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Quick Guide to Digital Analytic's | Digital Toolbox | Competitive Advantage

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Analytic's integration and intelligence leads to competitive advantage.

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Quick Guide to Digital Analytic's | Digital Toolbox | Competitive Advantage

  1. 1. Digital Age: The Business Framework Kashif Khurshid Sr. Strategist, Digital Analytics kashifkhurshid@gmail.com February 2015 Competitive Advantage Through Intelligence & Integration
  2. 2. The Business Objectives (Digital) Nurturing • “The Path” to Acq. & Ret. with a higher focus on the journey rather than the activity • Heavy use of analytics insights • Full System Integrations Retention • Customer Engagement, Recency & Frequency • Slightly complex KPI’s • Some System Integration Acquisition • Sales, Traffic, CTR, CR, & ROI • Few KPI’s • Low System Integration Easy Challenging Most Focus Most Ignored Strategic Advantage = Use of Analytics
  3. 3. Strategically Use Analytics Data Silos (Standard Analytics) Some Integration (Customization & Segmentation) Real-time Integration of Systems (Data Activation & Personalization) Strategic Uses of Analytics: 1. Measure & optimize marketing effectiveness (SEM, SEO, Email, Display, Social & etc.) 2. Ease of flows/funnels (path optimization) 3. Improvement in site design/content (add/improve functionality & content) 4. Better understand customers and prospects (Develop segmentation & targeting strategies) 5. Personalization (deliver right content to right people, on the right device at the right time) 6. Predictive modeling (forecasting) Analytics Maturity Model Moving Towards Omni-Channel Optimization…
  4. 4. The Digital Tool Box Analytics Call Tracking Session Replays Tag Management System Surveys Ratings & Reviews Search Engine Optimization Social Listening Tools Data Insight Data Visualization Predictive Modeling Customer Relationship Management A/B Testing Email & In-App Messaging Paid Search & Media Management Content Management System Categories: (Choose your Weapons) Mobile, Web , App Marchex, Mongoose Tealeaf, ClickTale Ensighten, Tealium Foresee, UserZoom BazaarVoice, Re-Vu BlueKai, Quantcast, Demandbase Radian6, Hoot suiteConductor, SEOClarity Tableau, Domo, Qlikview Revolution Analytics, SAS, TIBCO SalesForce, Infusionsoft Teamsite, DrupalKenshoo, MarinExactTarget, LocalyticsMonetate, Optimizely ActionableIntelligence
  5. 5. Digital Age Formula for Success: Intelligence Integration User Experience Competitive Advantage
  6. 6. Levers for Digital Activation 1. Content & Functionality – Headlines / Paragraphs – Ratings / Reviews – Video’s – Calculators/ Estimation Tools – Forms / Chat – News Letters/ value adders/ Trials 2. Design – UX/ ease of use / delivery – Layout / navigation / interactivity – Mobile friendly 3. Personalization – A/B Testing – Segment Targeting – Providing a unified experience 4. Marketing – SEM – SEO – Display – Email/ In App Messaging – Social 5. Price – Promo codes – Value proposition, guarantee, etc. 6. Shifts & Trends – Add/move services online – High-cost channel to low-cost channel – Desktop to Mobile / Tablets / Gaming – Custom Apps – Web beacon- geo fencing – Wearables (watches, glasses, & etc.) SalesInnovation Experience
  7. 7. THANK YOU. Kashif Khurshid Sr. Strategist, Digital Analytics kashifkhurshid@gmail.com