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  1. 1. KarthigeyanRanganadane No: 27, Empire Breeze, MRG Nagar, Muttukkaranchavadi, Mobile No: +91-9488078022 Chennai-600 097. E-Mail: karthir96@gmail.com CAREER OBJECTIVE To be a dynamic and innovativeprofessional in a highly responsibleand challenging position with an organization that provides opportunities to learn and to contribute for mutual benefit of self and the organization CAREER SYNOPSIS  Experienced in Web Application Development using .NET framework (ASP.NET).  Excellent in C#, ASP.NET, WCF, Web Service, HTML, WPF, ADO.NET, LINQ.  Trained in basics of MICROSOFT SQL and work experience in ORACLE SQL.  Basics of JavaScript and JQuery.  Possess strong analytical, problem solving and good communication skills.  Ability to work in a flexible, team-oriented and constantly changing environment. DOMAIN TECHNICAL EXPERTISE  Microsoft .NET (ASP.NET)  Microsoft SQL  Oracle SQL TECHNICAL EXPOSURE Operating System MicrosoftWindows Win 7 Web Server MicrosoftInternet Information Server 7.0 Framework .NET 4.0 Languages C# Scripts HTML, JavaScript,JQuery(Basics) Databases MicrosoftSQL, OracleSQL Developer Tools and IDE MicrosoftVisual Studio 2010 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Current Work Experience Wipro Technologies (From Mar 2013 to till date) Project 1: Security Intelligence Center Tools VS-2010, SQL Server 2008,ADO.NET Project Environment ASP.NET C# (Web Application ,Web service) Modules Worked  MSSP-Security Operations  Antivirus Configuration  Threat Management  Dashboards Roles and Responsibility  Explainingthelogic and the complexity involved in the design to the team members  DesigningUser Interface and Business Logic Layer  Developing Web service for sub-system integration  Doing code integration for the developed module  Resolved the issues logged by testing team  Code review and analysis
  2. 2. Project 2: UnifiedSecurityInformationManagementSystem Tools VS-2010, SQL Server 2008-R2 Project Environment ASP.NET C# (Web Application ,Web service, WCF) Modules Worked  SMS Configuration  Alert Management  Audit Congfiguration  Device Mapping  Dashboards Roles and Responsibility  Requirement gathering from customers  DesigningUser Interface , Business Logic and Data Access Layer based on the requirement  Doing code integration for the developed module and code review  Resolvingthe issues logged by testing team and customer  Givingdemo to customers  GivingKnowledge Transfer to the new Team Members about the project Project 3: Lloyds Banking Group Tools VS-2010, OracleSQL, Soap UI Project Environment ASP.NET C# (Web Application,WCF,MVP) Modules Worked  Sales and Marketing  Quote Management Roles and Responsibility  Fixingthe bugs reported by the customer  Prepared ImpactAnalysis(IA) for the requirement which is provided by the business people for future reference  Deploying in Team siteand also creatingMSI package for the lastcheck in changes related to the project  Worked on the incidents and problems, resolving within SLA  GivingKnowledge Transfer to the new Team Members about the project PERSONAL TRAITS  Highly dedicated in work  Willing to learn and think out-of-box  Adaptable and Adjustable to any environment  Active team player. ACADEMIC PROFILE Bachelor of Engineering ManakulaVinayagar Instituteof Technology (Year of passing 2012) 81.6% Higher Secondary School Sri SankaraVidyalaya Hr.Sec. School (Year of passing 2008) 79.5%
  3. 3. PERSONAL PROFILE Father’s Name : RanganadaneS Mother’s Name : Umarani R Sex : Male. Stream : Electronics & Communication Engineering Date of Birth : 01 September, 1990 Marital Status : Single Languages Known : Tamil,English Hobbies : Photography, PlayingFootball,Listeningto music,Readingnews Passport No : K7221581 (valid up to 20 December, 2022) Place:Chennai Date: 10-07-2016 Karthigeyan R