1%) ©2011 WASTE MANAGEMENT Page 4
  5. 5. SEARCHES VIA MOBILE DEVICE (GOOGLE, NEILSEN & MILLENIAL MEDIA) Majority occur after 3PM and convert the same day Counter-intuitive findings: • 77% of mobile searches took place at home or at work • 59% of mobile searches occurred after 3 p.m., with 22 percent taking place from 8 p.m. to midnight • Searchers were 55 percent more likely to notice ads while in a store • ads loaded faster than search results and provided relevant information. • 45% of mobile searches were conducted to help make a decision • Marketers have limited time to capitalize on mobile searches • • 55% of all converisons happen within 1 hour 81% conversions happen within 5 hours • Location based and location info both play a strong role • Top 3 audience: IT decision-makers, gadget geeks and in-market auto buyers ©2011 WASTE MANAGEMENT Page 5
  6. 6. EMAIL MARKETING ON MOBILE DEVICES The subject line plus pre-header should deliver a one-two punch • Determine how many emails are opened on a mobile device • Message should look great on small (600 pixelwide version) and large screen • The subject line plus pre-header should deliver a one-two punch • Use all 80 characters shown in the mobile inbox to entice your readers • test copy and optimize at the time of send with a 10/10/80 approach ©2011 WASTE MANAGEMENT Page 6
  7. 7. TEXT MESSAGE (SMS) MARKETING Steps for a successful campaign 1. Build a mailing list with legally acquired, permission-based subscribers 2. Clearly communicate the content and frequency of texts 3. Document and save opt-ins and messaging permissions 4. Avoid text distribution too early in the morning, too late in the evening or during rush hours 5. Build a campaign that adds values to the customers lives 6. Real power is in in MMS messaging  Instead of sending 160 characters of plain text, you can send video, images and audio ©2011 WASTE MANAGEMENT Page 7