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Content is the New Search + Social Media (sort of)

  1. Content Marketing is the New SEO + Social Media… (sort of) Presented by Lisa Kaslyn President & Chief Content Officer
  2. What is content marketing? • Articles • Blogs • Free eBooks • Images/Photographs • Infographics • Presentations • Podcasts • Publicity • Videos • Webinars • White Papers Tweet about this session using hashtag #Content4Visibility
  3. 1. Understand Your clients/prospects & Listen 2. Keyword & Competitive Research 3. Develop Great Content 4. Distribute Content 5. People Like Your Content (hopefully) 6. Those who Like Your Content will Visit Your Site 7. Search Engines See that People Visit Your Site, Like Your Content and Reward You with Higher Ranking☺ Infographic:, Content Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing When content, social media & SEO work together, great results can be achieved
  4. Where will your content come from? Help! I’m not a writer - I don’t know how to create good content
  5. Content Curation - Don’t I have to be in a museum to do that? Relax, sweets, you just need to learn the secrets of content curation
  6. Source: Social Media Today |
  7. Source: Social Media Today |
  8. “It’s not possible (or recommended) to share your own content 100% of the time, which is where content curation comes in. Curating and sharing topical content that’s useful to your audience associates that content with your brand and creates brand affinity.” - Pam Dyer, Social Media Today Source: Social Media Today |
  9. Source: Social Media Today |
  10. Source: Beth Kanter | Tip: Check out Beth’s Seek, Sense & Share curation planning questions
  11. Content Curation - Seek Article curated from enewsletter subscription
  12. Content Curation - Sense Simple automated content aggregation Curated content from credible source is seed for blog post Editorial and context embrace curated tips
  13. Content Curation - Share
  14. Content Curation Tip The post generated dozens of responses filled with great experiential content!
  15. After I wrote the blog, I Went back to the same discussion and posted it so everyone that helped write it could see their contribution AND attribution – Flattery gets you everywhere : )
  16. What does say about Curated Content? Source: Matt Cutts, Google - Curated Content is Ranked along a Value-Add Scale • Simple Aggregation; i.e., site widgets, RSS, feeds, Twitter feeds • Curated content integrated into original content • All original content – yes, it’s still curation Matt Cutts Google Overlord of WebSpam
  17. Checklist for Great Curated Content • Select topics based on your market’s informational needs • Put your prospects’ informational interests ahead of yours • Prepare & update buyer personas to avoid wasting time on irrelevant content • Integrate your own content that summarizes key ideas and lessons • Add value and provide a deeper content experience by cross-referencing curated topics to other online resources or perspectives
  18. Free Content Curation Tools • Great for social curation: LikeHack and Storify • Great for news gathering: Alltop and TalkWalker • Great for blog reading: Feedly • Good for…all the other things:, Pinterest and Source: AimClear
  19. The Payoff • Compelling content establishes trust • Great content enhances web presence • Positive content helps boost company and employee morale • Engaging content initiates immediate conversion opportunities • Content sharing encourages the socialization of large audiences Source: Digital Sherpa, “Creative and Converting Leads Through Content Marketing”
  20. Questions… • Twitter: @Kashen • • • G+ Prosper Communications • •