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  1. 1. Kari E. Koudelka ____________________________________________________________ 1414 Stillstone Drive, Houston, TX 77073~ kari.koudelka21415@gmail.com~ 281.435.7665 CAREER OBJECTIVE I am currently looking to gain long term employment with a company that offers a greater challenge, prospect for advancement, and the opportunity to help the company evolve efficiently and productively. WORK EXPERIENCE Russell Express, LLC: Houston, TX. (2014-2015) Account Manager- A/P and A/R  A/P and A/R using Quick Books  Process weekly checks to Vendors and Customers and employees  Confirm and process special requests for payment from certain vendors  Handle a broad scope of internal processes encompassing the daily management of billings, collections, reconciliation, general ledger and month-end closings with a main focus on accounts receivable functions  Prepare daily bank deposits  Maintain a good working relationship with customers and vendors  Perform data entry for invoices and pay them in a timely manner Harris County Juvenile Probation Department: Houston, TX. (2008-2014) Juvenile Supervision Officer  Advise, correct, direct, and counsel with juveniles individually or in a group setting and enforce disciplinary policies of the institution  Receive juveniles by making intake decisions with minimal supervision or direction; review booking of and history of juvenile through specialized computer programs (3270/JIMS), book juvenile into and out of facility  Respond to emergency situations by taking appropriate actions, meet with supervisors, and prepare incident reports as needed  Take on responsibilities of supervisor upon the supervisors absence  Maintain and organize confidential files in a specialized filing system within the department Cypress Fairbanks ISD: Houston, TX. (2004-2008) Adaptive Behavior (Special Education) Teacher’s Aide  Assist the teacher in making individualized lesson plans  Work with aggressive youth and maintain daily confidential communication with the parents of the youth  Ensure the safety and learning of all students in an academic atmosphere
  2. 2.  Administer to and assist youth with standardized tests as needed within guidelines of the Texas Law  Maintain and organize confidential files of individual students Universal Fidelity: Houston, TX. (2002-2003) Customer Service Representative/ Collections Agent  Handle billing disputes and processed payments  Process requests to activate accounts and update account balances  Negotiate settlements to resolve disputes  Conduct precursory skip-tracing and asset location research SOFTWARE/SKILLS Highly skilled in various Microsoft Office programs, with excellent written and verbal communication skills.  Data entry  Quick Books  Record Keeping  High degree of confidentiality  3270  Ability to complete multiple tasks simultaneously with careful attention to detail and in a timely manner EDUCATION University of Houston Houston, TX B.S. Criminal Justice Graduation – December 2014 REFERENCES Available Upon Request