Search is more than Google

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Presentation given to the Norwegian Online User Group (NOLUG) in Oslo, 26th September 2013. Includes advanced Google commands, Google alternatives, social media, open access.

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Search is more than Google

  1. 1. 27/09/13 1 Search is more than Google Thursday, 26th September 2013 NOLUG, Oslo This presentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License Karen Blakeman, RBA Information Services, Slides will be available on and Also available temporarily at
  2. 2. 27/09/13 2
  3. 3. 27/09/13 3 Users more technologically savvy More powerful, affordable mobile devices Ever available self-service cloud
  4. 4. 27/09/13 4 Whatever, whenever and wherever you want....
  5. 5. 27/09/13 5 4 Mobile Search Trends Tackled At SMX West 2013 “mobile search has grown to a quarter (25%) of all search….predict that by the end of 2013, a mobile device will be behind 1 out of every 3 searches.” Desktop Search Activity Hits All-Time High In March: 20+ Billion Searches [comScore] – US data
  6. 6. Different positioning of search options and menus Some search features may not be present 27/09/13 6
  7. 7. Gary's Social Media Count | PERSONALIZE MEDIA 27/09/13 7
  8. 8. Where Did All The Search Traffic Go 27/09/13 8 Referrals from Facebook and Google to publishers on the BuzzFeed Network Image by Aswini Anburajan
  9. 9. Depends on the topic 27/09/13 9 http://www.business2communit Is Google+ Really The 2nd Most Popular Social Network? Google+ probably not intentionally used by searchers.
  10. 10. Google Now 27/09/13 10 Google Now: Taking the Search Out of Search - Search Engine Watch
  11. 11. 27/09/13 11 Your account has been DELETED!! Service Unavailable $$$$$ What’s not to love?
  12. 12. Google for search 27/09/13 12
  13. 13. Five things you need to know about Google 1. Google personalises your search Non-personalised search Personalised search
  14. 14. Single Google profile across all services 27/09/13 14 Videos occupy top 12 slots Results from Chrome Incognito Oi, Google! NO!!
  15. 15. Private browsing - quickest way “un-personalise”search Chrome - New Incognito window - Ctrl+Shift+N FireFox - File, New Private Window - Ctrl+Shift+P Internet Explorer – Tools, InPrivate Browsing [location varies depending on which version you have] - Ctrl+Shift+P Opera – File, New Private Window - Ctrl+Shift+N Safari – click on Safari next to the Apple symbol in the menu bar, select Private Browsing and then click on OK. Will not remove country personalisation
  16. 16. Five things you need to know about Google 2. Google automatically looks for variations on your search terms and sometimes drops terms from your search – Google does not tell you it has ignored some of your terms – “..” around terms, phrases, names, titles of documents does not always work – To force an exact match and inclusion of a term in a search prefix it with ‘intext:’ public transport intext:algal biofuels – Use Verbatim for an exact match search
  17. 17. Google Verbatim
  18. 18. Ordrett 27/09/13 18
  19. 19. Five things you need to know about Google 3. Google web search does not search everything it has in its database – two indexes: main, default index and the supplemental index – supplemental index may contain less popular, unusual, specialist material – supplemental index comes into play when Google thinks your search has returned too few results – Verbatim and some advanced search commands seems to trigger a search in the supplemental index
  20. 20. “Normal” search 136,000 Search after Verbatim/Ordrett is applied 567,000
  21. 21. Five things you need to know about Google 4. Google changes its algorithms several hundred times a year How Google makes improvements to its search algorithm - YouTube
  22. 22. Five things you need to know about Google 5. We are all Google’s lab rats Just Testing: Google Users May See Up To A Dozen Experiments Mostly minor effects on search but sometimes totally bizarre results Google decides that coots are really lions Update on coots vs. lions
  23. 23. What I see on my screen will not be what you see on your screen, will not be what your colleagues see on theirs, will not be what your users see. Google Scholar more consistent – stuck in a time warp? 27/09/13 23
  24. 24. Google gets personal All searches lead to Google+ (they wish!) Emphasis on individuals/authors Author verification – linking Google+ profiles to other network profiles, websites, blogs, social media Travel and local search results displayed in Google+ Searches on locations in Maps – information from Google+ Individuals and businesses “encouraged” to become active on Google+ 27/09/13 24
  25. 25. 27/09/13 25
  26. 26. Country versions of Google and local information Country versions of Google give priority to local content Useful if you are researching a person, company, or sector in another country Different search options Go to the relevant country version of Google, for example,, Google International Domains List of Country and Language Codes – 27/09/13 26
  27. 27. Searching foreign language pages A significant amount of information is in the local language Google has removed the extremely useful “Translated foreign pages” search option  This is how it can be done now 1.Use Google Translate ( to translate your search into the required language. 2.Copy the translated search and paste it into Google search. 3.Google Chrome will offer to translate page If using another browser click on the ‘Translate this page’ link next to a result to view a translation of just that page. 27/09/13 27
  28. 28. 27/09/13 28
  29. 29. Some of the old tricks still work Repeat important search terms in your search strategy Change the order of your terms " " around phrases (but not reliable) - to exclude a term to stand in for one or more words solar * panels Finds solar photovoltaic panels, solar PV panels, solar water heating panels 27/09/13 29
  30. 30. Google commands Think file format – PDF for research documents, government reports, industry papers – ppt or pptx for presentations, tracking down an expert on a topic – xls or xlsx for spreadsheets containing data Use the advanced search screen or the filetype: command zeolites environmental remediation filetype:pdf "north sea" deep water drilling filetype:ppt "north sea" deep water drilling filetype:pptx annual average global temperature 1960..2012 filetype:xls annual average global temperature 1960..2012 filetype:xlsx 27/09/13 30
  31. 31. Google commands Site search For searching large websites, or groups of sites by type for example government, academic But not all country domains include organisation type Can exclude sites using -site: Use advanced search screen or site: command organ donation statistics Wales organ donation statistics Wales organ donation statistics organ donation statistics Wales -site:au 27/09/13 31
  32. 32. Google commands Numeric range search Anything to do with numbers and quantities: years, temperatures, weights, distances, prices etc Use the advanced search screen or type in your two numbers separated by two full stops as part of your search world oil demand forecasts 2015..2030 world oil demand forecasts 80..100 mb/d 2015..2030 Toblerone 1..6 kg 27/09/13 32
  33. 33. toblerone 1..6 kg 27/09/13 33
  34. 34. Date Information that has been published within the last hour, day, week, month, year or your own date range 27/09/13 34
  35. 35. daterange: Date option in the menus does not work with Verbatim Use daterange: command instead Uses Julian date format (fractions omitted) Julian Date Converter Syntax – for example pages between June 20th and June 26th 2012 talking about the Statoil/Rosneft cooperation daterange:2456098-2456104 Statoil Rosneft 27/09/13 35
  36. 36. daterange: the easy way Third party tools for the daterange: search for example then apply Verbatim/Ordrett 27/09/13 36
  37. 37. Google Public Data Explorer One of Google's best kept secrets! 27/09/13 37
  38. 38. Google Public Data Explorer 27/09/13 38
  39. 39. Statista “The Statistics Portal for Market Data, Market Research and Market Studies” – 60,000 topics from over 18,000 sources – – some information free, registration (free) required – Chart of the Day 27/09/13 39
  40. 40. Datamarket Open portal to datasets worldwide and market research Creates visualisations of the data 27/09/13 40
  41. 41. 27/09/13 41
  42. 42. Google nutrition facts (not available in all countries) 27/09/13 42 Information from Wikipedia and USDA
  43. 43. Exclusive to – recipes! 27/09/13 43
  44. 44. Bing/Yahoo Yahoo now uses Bing’s database, commands and ranking algorithms No advanced search screen - use commands. List at Advanced Operator Reference filetype: site: inbody: inurl: AND, NOT, OR parentheses for complex Boolean searches NEAR:n where n is a number, specifies that the terms must be within that number of words of each other and in any order - director NEAR:3 marketing 27/09/13 44
  45. 45. Bing gets personal – US version only 27/09/13 45
  46. 46. DuckDuckGo – Does not track, does not personalise Results are a compilation of about 50 sources including Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha, Bing, Blekko and its own Web crawler DuckDuckBot Advanced search commands include: site: inbody: intitle: filetype: sort:date to sort by date (uses results from Blekko) region:cc (e.g. de) to boost a country DuckDuckGo Syntax DuckDuckGo – silly name but a neat little search tool 27/09/13 46
  47. 47. Millionshort Million Short: unearthing information hidden in the dungeons of Google’s results – Uses Bing API plus other sources Great for finding specialist articles that Google buries beyond reach Removes top 10k sites from results - can change to top million, 100k, 1k, 100 Can add sites back in, can block sites Can “Boost!” sites so that they always appear at the top Can use site: and filetype: commands Country versions give different results (under Manage Settings and Country)27/09/13 47
  48. 48. Yandex International version of the Russian search engine For filetype use mime: zeolites environmental remediation mime:pptx site: command supported zeolites environmental remediation Has an advanced search screen at 27/09/13 48
  49. 49. Blekko 27/09/13 49
  50. 50. Ask 27/09/13 50
  51. 51. Teoma 27/09/13 51
  52. 52. 27/09/13 52
  53. 53. Google Art Project 27/09/13 53
  54. 54. Photos - Google 27/09/13 54
  55. 55. Google images – usage rights Google advanced image search - use the usage rights, but always double check the licence on the web site Licence may be assigned to another image on the page rather than the one you want to use 27/09/13 55
  56. 56. Photos - Bing 27/09/13 56
  57. 57. Photos – Flickr (Creative Commons attribution) 27/09/13 57
  58. 58. 27/09/13 58
  59. 59. Photos – Google+ 27/09/13 59
  60. 60. Photos – 27/09/13 60
  61. 61. Open Access in the UK
  62. 62. Mandated open access US All research publications resulting from work funded by the US National Institutes of Health are expected to be deposited in PubMed Central ( – some material embargoed for up to 12 or 24 months ( – Europe PubMed Central ( part of PMC network of international repositories White House announces new US open-access policy : Nature News Blog UK 1st of April 2013 - researchers at UK Research Institutions are expected to publish as open access any peer reviewed research papers and‐ conference proceedings that acknowledge Research Council UK funding 27/09/13 62
  63. 63. Gold versus Green OA in the UK Gold OA – researchers publish their articles in journals that offer open access publishing (can be established “conventional” publishers) – articles can be made available free of charge to readers immediately – author or institution/department pays article processing fee Green OA – researchers deposit copies of articles in an institutional or subject-based repository, subject to copyright/license permissions – repository makes copies available to the public after a period of embargo – period of embargo varies (for example ) 27/09/13 63
  64. 64. 27/09/13 64
  65. 65. Problems Different licenses – CC-BY (UK Gold) – CC-BY-NC (UK Green) Not all journals have an open access option Hybrid peer review journals versus non peer reviewed “open access” journals and articles Varying embargo periods (6months – 3 years) Costs to the author/institution 27/09/13 65
  66. 66. 27/09/13 66
  67. 67. Fragmentation Where are the open access publications? – Individual OA articles within existing subscription journals (hybrid journals) – Separate OA journals – Aggregators e.g. Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar – Institutional or authors’ personal repositories 27/09/13 67
  68. 68. So many search tools! A selection from 27/09/13 68 Directories and search tools that seem to cover the same repositories and resources give different results
  69. 69. Google Scholar Includes open access material, pre-prints, institutional repositories (but not necessarily author self archived repositories) Includes material that is NOT peer reviewed but is structured and looks like an academic article (title in large font, authors, affiliations, abstract, keywords, citations) Pre-prints and IR copies may differ from final published version – charts and images may be redacted because of copyright restrictions 27/09/13 69
  70. 70. Google Scholar 27/09/13 70 Does NOT use the publishers’ metadata Date and author search looks in the area of the document where those elements are usually found Page numbers, part of an address, data item may be mistaken for publication year Issues over “suspect” open access journals
  71. 71. 27/09/13 71
  72. 72. Bad Google Scholar Results | Academic Librarian Gray, Jerry E., et al. Scholarish: Google Scholar and its Value to the Sciences. Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship. Summer 2012 Hamilton, Michelle C, Janz, Margaret M and Hauser, Alexandra. Can librarians trust resources found on Google Scholar? Yes… and no. Impact of Social Sciences: Maximizing the impact of academic research .17 September 2012. Kramer, Bianca and Sieverts, Eric. Beyond coverage #ili2012. Slideshare. 27 October 2012. HLWIKI International. Google scholar bibliography. UBC HealthLib Wiki - A Knowledge-Base for Health Librarians. 27/09/13 72
  73. 73. Microsoft Academic Search Journal articles, pre-prints, post-prints, conference proceedings, reports and white papers Free to use but the full text of some papers can only be viewed on payment of a fee to the original journal publisher Author may have several different profiles and articles may be assigned to wrong author Sometimes very slow to load 27/09/13 73
  74. 74. Microsoft Academic Search 27/09/13 74
  75. 75. Microsoft Academic Search 27/09/13 75
  76. 76. Fragmentation Not just problems with Open Access repositories Research discussed and debated where? – letters to the journal? – blog postings and comments – Google+ – Linkedin – Researchgate – Facebook – Community forums – Subject based websites Same blog posting or article may be duplicate in several different places – comments will not be duplicated – separate and possibly different conversations 27/09/13 76
  77. 77. Where’s the information??? 27/09/13 77
  78. 78. Twitter search Great for following events (follow the hashtag), identifying speakers, industry experts, finding out more about a person’s interests Use followers, following and lists to find people with similar interests and expertise Twitter search, advanced Instructions and advanced commands at 27/09/13 78
  79. 79. #ili2009 since:2009-10-01 until:2009-10-31 filter:links 27/09/13 79
  80. 80. Facebook Graph Search Change your language to English US under account settings Facebook Opengraph Search v=AKWl8nchpX8 27/09/13 80 Example not included for privacy reasons
  81. 81. 27/09/13 81
  82. 82. Social media & professional networks 27/09/13 82
  83. 83. 27/09/13 83
  84. 84. – keyword Biofuels 27/09/13 84
  85. 85. 27/09/13 85
  86. 86. 27/09/13 86 Genuine or fake? “Discovered” in 1912 Supposed to be the missing link in the evolution of man from apes Exposed as a fake in 1953 – jawbone of an orangutan attached to the skull of a modern human
  87. 87. 27/09/13 87
  88. 88. 27/09/13 88 iPhone 4 to be recalled: it’s true – the Daily Mail says so recalled-its-true-the-daily-mail-says-so/ Phil Bradley's weblog r-play-to-richard-ashmore.html
  89. 89. 27/09/13 89
  90. 90. 27/09/13 90 013/09/fake-facebook-page-amazing-example.html
  91. 91. The future of search 3. Debate over Open Access continues – a challenge for researchers and information professionals alike 4. Increased fragmentation - information and discussion in multiple locations 5. Search engines continually changing 27/09/13 91 1. More mobile/cloud technologies and apps, increased personalisation of “search” 2. Social and professional networks part of search
  92. 92. Keeping up to date Inside Search Official Google Blog Google Scholar Blog SearchReSearch Search Engine Land Search Engine Watch Karen Blakeman’s Blog Phil Bradley's Blog 27/09/13 92
  93. 93. Thank you! 27/09/13 93 Karen Blakeman, RBA Information Services, Slides will be available on and Also available temporarily at